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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Auntification of One Self

Blimey, how I auntify overtime.

Young Ah Lian

Prime time

Chio Bride - Value Dropped

Chubby wife - Value Dropped somemore

Pregger Auntie - aiyoh

Proud Mommy - Priceless

(excluding the stretch marks and extra belly)

Auntie with Make up

Maybe next time, auntie with botox.

Ocht well, at least there's still available help!!!

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Friday, July 06, 2012


or not.

I have lost my writing modjo jojo..
From someone who could easily churn out funny posts every few days to someone who cant think of anything funny all week long.


Am I?

I am officially - unfunny..

Sometimes when I read back my eons ago posts, I feel a bit amazed and embarrased at the same time.

My, aren't they some crude comments and write-ups! hahaha.. Oh well, I was young then.
And when I saw my photo in Her World.. Oh gosh!

Guess when you were a student. you were a free bird. No expectations from others.
Now, holding a professional side ain't easy if you still want to be very vocal about everything.

Cause, seriously you will never know whom you will upset. Nyah........Sucks eh?

I really envy XiaXue for still being able to be so so real and vocal. But then again, blogging is her livelihood, bread and butter.

Anyhow.... I was wondering, how to be funny again. I am seriously bored of myself.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Losers with Capital L

Sigh... of all things that make me wake up from a blogging hiatus, it's this ugly story..

All the brouhaha about Princess Steph and her 48 felons...

We women are getting the best kick out of it, I suppose. Like yay, extra reassurance that if our other halves do something really dumb, their faces will forever be shamed on local tabloids, blogs and just about everywhere else. Thank you very much.

I personally dont even remember it was some underage problem.
All I can think of is ..Shame on you guys. Shame shame...what Losers!

Their wives and girlfriends can kick their balls and the likes of Mrs Shaw can squeeze Mr Sleazy Shaw's fortune dry while she's at it. Their feature on " Marriage bliss" at February Singapore Tatler has just escalated the height of this predicament. What hypocrisy. Now Tatler go sue them too.
Shame shame. The wife is how chio. Loser Shaw. Now I lagi dont want go Lido watch movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Shaw ah tsk tsk.. not only sleazy but stingy too. So rich so rich but can't at least do better than a hotel 81 meh . Crap. But haha.. funnier still. the angmoh banker got ripped off. At least he did in style la at Shangrila, but angmoh price too, had to pay for the service $150 more. Standard siah..

Thank God most supreme court judges who handle divorce cases are women. So at least they understand how Stooooopid men can be and how they deserve to be grilled.*{^{%{*{={={#>€!!

So I suppose these poor sods cant get the chicks, not getting some and yet itchy backside?

At first, I imagined they must all like sport huge blobby belly with horrid chest hair and oily pimply faces, so much so that they have to go for paid services to get lucky. But apparently not, they look pretty normal. Of course now, given the context, they all look damn sleazy la..But they still do look like normal people who look like they can probably still score some girlfriends the proper way.

I really wonder.. what the hell were they thinking and why why why.
Sigh.. very sad la very sad. Why must they be so disgusting.

Chicks like Steph can hang out at Dragonfly, attract old itchy ahpeks with heavy pockets and wandering eyes, and then hang on to ahpek for life like a limpet. That way at least she'd shame one person and not 48.

I know the saying:" Better that he just buys the satay and not the whole cow"

I think either they deserve to get excruciatingly horrible diarrhoea. Grrr..

Saturday, February 26, 2011

My Achiever 2010 award- DnD 19 Jan 2011

19 days after birth came Walton's DnD.
At first I didn't want to go but after knowing that the grand lucky draw prize is a piece of US land, I decided to go.

No free land unfortunately, in fact we didn't win any lucky dray prizes this year!! Last yr Gan won 2nd prize - tix to go Korea. But since we plan to save up to get at least one piece of Walton every year ( especially now that Sheldon is born, the land will be used to pay for his harvars or oxford school fees one day) he he..So, it looks like this year, we still have to do the same.. save up and invest for future financil plans ., he he Bo freebies..

But still, I am so glad I went. I haven't laughed so hard for ages. The events were hilarious, including the drag queen beauty contests.
Plus, I have grown a tad mouldy from being stuck at home too long even before delivery, so that was refreshing!!
I also went onstage to receive 2 awards, one for long service ( 5 yrs- omg so long ady Meh???), one for achievers2010 ( not so bad considering I spent 2010 mostly busy pregnant, but must achieve elite this year!)

I also met so many of my colleagues, such a happy occasion catching up.
I was also happy being sorrounded by so many positive people. I felt charged up. My colleagues are some of the most amazing people- they are so zesty and positive. Such a welcome change from some of our friends who are whiney , complainsome and negative most of the time. ( sadly many sporeans are like this ).

They also commented that my figure has gone back to sexy again, err.. actually I still have 8 kg and a lot of waist inches to lose. I still can't fit into most of my clothes, jeans and pants especially.. ho ho I have heavy bottoms now. as in even heavier bottoms..!!

But of course when the clock strikes 12, actually way before then...ooooooohhhj.., I miss Sheldon!!!! I was scurrying home to my little one :)

Oh home sweet home. He must miss mr too. xoxo

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Monday, February 07, 2011

The first week has come and gone. - My little fella

OMG AINT HE CUTE ^_^..........

The journey thus far has been eventful, Eye opener, interesting , challenging but definitely not short of amazing.

First of all, being with Sheldon is amaZing, he surprises us everyday.
From giving us cheeky smile to not crying at all when doctor pricked his feet for blood test.

The first few says were easier as we were still in the hospital, the nurses were taking care of him, me and Hubby managed to get sleeps and wakes up only every few hours for feeds.

