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Monday, February 07, 2011

The first week has come and gone. - My little fella

OMG AINT HE CUTE ^_^..........

The journey thus far has been eventful, Eye opener, interesting , challenging but definitely not short of amazing.

First of all, being with Sheldon is amaZing, he surprises us everyday.
From giving us cheeky smile to not crying at all when doctor pricked his feet for blood test.

The first few says were easier as we were still in the hospital, the nurses were taking care of him, me and Hubby managed to get sleeps and wakes up only every few hours for feeds.

Latching on wise, I though We were doing very well, Sheldon seems to be latching and suckling well though at first it was painful.

But on the third day, looks like whatever I could give him was not enough. Nurse had to top with formula. I was a tad sad y first, But we did go home with a medela mini e, let's see if this would help, we thought.

We had many visitors in the hospital, lucky Hubby got us the single suite else we would be disturbing everyone else.

The office gang came, Desmond, Hidya, Kacy, Dora, etc and Sheldon got his first Ang pao today from uncle Andy and auntie Dora. Then Shiling and Keith came, auntie SuYin and Jonathan also visited, not sure if Jon and Keith were inspired by Sheldon to have babies cause he is uber cute and these two boys need some spanking for not wanting babies soon enough.:)

Sze, Tshen, Raj and Sharon came in the evening. They were all so curious. Irene and Ac also dropped by after her check up with Dr Tan.( I recommended her to Dr Tan). We were already showered with gifts by then. The whole room was filled essence of chicken , fish, ginseng etc to last me maybe til next baby :)

Then the biggest hamper came, big boss COO Lusi gave us a huge hamper, covered almost the entire Shelf below the TV. Wow how to find big boss this nice. She said she still got Ang pao for Sheldon. Wa,,

Dc came just in the nick of the time with sandy just before we got out of hospital. More essence of chicken came lolx.

I haven't even thrown a full moon baby shower yet but so much love is showered already. I was so so touched. Sheldon is so loved too :) Good boy.

Godma Violet dropped by our house. The doctor may be self proclaimed Godma but we all could tell she was smitten by Sheldon too. " trust me, I have seen many many babies. urs is cute" thanks Godma!

After we reached home, the regimen started. We had To perserve night And day. Thank goodness both grandmas are ready To welcome him At home And help take Care of him And me the recovering mommy.

The aftermath of caesarian was so
so painful. The stitches and the contracting uterus. Lucky no side effect from epidural for me, at Least thus far.

But I developed this ridiculous rashes, starting from all over my belly ( looks really gross- red bumpy irregular rashes$ itchy like mad, and it spread to the rest of body on trickles. Goodness. Sometimes the itchiness hindered my sleep.

And then came breastfeeding. Thankfully Hubby is well read, he knows he needs to help out. He was massaging my hard lumpy mammary glands by day 4 when transition milk was about to come in. Before that all I had was colostrum and it was not enough for Sheldon, goodness he is a big eater like the daddy. So we had to top up with formula milk every now and then. I was worried that I can't produce enough milk for Sheldon so out came the pump and the massaging daddy and frozen cabbages. I still remember what the nurse said :" Now not enough milk, please give him formula, later on your milk come in, day 4 day 5, it will be so full so painnnn that if I touch it you will slap me!"
yup... that painful indeed.

The pain was .., wow! The lumps were no joke at all. They felt scary too.Like macam got mini tumour. Hubby was constantly helping me to massage and clear them but while pumping. ( Thank goodness my hubby is super helpful abd participative, and now he contemplates on a career change - post natal breast masseuse career - haha! ).

After so much pain tahan-ing, cringing , screaming and also tearing, only a few millilitres trickled down and the bottle was still so empty. I was so sad. I cried some more. Hubby insisted on trying to make the lumps go away but I was in too much pain I told him to massage again in the next cycle on few hours. We resorted to frozen cabbage and repeating the cycle over and over again. The lumps and pain came back but thankfully less and less each time. All this was done in between changing nappies ( the little fella shits a lot!! goodness ) But that's good though :)
and in between sun tanning him in living room ( he is jaundiced:( and the level went up after the first Chek up on day 6 so we had to be more dilligent after that) and bathing him ( once a day and the grandmas seem to be very eager to help ) and also nursing my wound and trying to get sleeps. Sheldon wakes up every 3 hours demanding attention so Me and Hubby definitely lacked sleep especially at night. We did feel tired but thankfully it was all during the Chinese new yr long week break. So we could just focused on him. We even still managed to have Korean BBQ reunion dinner at home too!

