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Sunday, July 04, 2010

World Cup Fever So far - wohoohoooooo!!!

All South American final? mpph.. no way.
I have Been saying that since the start of the season but noone listened.

It's gonna be all European final.
We have seen how all the sambal belacan football doesn't work anymore.

All the Latin dancing with the ball was trumped over by the Dutch impeccable drama, almost as good as Korean drama, and of course trumped by precise and effective football technology from Germany, don't play play even got motorcycle at their defense side.

But we gotta admit the Holland team is genius.

Coach ady warned them :

'you wanna dance with the Brazillian ? aya.. Forget it. Cannot win la.

But I know their weakness, they are hot tempered and reckless, one of them has a fetish for stepping on thighs too.. heh heh

So you know what to do? Drama until cannot drama Liao... then get all the free kicks you can.

Of course dive and annoy them as much as you can, Robben you do your Oscar quality acts ok??!! one of them will be soooo pissed they will get a red card, and wohoo semis here we go!"...

And the Oranje listened to the coach. good boys...

So it will be Holland VS Germany at the final.... Drama vs Precise Engineering?

wait .. I think the Dutch will tone down their drama and go back to their effective football, though not as clean as the Germans, Holland has good chance too.

They don't seem to be running as fast or as much though, did they have space cake for dinner?

Did I forget Spain?

Oh sorry. Spain ah.. I really dunno what's going on with them. Seriously, Spain vS paraguay was such a bad game i was half asleep. the hubby was snoring next to me.
All the passes haywire and noone stands at the right places.

I tell you, they are just damn lucky to have Casillas to be goalie.. not only so cute and macho, he is just dam good and now probably worlds best after Cesar screwed up last Friday.

And Uruguay? They are just damn lucky to be in the QF, seriously. they are just in 'cause the normal powerhouses screwed up earlier on and oh... don't forget, because Suarez apparently is a National Volleyballer too. What an azzz, he should be banned from FIFA.
So if Uruguay wins again, there must be some miracle. Oh wait Suarez not playing against Holland, so no chance lo.

So .. wohhop we won't hve to see flabby Maradona run around naked anymore..
sorry for the guys, we won't be seeing the Paraguayan chick streaking either..

And Brazil..well I think they can try again next time when they are more cool headed and wiser. Even handsome Kaka almost lost it, would have been funny to see Kaka really punch Oijer and leave only 9 men team on field for once. tsk tsk. they should try meditation.

For Argentina, maybe they can get a real Coach and a real goalie too. They may have Messi for a very very dangerous front.. but their backside all holes..

Defenders and Keeper need change. tsk tsk. Or at least hairstyle change. I think Romero's hair is so long and curly that it keeps covering his face, so he can never see the ball la.

So now we have a 3 day withdrawal football syndrome. So sad...

Maybe play DOTA for 3 days..
Til Wednesday then.

I will be going Orange and BMW!!


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