Latching on wise, I though We were doing very well, Sheldon seems to be latching and suckling well though at first it was painful.

But on the third day, looks like whatever I could give him was not enough. Nurse had to top with formula. I was a tad sad y first, But we did go home with a medela mini e, let's see if this would help, we thought.

We had many visitors in the hospital, lucky Hubby got us the single suite else we would be disturbing everyone else.

The office gang came, Desmond, Hidya, Kacy, Dora, etc and Sheldon got his first Ang pao today from uncle Andy and auntie Dora. Then Shiling and Keith came, auntie SuYin and Jonathan also visited, not sure if Jon and Keith were inspired by Sheldon to have babies cause he is uber cute and these two boys need some spanking for not wanting babies soon enough.:)

Sze, Tshen, Raj and Sharon came in the evening. They were all so curious. Irene and Ac also dropped by after her check up with Dr Tan.( I recommended her to Dr Tan). We were already showered with gifts by then. The whole room was filled essence of chicken , fish, ginseng etc to last me maybe til next baby :)

Then the biggest hamper came, big boss COO Lusi gave us a huge hamper, covered almost the entire Shelf below the TV. Wow how to find big boss this nice. She said she still got Ang pao for Sheldon. Wa,,

Dc came just in the nick of the time with sandy just before we got out of hospital. More essence of chicken came lolx.

I haven't even thrown a full moon baby shower yet but so much love is showered already. I was so so touched. Sheldon is so loved too :) Good boy.

Godma Violet dropped by our house. The doctor may be self proclaimed Godma but we all could tell she was smitten by Sheldon too. " trust me, I have seen many many babies. urs is cute" thanks Godma!

After we reached home, the regimen started. We had To perserve night And day. Thank goodness both grandmas are ready To welcome him At home And help take Care of him And me the recovering mommy.

The aftermath of caesarian was so
so painful. The stitches and the contracting uterus. Lucky no side effect from epidural for me, at Least thus far.

But I developed this ridiculous rashes, starting from all over my belly ( looks really gross- red bumpy irregular rashes$ itchy like mad, and it spread to the rest of body on trickles. Goodness. Sometimes the itchiness hindered my sleep.

And then came breastfeeding. Thankfully Hubby is well read, he knows he needs to help out. He was massaging my hard lumpy mammary glands by day 4 when transition milk was about to come in. Before that all I had was colostrum and it was not enough for Sheldon, goodness he is a big eater like the daddy. So we had to top up with formula milk every now and then. I was worried that I can't produce enough milk for Sheldon so out came the pump and the massaging daddy and frozen cabbages. I still remember what the nurse said :" Now not enough milk, please give him formula, later on your milk come in, day 4 day 5, it will be so full so painnnn that if I touch it you will slap me!"
yup... that painful indeed.

The pain was .., wow! The lumps were no joke at all. They felt scary too.Like macam got mini tumour. Hubby was constantly helping me to massage and clear them but while pumping. ( Thank goodness my hubby is super helpful abd participative, and now he contemplates on a career change - post natal breast masseuse career - haha! ).

After so much pain tahan-ing, cringing , screaming and also tearing, only a few millilitres trickled down and the bottle was still so empty. I was so sad. I cried some more. Hubby insisted on trying to make the lumps go away but I was in too much pain I told him to massage again in the next cycle on few hours. We resorted to frozen cabbage and repeating the cycle over and over again. The lumps and pain came back but thankfully less and less each time. All this was done in between changing nappies ( the little fella shits a lot!! goodness ) But that's good though :)
and in between sun tanning him in living room ( he is jaundiced:( and the level went up after the first Chek up on day 6 so we had to be more dilligent after that) and bathing him ( once a day and the grandmas seem to be very eager to help ) and also nursing my wound and trying to get sleeps. Sheldon wakes up every 3 hours demanding attention so Me and Hubby definitely lacked sleep especially at night. We did feel tired but thankfully it was all during the Chinese new yr long week break. So we could just focused on him. We even still managed to have Korean BBQ reunion dinner at home too!

But most importantly, all the hardwork paid off, or we felt so far.

By day 6, I was what hubby kept calling : A New Zealand Cow. Yay.

I had good let downs ( leaks ) by then and when I pumped ( only once or twice a day to Store to bring for doctor trips, to empty excess and to measure capacity) , I was already producing around 100 ml each time, And I can pump every 3 hours that amounts to 800 ml a day. The milk was practically squirting out of the nipples. It was a beautiful sight. The lumps went away top. I then learnt that 800 ml a day, is about how much a 4-6 month baby will need too! So great! I know I am capable to be an NZ cow for Sheldon even at 6 months, after which of course less will be needed cause he will start weaning.

After day 6, My breasts ( Sheldon's food , no more fun bags) were tender right after feeds and become hard and full in 2-3 hours. Just nice for him when he wakes up and started crying and looking for his mommy's milk :)

My worries went away with the lumps and the pains. Now they just swelled, hardened with a tinge of pain just before feeds and became tender after feeds.
It's almost like they can read Sheldons wants and needs.

I feel that me and Sheldon is one and inseparable. It will cause too much on both sides if we were separated.
If I don't get to feed soon after the boobs swell up, they will then become
really uncomfortable and heavy. And if still left alone, oh oh, engorgement comes and we will back to lumpy and screaming land. Will have to call that masseuse Hubby To work again.

Mommies and Their babies are ONE. I really pity those who got separated. Must be so miserable for both sides. As of now, I find it so hard to be away from Sheldon for too long. Not only my boobs will be needing his help from emptying and avoiding the pains, but I will miss him
so much. All those smiles and sweet monents in between, the feeding, the pooing and the crying were treasured moments. All those moments somehow made all the pains worthwhile.

