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Friday, January 14, 2005

A liddle French Story

Posted by Hello Comment vas tu? Ayeee.. Francais eh? Anglais laa.. sil vouz plait..
Enough of French crap shit .. Tell u wad.. look at the picture above closely... CLOSELYYYYY

This picture won me the Photography Competition 2001 of Pembroke College (Oxford Uni).... I got 80 quids for first prize!!! Wohoo!!!...

Ok.. this is the liddle story.. The picture is ugly.. yes.. but it consists of overlappings of many many different pictures..

Spot the arch de triomphe lying down??

Spot 2 Eiffel towers in the 2 different places??

SPot my ghost-like face (with cap and specs)?

Spot some fat woman's face(half of) at the side (right)??

Spot blur blurr Paris at a distance???

I am how good at photography hor??

No lar.. actually.. I bought this damn-lau pok-made in china- camera for 5 quids in Oxford , before I left for Paris in Spring (2001).

The farked up device was so lao-ya that I had to turn-turn this little knob on top to roll to the next portion of film roll, before taking a new picture.
As it happened, after the first take at London Waterloo station Burger King (before I even left London for Pairs ..TMD!)
.....>>> the bloody knob got stuck.. haha!
Hell and damnation!!!! I couldnt turn the knob to roll up the film and go to the next portion. I kept taking pics on the same bloody piece of film!!! VOILA! The pics Overlapped like MAD!

So.. I printed the photoes and grunted and grunted.. coz.. only 5 photoes were succesfully developed. This was one of them.

I strolled back to my Pembroke (stands for permanently broke btw) College library to borrow books.. then..

DING!! I saw an ad! Photography Competition titled: " Interference"!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tralalala!!... I submitted the photo and got first prize.. naturally..

I then became an inspired and inspiring photographer...!
But as usual.. I sianed half way.. so now I've resorted to being photographed.. Muahhh!!!


At 10:11 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Hmm! I wonder whats your hobby if photography isn't? :)

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