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Monday, April 23, 2012

Losers with Capital L

Sigh... of all things that make me wake up from a blogging hiatus, it's this ugly story..

All the brouhaha about Princess Steph and her 48 felons...

We women are getting the best kick out of it, I suppose. Like yay, extra reassurance that if our other halves do something really dumb, their faces will forever be shamed on local tabloids, blogs and just about everywhere else. Thank you very much.

I personally dont even remember it was some underage problem.
All I can think of is ..Shame on you guys. Shame shame...what Losers!

Their wives and girlfriends can kick their balls and the likes of Mrs Shaw can squeeze Mr Sleazy Shaw's fortune dry while she's at it. Their feature on " Marriage bliss" at February Singapore Tatler has just escalated the height of this predicament. What hypocrisy. Now Tatler go sue them too.
Shame shame. The wife is how chio. Loser Shaw. Now I lagi dont want go Lido watch movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Shaw ah tsk tsk.. not only sleazy but stingy too. So rich so rich but can't at least do better than a hotel 81 meh . Crap. But haha.. funnier still. the angmoh banker got ripped off. At least he did in style la at Shangrila, but angmoh price too, had to pay for the service $150 more. Standard siah..

Thank God most supreme court judges who handle divorce cases are women. So at least they understand how Stooooopid men can be and how they deserve to be grilled.*{^{%{*{={={#>€!!

So I suppose these poor sods cant get the chicks, not getting some and yet itchy backside?

At first, I imagined they must all like sport huge blobby belly with horrid chest hair and oily pimply faces, so much so that they have to go for paid services to get lucky. But apparently not, they look pretty normal. Of course now, given the context, they all look damn sleazy la..But they still do look like normal people who look like they can probably still score some girlfriends the proper way.

I really wonder.. what the hell were they thinking and why why why.
Sigh.. very sad la very sad. Why must they be so disgusting.

Chicks like Steph can hang out at Dragonfly, attract old itchy ahpeks with heavy pockets and wandering eyes, and then hang on to ahpek for life like a limpet. That way at least she'd shame one person and not 48.

I know the saying:" Better that he just buys the satay and not the whole cow"

I think either they deserve to get excruciatingly horrible diarrhoea. Grrr..


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