Like they say, you won't just like or love your baby, you will be head over heels, crazy in love with him.

I am so biased now. Sheldon is the cutest in the world. Period.

Hehehehhee. I guess this biasness is normal too. I'm sure all mothers feel the same way about their babies.

So far so good. Just wishes I had no rashes though. Still dunno why I have some but perhaps Dr Tan can tell me on Thursday.

So that's the first week. Time flies I must say. This week we will be bringing Sheldon to Dr Ong again to check on his Jaundice, hopefully it's better now.

in between the times when Sheldon wakes up, now me and Hubby already managed to catch some episodes of Gossip Girl, Lie to Me and Chuck. Looks like we are doing well. Sheldon gets his food, we are getting used to the power naps and Hubby went back to office today. - Monday . He also got to do our weekly rounds to the bakmie outlets ( IMM and Centrepoint). We are also sorting out the baby bonus paper work. Good eh I am a Singapore citizen Liao! Got free mullah:0

Next will be me trying to slim down to my original curves. Amazing thing i found out: whenever I am breastfeeding him, my tummy felt warm with a bit of pain, apparently this is uterus shrinking. Brain telling uterus: baby is out and suckling so please shrink back. Smart ah! Amazing how God works his ways.
I am amazed everyday by just realizing this cute little baby came out of my tummy.

Anyway... So good!! Sheldon helps me lose weight too :)

Seems like we are coping well and thanks to modern technology, Sheldon's cute
photoes are all over my and hubby's facebook and wow We never received so many comments before :)
Also thanks to google. Wow, my last numerous searches were things like

" post natal itchy rash"
"green stool newborn"
"engorgement post natal "

you get the drift...

Also thanks to MRs Wong's textbooks on Childcare and breast feeding, they are like hubby's bibles now! Gan is so well versed now about caring for newborn I tell you!

Thanks to Hubby too, he has been so sweet and supportive, always hugging and kissing me with encouragement whenenever I felt Pain or tired. He also changes diapers for Sheldon.

Thanks to the grandmas too. My mom's been making really nice confinement dishes like turmeric chicken and herbal soups.
Gosh !! I eat so much dunno can lose weight or not !!! I felt hungry and thirsty also after every feed.
I must do something about this soon. Else
how to be sexy again ? :) I haven't taken a single photo of myself with Sheldon yet. I am determined to lose as much weight as possible once the confinement period is over.

awwwwww... Sheldon Sheldon :)

So much love going around. So Nice.

Again .. Happy New Year !!!!! (I still can hear the neighbours swimming in mahjong tiles every night!!! ) .... ^_^

And the journey goes on.....

Much Love,

New Mommy Celly

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Friday, February 04, 2011

30 Jan 2011. our bundle of Joy, Sheldon has finally arrived!

After 9 months of being pregnant. I had gotten really really really anxious.

Like all moms-to-be, I was over the moon excited about finally meeting him, at the same time, I was horrified about the pain ahead. Labour pains. No joke at all.

The very anticipated yet somewhat dreaded day, came on 30 Jan 2011.

At 5.30 Am, I woke up and went to the toilet.
Along the way, a trickle of water flowed all the way down to my ankles.

Was I dreaming ? I can't be leaking pee this way, I am not 80 yrs old. Or so I thought at first.

More trickled down. And a stronger gush came down once I reached the toilet. By then, it kinda dawned on me, I let out a scream to the sleeping Hubby .

" Dearrrrrr.,,,!!!! I think my water broke!'"

He woke up and rushed to the toilet, at that time more just gushed out, as If confirming for him. My breathing got faster..

He was calmer than me though.

" Relax, we have time,,, let's pack properly and go. I will wake ur bro to drive us there"

I was prancing around like a stressed out auntie, Packing , prancing and fussing around and hurrying the Hubby and prancing around somemore.

When we got To TMC it was prolly about 6 am. I was Strangely Alert. The nurses took me To observatory ward, fed me breakfast, changed me And called Dr WK Tan, our wonderful Obsgyn (highly recommended).

Soon after, they cleaned me , Emptied Me And moved me To labour ward. Where we wait for doctor, it was quite nice. Got Mini telly And Gan could sit next To me. Both very anxious.

We thought that we Will be seeing our liddle darling like very Soon. Like in few hours.

Not much pain was felt. Some contractions here And there And that was it. But water definitely broke. The nurses confirmed it. She then checked My cervix which was quite an unpleasant procedure, 1 cm dilation. Aiks!!! Long wayyyy To Go! 9 more cm :)

After Dr Tan came And confirmed it, yup 1 cm, she said " oh Not anytime Soon, perhaps tonight.."

Me And Gan looked At each other .,We were a little disappointed that it was not gonna be anytime soon. it was only 8 am then. :(

Tonight could mean 8 pm, that's another 12 hours in labour ward.

My contractions got a little painful then but still, not much, so after lunch, doctor came by and checked.... still 1 cm, no choice I had to be induced, they put me on the drip and for the next 6 hours, the inductions drug caused the contractions to get more painful, Apparently, If induced, the contractions are more painful, Or so mom said.

I was breathing in and out and I
was handling it very well. By 4 pm, I
asked for the gas, etonox to lessen the pain.

The nurses came by a few times
and asked if I wanted epidural so that I will be a lot more comfortable.

I persisted. Just gas, not even buttok injection, just laughing gas and breathing.

Having hubby next to me most of the time really helped, he has really been wonderful.

Coming over to the bed every now and then to tell me that I am doing well, jia you! He would hug and kiss me and reassure me that soon we will see Sheldon. Trust me, I really needed that.

Sheldon's heartbeat was monitored
all the time, together with my contraction levels.