But most importantly, all the hardwork paid off, or we felt so far.

By day 6, I was what hubby kept calling : A New Zealand Cow. Yay.

I had good let downs ( leaks ) by then and when I pumped ( only once or twice a day to Store to bring for doctor trips, to empty excess and to measure capacity) , I was already producing around 100 ml each time, And I can pump every 3 hours that amounts to 800 ml a day. The milk was practically squirting out of the nipples. It was a beautiful sight. The lumps went away top. I then learnt that 800 ml a day, is about how much a 4-6 month baby will need too! So great! I know I am capable to be an NZ cow for Sheldon even at 6 months, after which of course less will be needed cause he will start weaning.

After day 6, My breasts ( Sheldon's food , no more fun bags) were tender right after feeds and become hard and full in 2-3 hours. Just nice for him when he wakes up and started crying and looking for his mommy's milk :)

My worries went away with the lumps and the pains. Now they just swelled, hardened with a tinge of pain just before feeds and became tender after feeds.
It's almost like they can read Sheldons wants and needs.

I feel that me and Sheldon is one and inseparable. It will cause too much on both sides if we were separated.
If I don't get to feed soon after the boobs swell up, they will then become
really uncomfortable and heavy. And if still left alone, oh oh, engorgement comes and we will back to lumpy and screaming land. Will have to call that masseuse Hubby To work again.

Mommies and Their babies are ONE. I really pity those who got separated. Must be so miserable for both sides. As of now, I find it so hard to be away from Sheldon for too long. Not only my boobs will be needing his help from emptying and avoiding the pains, but I will miss him
so much. All those smiles and sweet monents in between, the feeding, the pooing and the crying were treasured moments. All those moments somehow made all the pains worthwhile.

Like they say, you won't just like or love your baby, you will be head over heels, crazy in love with him.

I am so biased now. Sheldon is the cutest in the world. Period.

Hehehehhee. I guess this biasness is normal too. I'm sure all mothers feel the same way about their babies.

So far so good. Just wishes I had no rashes though. Still dunno why I have some but perhaps Dr Tan can tell me on Thursday.

So that's the first week. Time flies I must say. This week we will be bringing Sheldon to Dr Ong again to check on his Jaundice, hopefully it's better now.

in between the times when Sheldon wakes up, now me and Hubby already managed to catch some episodes of Gossip Girl, Lie to Me and Chuck. Looks like we are doing well. Sheldon gets his food, we are getting used to the power naps and Hubby went back to office today. - Monday . He also got to do our weekly rounds to the bakmie outlets ( IMM and Centrepoint). We are also sorting out the baby bonus paper work. Good eh I am a Singapore citizen Liao! Got free mullah:0

Next will be me trying to slim down to my original curves. Amazing thing i found out: whenever I am breastfeeding him, my tummy felt warm with a bit of pain, apparently this is uterus shrinking. Brain telling uterus: baby is out and suckling so please shrink back. Smart ah! Amazing how God works his ways.
I am amazed everyday by just realizing this cute little baby came out of my tummy.

Anyway... So good!! Sheldon helps me lose weight too :)

Seems like we are coping well and thanks to modern technology, Sheldon's cute
photoes are all over my and hubby's facebook and wow We never received so many comments before :)
Also thanks to google. Wow, my last numerous searches were things like

" post natal itchy rash"
"green stool newborn"
"engorgement post natal "

you get the drift...

Also thanks to MRs Wong's textbooks on Childcare and breast feeding, they are like hubby's bibles now! Gan is so well versed now about caring for newborn I tell you!

Thanks to Hubby too, he has been so sweet and supportive, always hugging and kissing me with encouragement whenenever I felt Pain or tired. He also changes diapers for Sheldon.

Thanks to the grandmas too. My mom's been making really nice confinement dishes like turmeric chicken and herbal soups.
Gosh !! I eat so much dunno can lose weight or not !!! I felt hungry and thirsty also after every feed.
I must do something about this soon. Else
how to be sexy again ? :) I haven't taken a single photo of myself with Sheldon yet. I am determined to lose as much weight as possible once the confinement period is over.

awwwwww... Sheldon Sheldon :)

So much love going around. So Nice.

Again .. Happy New Year !!!!! (I still can hear the neighbours swimming in mahjong tiles every night!!! ) .... ^_^

And the journey goes on.....

Much Love,

New Mommy Celly

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