Kaypoh and anxious me, kept checking the monitor every now and then. Making sure his heart beat was normal. As for the contractions, when the numbers strarted to shoot up from 5 ish to over 100, i grabbed the laughing gas nossle and breathed in.


breathe breathe breathe.,,

a bit more.... painnnnnnnnnnnn...


Ok gone.

All good.

And a few minutes later, the cycle started again, every time it happened, Gan let me squeeze his hand. :)

It was quite a torturing cycle but not as bad as I thought it would be. I was nothing like what the movies and many people depicted it to be. Horribly scary and it would be so painful you can't stop screaming.

I think I have been very lucky so far, he is a fabulous Hubby :)
I told him that I will , no matter what, refrain from becoming one of those screaming hyenas during labour.

So I was mostly breathing in and out, sighing and tearing a little, while forcing a smile every now and then.

6 PM then came, it felt like judgement day. Dr Tan was coming to check on My dilation. I was so nervous, It better be good, maybe 7 or 8 or so I thought. But somehow I felt an overwhelming fear, fear that the news was not gonna be too great.

Dr checked and she shook her head.

" still at 2".

I started to cry. My past 12 hours of effort and pain, amounted to naught. Tears came streaming down more wildly.

Dr continued:" Looks like I have to increase the dosage and try one last 6 hours to see if you can dilate at all, otherwise it would be c- section"

Suddenly, immediately, the pain felt became a million times worse.
It was so shocking. I lost all control. Suddenly the gas was not working, the tears wouldn't stop and I was mildly wailing as I cried wolf to Hubby.

I was sad beyond words. Not just that my effort was futile, but also, it seemed like I wasn't gonna see my baby anytime soon.

So Hubby suggested. "Look if you are about 5-8 cm now, we can definitely weather this through without epidural cause you are doing very well, even with the extra induced contractions. But now you know you have to tahan another 6-8 hours of this and doc is gonna increase the induced dosage. moreover, we may still end up with a c- section. it makes sense to take the epidural"

I started nodding away. I was just too upset to think. I just wanted all the pain to go away, freaking dilate and see my baby asap.

So we went ahead with epidural while doc increased the drug dosage again.

The anaesthetic doctor came and I shuddered a little over the horror stories people talked about when it comes to epidural.

Doctor came and went and it really was not as bad as how people depicted it to be.... mmm Very bad la they scare people only! :0

I still remember some horror

- Wah the needle so big ! like those for horse one! - bluff! needle normal La. ag least it felt normal.. but whatever cos I didn't even get to see it !! so it's ok right?

- the doctor poke into ur spine u know!?? damm pain!!! - aya., doctor put local anaesthetic before the actual jab mah so it's ok.

Anyway, soon after, all pain went away like magic. Well, most of it anyway.

Then, it's another 6 hours of waiting, I was supposed to get some sleep before the next check at midnight. The next judgement day to me. Hubby managed to sleep this time. But I was worried sick I hardly slept.

After what felt like a lifetime. 1115 came and Dr Tan came to check on me again.

I was holding my breath. please please let me dilate so that I can deliver my baby properly.

" 2 cm still!" the words came like knife through my heart. My whole body flailed. My heart sunk and the next judgement came.

"Ok. No choice, water bag broke 18 hours ago, it's too risky for baby. We will do a c-section."

Hubby was holding my hand. " whatever doctor says ok? she knows best"

I nodded weakly. I was really disappointed initially, that I couldnt deliver normally. But At that stage, I just wanted To do anything I could as long as I get To see My Baby safely.

By about 1130, I was already in operating theatre, all cold and shivering and ready to be cut open. I know It sounds gory right?

Hubby who saw the whole procedure said that it was a whole lot more traumatizing! How doctor yanked my skin and flesh open to make way for baby was just agonising and such a horrific thing cto watch. I am so proud he didn't faint or anything.

I couldn't see the procedure as I was blocked by a screen, I was shivering non stop and Hubby was holding my head, that was all he could get a grip of. The rest of me was off limits to him.

Hubby said that once baby was ready to come out, doc used forceps and pulled baby head out first, then halfway, then the rest of the body. He said that the baby was so so still while being pulled out that for a few second he had the scare of his life.

I, behind screen, was also waiting in agony.Come To think of it, Agony was an understatement, trust me. I could hardly breathe And I am sure Hubby was holding his breath too. I couldnt See anything beyond the screen. But For sure There was just one little thing both of us were waiting for. Ever so Anxiously.

Finally it came, Hubby said it was just a few seconds after Baby was pulled out of My tummy. But finally,...

Baby's first cry!

His cry was the sweetest thing To My ears!!! My gosh!!! Tears started To roll down My cheeks non-stop!! I started crying and shaking in the midst of my shivers. I was relieved, exhilarated And joyous beyond belief! I just dont know how To describe in words. It was the most amazing thing that has ever happened To me in My whole life.

My shivering cold face was somehow smiling. And tears continued To stream down like rain. His Voice is the sweetest of all babies To me. somehow, everything became alright, all pain And anxiety were all gone And i was just smiling And crying At the same time. I even forgot that I was still half cut open. Nothing else mattered at all.

After cleaning the Baby, and while doctor was stitching me up, nurse placed the Baby on My Shoulder, between me And Hubby.
More tears Rolled down. He was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in My life. I just wanted To jump out of bed and cuddle him And kiss him And shower him With so so much love.

Sadly I was all numb waist down with an open stomach and shivering hands. All i could do was admire him, called his name and cried some more.

And so Sheldon Suhali Gan was born into this world. 30 Jan 2011. 23.45 at 3.225 kg.

Our bundle of joy is here and he is going To bring so much Joy to the rest of our lives. And just in time for CNY too!!

Happy New year everyone!!!

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Thursday, January 27, 2011

False Alarm Last Week

After excitedly gobbling down goodies at Sze Chuan Court - Fairmont hotel 's Dim Sum Buffet...

My tummy seems to harden and it really hurt. I felt like to going to the loo, but after several trip, nothing fruitful at all.

I thought maybe it was gas, hubby thought maybe I was eating too fast or eating too much.

But after an hour, I started tearing, it was unbearably painful, whatever position I take up didnt help.

So off we went to the TMC.

Nurse brought me to the labour ward.. and after an hour of examination (seemed like ages though),

Doc came and told me there was no contraction and no dilation, but it was advisable that I stay in the hospital ward for a night.

Hubby picked a really nice room for me, but really I couldnt rest well, I was so anxious, what if baby comes anytime now.

I was excited yet really scared of what's really coming ahead.

The day gone by, it was Monday and baby was still happilly staying inside my tummy.. heh heh..

Look like it's false alarm.

We paid a bomb, almost 1 K after medisave, brrrr.. and drove home.

A bit disappointed I still dont get to see my baby, but at least the pains in the tummy have subsided a little and I felt better.

That was last Sunday, it was still 2 weeks away...

Now it's27th January.. 7 Feb is not far off... gosh... 10 days away... I am even more nervous.

Everyday I pace around the house, checking for all sorts of labour signs, read the pregnancy forums and internet bulletins, over and over again, making sure I don't miss a thing.

I also kept telling baby don't take too long, cause we are all very excited to meet him..

So.. let's see.. it's a week away from CNY, is he gonna be a CNY baby?

will keep you updated =)

Friday, January 21, 2011

getting anxious.,,,

Aiks.,,,,,weeks have gone by sooo fast. especially because mom's bakmee stall has been keeping us busy over the festive period,

Day by day, I get a bit more anxious.

Nervous, excited, anxious , everything in one. it's gonna be like a first date., finally meeting my baby boy.

3 weeks to go now. What's it gonna be like? what's he gonna be like? am I gonna be a good mom? is it gonna be as painful as people said it would be?

so many questions and worries :)

at the same time, super excited beyond belief !!! I can't wait to meet him!!! I'm sure he is gonna be even cute than Mr Gan!!!

So how have I been keeping myself busy these days?

I still go office sometimes, especially for meetings, but I have slowed down on sales activity. I rest more at home, I become Hubby Gan's personal assistant and secretary, he he. I still go to mommys new bakmee at centrepoint sometimes too. In fact I keep meeting my dear friends there. thanks for visiting !!!

At night, after everyone is home. We play DOTA :0. my entertainment of the day, after which me and Hubby will watch top gear, big bang theory, lie to me or gossip girl..

and that's about it.

But still, I get tired fast nowadays. I will sleep earlier and wake up later.

Other times, I'm enjoying every moment with my baby. I can feel him kicking, gliding, moving about.. hiccuping !!!

haha ., oh it's amaZing., I'm thinking of blogging actively again when my baby is born. I will be blogging about motherhood I suppose, will be worth reading again one day when my baby boy has become a man, I may want to reminisce on his baby days then.

We actually have a name for my boy ady, dunno if I shd say It out yet :)

hmmm ...

ok goodnight !!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

WE ARE OPENING OUR 2nd STALL!! BAK MEE is coming to Town!!!!

Finally, in the midst of holiday season and me busy getting bigger everyday (tummy is so big now...=)...).., somehow we managed to find a place great for our SECOND BAK MEE STALL!

Now, even nearer to you, BAK MEE is opening in Centrepoint Orchard Kopitiam (Basement).

We will open for Christmas. So.. yup!

It's our Christmas gift to you, especially to the Indonesians who are craving for Bak mee.

*This stall will be non halal and we will be including Nasi Tim as well!

Check out the menu below.. and visit us at

Please help spread the word =)

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Monday, October 25, 2010

25 October 2010- how big i am today?

oh have I told you yet? It's a boy!!! hehhee

let me share with you a bit more about what's been going on outside and inside of me ..

Recently I had to go shoe shopping because my shoes all grew smaller. ( blimey!!)

More accurately, my feet grew about one size bigger!! So I went to Rubi shoes and bought plenty of the SALE ones.. 5-10 bucks each, I also got myself new crocs..

all flats!!!

bye bye sexy stilletoes. They are now my loyal shoe cupboard decorations. A tad dusty by now.

The other day I saw this angmoh lady, very skinny, tallish, pretty with a huge bump for her tummy. She was wearing sky high stilt shoes with very very thin tooth pick heels.

Me and Gan went :" Siaooo..."

I find angmohs sometimes are just too cool for school. They don't conform
and they are definitely not kiasu or kiasi.

At the most, Maybe kia si lang..

Anyhow, I also hardly have anymore cravings though yesterday I did eat noodles the whole day, pontian wantan Mee, then Bakmie.. then I craved for some Josh Duhamel.. yum yum...that Fergie one lucky lucky gal!!

So we watched " Life as We Know it"

How apt for Gan to watch it, he said it was the rom-com ever. Maybe because a baby is involved and he is just crazy about babies now. But naturally he keeps saying ours will be cuter than anyone else's.

Last last Saturday we went for our first Parenting Class.

I bet back in the days our moms didn't have this and had to learn from their
parents ( on the job training too).

But nowadays we are so spoilt:) There are books, classes, DvDs and even google .. for all our parenting queries.

Some interesting myths we found out?

That after giving birth, the mommy is not allowed to shower and wash hair for 40 days..

Ieuw.. for a hot place I can't even stand it if I don't shower for a day., neck sticky, hair limp.. armpit smelly,., 40 days?? I almost fainted.

No worries ladies and gentlemen. It's no longer true for us.

Stories had it that back in the days.. Long long time ago in China where the weather is cold, the water not so clean and worst of all, doctor's stitching didn't exist.

So because it would have been an open wound, the last you want is getting it wet with dirty water.

But nowadays.. oh by all means please shower!! Stitchings are done, water is hot and clean.. dont worry about getting wind, just dont shower at midnight lah.

So please Freshen up and don't give your baby sweaty sour milk too :)

I see.. now it makes more sense. I was so relieved.
It was quite fun sitting in a class full of preggy mommies and their supporting hubbies.. like over 60 pairs of them.

So happy to see the hubbies are participating. I'm of course glad that Mr Gan is also very hands on. He gets excited at everything about the baby.

Recently we bough the baby cot:) so he moved his computer table out of our room to make way for the cot, he mildly grumbled that he was getting kicked out if his room even before baby's birth. But I know it was out of jest, he was grinning as he said it.

We have about 3 more mths to go.

Excited beyond belief. But I am sure eventually it becomes too exciting, it's bordering on anxious .. can't wait to meet my baby!!

Though now he has started kicking and flipping inside my tummy. The feeling Is so surreal, as though someone flicked from inside . Naughty naughty..

Sometimes Gan would put his palm on the tummy and wait patiently for baby to kick his palm. And when he feels a subtle jolt, he will laugh.

Every now and then I stopped and realized, there's actually a little human being inside me and I become so overwhelmed all over again. It's so so magical .. it's just amazing ., haha

Today is a Monday, 25 weeks preggy, baby is about 700 g already and I gained 10 kg in total ( yikes !) hehe..

Everyday is a day closer, everyday is wonderful and hope everyone is having the same too. ^_^

Saturday, October 23, 2010

the transformation

I am rounder And rounder ....
in a normal circumstance.. the Hubby Will frown..

but in this case, when Hubby sees My round round tummy ( ignoring the chicken fatty thighs) his grin gets wider And wider.,,


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What is it like - the two of us..

I mean.. baby and me... not Gan and me..heh heh

The past 5 months have not been short of amazing... a living being growing inside my stomach, just the thought of me still stuns me from time to time.

The first 3 months, baby got me so tired I was sleeping most of the time... at 9 I was in bed.. it's nuts.

I could hardly go to work too as I kept falling asleep. But Doc says thats because my body was manufacturing a placenta, a home for the baby and also 40% more blood.. wa.. sounds like a lot of work..

But after the first 3 months past.. it has been quite a breeze.. other than the short occassional stints of gas and tummy discomforts, baby hasn't been giving me much problem. In addition baby gives me a very nice round bump in front.. hubby seems to like it more than anything else, always stroking and kissing the tummy.. it's so funny.. I am no longer the most kissable.. my tummy is..

Oh, alas, last week I had food poisoning.. actually hubby and me.. not sure what we ate, maybe in Fraser's Hill (cause I presume all foods there are half the freshness- very hard to bring up the mountain you know?).. oh it was terrible..

For days, we bombed the whole room, I think the stench was unbearable.. hubby was vomitting, I was having diarrhoea..
Only concern I had was .. is the baby afffected? Phew, doctor says baby cant feel a thing..

Ok lah then.. anyway it's over now.. we're all good =)

Anyhow, today we will be going for 3D scan ----- IS BABY a BOY OR GIRL????


Hehehehehehe.. will tell you soon!


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Thursday, August 19, 2010


So Good to be back...


Holidays may be exciting and all that.

but still, there's no place like home.

I came back smelling the Singapore Sembawang air, the hawker's foods..

Oh.... good to be back. heheheheh...

I have uploaded most of my Europe photoes on my facebook.

Lazy to upload here hee heeezz...

Maybe when I have time. Not that I am busy actually.

Nowadays I mop around the house with the baby bump a lot.

All I wanna do is sleeepp..


5-6 more months and I can meet baby!!

Can't wait...

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

feeling unsafe.. missing something?

Eversince I reached Europe I had this uneasy feeling.. a strangers nation... so many unknowns...

But In London I didnt feel much of it cause I am so familiar With it... I know the ways. I have some friends left...

in Paris however, I feel a lot lot more uncomfortable. Upon hearing pickpocketing news And the metro station cheating occurence to us this morning And the unfriendliness of the people Plus their unspeakable language... hmms ...
Wary all the time...

Then I realised why. I have always felt so so safe next To Gan. He is like My bodyguard, My protector, My guardian, even when we were in strange countries, facing difficult situations, as long as I am With him.. I normally feel safe.

Worse still we are normally inseperable. I get too used To him bring around making me feel safe.

But now Gan is half a globe away :(
He is Not With me.


For Now I have To be strong for myself And Baby And Mami :).

Until 10 Aug...

Gan Will be waiting for me back home.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

can hardly recognise myself.,,

I am amongst the vainest vain pots in the world, or I was.

Few months back, I was still matching My clothes To the nine.

Silk top With Wool pencil skirt enhancing My enviable rear curves, a matching delicate pearl necklace And of course My bag must match My shoes, is it gold today? black? shocking pink? blue? brown? You name it I have the matching bags And shoes.

To top it off, I even have matching hairbands, yup courtesy of Blair Waldorf. From bows To feathers. Crazy but yes. I have the collection. From pink To gold to Turquoise.

A month ago. Everything changed.

Not only My favourite piece of clothing is Eutjin's huge T shirt, I am totally revolted at the thought of colourful bright colours, flowers, bows, laces.

Instead of bring excited To plan My wardrobe for the week, I totally dread dressing up for work.

Black, grey, White And cream are now My friends. I chucked away all My bright And frilly tops in the store room. My poor darlings.

Now a 70% SALE sign on My favourite shops no longer turn me on. I wont even bat an eyelid. Sad? Weird?

Well...but Gan is so ecstatic I completely stopped My shopping habit!! At least someone is blissful. ;)

They told me Im expecting a boy. Well either way I am happy. But right now I definitely cant recognise myself.

Perhaps its also because most of My paired suits, jackets And dresses no longer Fit.

People May Not give up seats for me on the MRT yet. But that bump in the abdomen area ( which looks like i have been crazily binging on donuts) totally Make me feel unsexy And really, I should stop trying To Fit into the Power suits. I look like penguin With a flat feet.

Oh did I mention I am Not allowed high heels as Gan is scared his clumsy wife May trip over.

So I am stuck With My flat Hush puppies pumps.


Everytime I open My shoe cupboard, stare at My super sexy Aldo stilletoes.. I can just sigh And hope that They Will still be so pretty next year when I Will be back With a vengeance..

Oh also.,

I hate doing up My hair, I hate putting on Make up And generally My days are filled With sleeping And mopping around at home. Hur hur.,,

Oh no I am growing mould already.

Last week I told Gan I am determined To change back slowly And See My friends at least once every fort night. Gee.. so lazy me.

Oh did I tell you i am hormonal? Oh totally. Fickle minded too. I seem To be ordering everything on the menu And I cant finish one dish. Poor Gan always has To be the clean up deptartment, I think his bump is growing too.

Oh but wonderful things are happening too. Gan has never been so sweet And affectionate. Oh well only when My hormones have Not irritated the hell out of him yet la.

Oh whatever it is, everytime I stroke my Baby, talk To My Baby, remember how blessed And excited I am. Nothing else seems To matter.

Become auntie then become auntie lor..

who cares? :) Now, in Gan's Oversized T shirt, lying in bed, blogging And watching Gan Updating his GPS, I am happy. So contented. Every fifteen minutes Gan would turn around And smile his million dollar smile at me.

Thats enough for me.

This is a New beginning. We are happy And nothing else matters :)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

love at first sight..

Something amazing happened at Doctor Tan today.

In the black And White monitor, We saw the little Tiny hands waving at us, And a little cute Body dancing about. just about 2.5 cm long in reality. oh so mini.,, sp cute..

Me And Gan just fell in love at first sight... We were giggling And smiling so much for the rest of the day. The feeling is just amazing.. , undescribable.

Yup, we're expecting our first born.. boy or girl? we Will know in time .. :)

Oh, and The Daddy is so so excited you can See his smile ear To ear everyday :)

Amazing day.. everytime i look at the Photo, the smile comes back again... the amazing little cutie inside me.. amazing..

Sunday, July 04, 2010

World Cup Fever So far - wohoohoooooo!!!

All South American final? mpph.. no way.
I have Been saying that since the start of the season but noone listened.

It's gonna be all European final.
We have seen how all the sambal belacan football doesn't work anymore.

All the Latin dancing with the ball was trumped over by the Dutch impeccable drama, almost as good as Korean drama, and of course trumped by precise and effective football technology from Germany, don't play play even got motorcycle at their defense side.

But we gotta admit the Holland team is genius.

Coach ady warned them :

'you wanna dance with the Brazillian ? aya.. Forget it. Cannot win la.

But I know their weakness, they are hot tempered and reckless, one of them has a fetish for stepping on thighs too.. heh heh

So you know what to do? Drama until cannot drama Liao... then get all the free kicks you can.

Of course dive and annoy them as much as you can, Robben you do your Oscar quality acts ok??!! one of them will be soooo pissed they will get a red card, and wohoo semis here we go!"...

And the Oranje listened to the coach. good boys...

So it will be Holland VS Germany at the final.... Drama vs Precise Engineering?

wait .. I think the Dutch will tone down their drama and go back to their effective football, though not as clean as the Germans, Holland has good chance too.

They don't seem to be running as fast or as much though, did they have space cake for dinner?

Did I forget Spain?

Oh sorry. Spain ah.. I really dunno what's going on with them. Seriously, Spain vS paraguay was such a bad game i was half asleep. the hubby was snoring next to me.
All the passes haywire and noone stands at the right places.

I tell you, they are just damn lucky to have Casillas to be goalie.. not only so cute and macho, he is just dam good and now probably worlds best after Cesar screwed up last Friday.

And Uruguay? They are just damn lucky to be in the QF, seriously. they are just in 'cause the normal powerhouses screwed up earlier on and oh... don't forget, because Suarez apparently is a National Volleyballer too. What an azzz, he should be banned from FIFA.
So if Uruguay wins again, there must be some miracle. Oh wait Suarez not playing against Holland, so no chance lo.

So .. wohhop we won't hve to see flabby Maradona run around naked anymore..
sorry for the guys, we won't be seeing the Paraguayan chick streaking either..

And Brazil..well I think they can try again next time when they are more cool headed and wiser. Even handsome Kaka almost lost it, would have been funny to see Kaka really punch Oijer and leave only 9 men team on field for once. tsk tsk. they should try meditation.

For Argentina, maybe they can get a real Coach and a real goalie too. They may have Messi for a very very dangerous front.. but their backside all holes..

Defenders and Keeper need change. tsk tsk. Or at least hairstyle change. I think Romero's hair is so long and curly that it keeps covering his face, so he can never see the ball la.

So now we have a 3 day withdrawal football syndrome. So sad...

Maybe play DOTA for 3 days..
Til Wednesday then.

I will be going Orange and BMW!!

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


First of All, before I wrap up....

My gown is from POIS @ Paragon, I bought it, one look and the hubby was drooling.

Silk Chiffon from Gatti Nolli, a Lebanese couture Guru, a beautiful flowing number with Greek Goddess empire cut. My shoes were dirty gold from Aldo.

The Gan hubby donned his CK suit with Zara hamsem..

The venue was Sentosa ONE 15 Marina, because we didnt want a hotel, we wanted something different. To top it off, we also got a yacht for the night for the after party.

We had 26 tables of lovely guests and everyone said it was one of the most special wedding they ever attended.

Mostly because it was very personal and me and Gan participated a lot.

The schedule included, me and Gan singing the walk-in : "Quando, Quando Quando", Me serenading him with " At Last" and we sang another song " Way back into love together in the end", as well as the crazy yam-seng-kissing session.

Another special thing? 2 bridesmaids of mine, Cat and Tara, the best and no less, are our ' beer girls'. Sorry though not Tiger beer girls, they serve hard liquors only.

Bottles of hard liquor, Vodka, Chivas, Brandy, etc were put on top of every happening table (of course not the aunti uncle's tables...) We have researched beforehand.

I heard one table finished 3 bottles of hard liquor, no less... Wohoo!! Happy Party!

We had many interesting speeches, the bestman and the maid of honour had a speech each too.

So before I begin on telling the honeymoon stories.

HEre are pictures of the tea ceremony that fateful afternoon.. on the yacht's living area.

Mommy daddy.. I big girl now.. getting married liaoo..

Ohhh.. my gown =)

Look at mommy at Gan's armpit height...She's so mini and cutee.

Then the brotherly loveeee


Everyone was giggling and laughing..

The happy GANs


Probably the funniest and happiest looking tea ceremony ever =)

Here's the husband and yours truly =)

AYE! Sorry ah! Showing off my Dress...

I love love love love it...

It was Greek Goddess-y, cream chiffon silk with such pretty diamante-lined plunging square neck line.

It has 'wings' like fairies and it had the flow of the wind.. the husband was droolin when i tried it on. We decided to buy it after half a day of contemplating...

And a special gift from Serena and Su... My own edible yummy wedding cake.. cause the big one in the ballroom is made of stone. ^+^.. yum!!!

Oh Oh! the after party was held in the yacht.. another story altogether I gotta tell you.

It was crazzzzyyyyyyyyyyyy!

All in all.. such a Happy Day =)

Everyone should get married... it's such a happy occasion...

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Hiatus

I have been a little inactive in recording my daily happenings.

hmm ... perhaps a tad too understated. I have gone MIA for some time. heh

And for some reason not prioritizing keeping my diary. online diary that is.

That simple reason being lack of spare time. Any time spent in front of my lappie is only for a few things : surf necessary internet, watch American TV series ( Rome is amazing), work work work or DOTA.

Anytime out of it is spent travelling about trying to build my little retirement nest.

But NOW!!! There's IPHONE!!!!

Now I can blog on the move.

oh looks like I will be ranting nonsense again. And immortalise the nonsense in the cyberworld.

To me IPhone is a Godsend after Mr Gan. ^_^

- Now I am on the way to Palm Resort Malaysia - team building with Walton, rest- yay!

Friday, March 05, 2010


And the night falls.

The bride unmade and remade.

Shades of gold on her lids..
Sparking tiara in the hair..

The chiffon silk gown flows..

The groom nervously handsome.

The cupids were kissing...

The roses white blue...depicting the azzure blue waters and the white walls of Santorini..

Voila! Welcome To our Celebration ...



The guests were trickling in...

And so, May The banquet begins...:)

It all started With a song..
amongst the clouds of dry ice as we had our first walk-in.. We were beaming!

Getting Gan To sing With me at our wedding is a classic. You know how hard to get him to sing and dance? You normally need a bucketful of Kilkenny first.

"Tell me when Will you be mine? Tell me.. Quando Quando quando..."

As Gan and me serenaded.

And we were Graced by August's magical piano fingers And Sue Ann's sweet sweet voice.

Today is the day me and Gan have put a step forward and declared our love and commitment to our beloved families and friends. it was one of the most joyous occasion of my life.

Mommy and daddy were happily laughing away.. Such a beautiful sight.,my wish is for them to be this happy for the rest of their life..

Ah!!! The Master of Ceremonies!!!

Sham and Shiling were wonderful.
Special thanks to Sham who adorned the Greek toga.. how festive!

And yes.. he wore some pants underneath. Or so he said ;)

The Best man, Stephen Cheng stepped up to podium. To say a few words for the groom?

More like reveal some dark secrets about Gan! I saw his mom dropped jaw at some point. The stories revolves around how Gan Turned from a skinny IT geek to a cool handsome bad ass who drinks and smokes...

* shrugs* but then again he turned into the man I fell in love with and married..

Inside, Still the same sweet smiley sunshine of an awesome man!

While Jac the maid of honour said some really sweet words for me and us..

She started with " and now it's my turn.. unlike the bestman, don't worry. I'm not long winded and I don't have a funny accent.."

ouch.. but we all giggled out of good humour. Such an amazing feeling, getting hithched.. I felt like I was floating on clouds and the day was but a blur.

Everyone was all smiles.

Happy bridesmaids included.

How should I say it? it was simply whimsical..

I have never seen two happier people cutting a giant cake :)

Champagne Fountain was to signify how smoothly our love will flow..

Ohh gotta tell you how they did the yam Seng!!!

Me and Gan have to lock lips for as long as they yammmmmmmmmmm senggggggggggggg.....



We simply ran out of breath..

but it was S'wonderful

and it was..

Sealed with a kiss...

That was 8th August 2008. The day we began... the rest of our life together...