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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Poxy Foxx n disgusting stories

My sick, weak being needs more rest than I thought..
Today I tried to wake up after nap to study, but ended up going to YIH study room 15 minutes before the bloody place closed.
Anyway, I went for a beer session at Jac's room instead, Alex, Evan and Sham were there too...and we talked about the most disgusting topics.

We started talking about people who have terrible hygiene.
THat reminds me of a flat mate I had in England.
He has never brushed his teeth his whole life because he has sensitive gums and brushing will cause his gum to bleed.
Alrite.. not surprisingly, he has tooth problems. One time, he had a hole in his front tooth.
At first, it was just the size of a toothpick diameter.
After meals, he would poke the whole tooth pick into the hole and pull it in and out for 'cleaning' and 'pleasuring'. The bugger always looked so 'shiok' doing it.. he would grin away...
After weeks, he started to put a whole chop stick in. Ieuwww.. and go:" Look! Chop stick le!"
Months later, he had a hole as big as the tooth itself, ok.. basically.. front tooth was gone.

Surprising enough, he gets girls like noone's business, I still dunno how to theoritise this.
He also hates showering. Whole 5 years in England, I've seen him shower a few times.. not more that what my finger can count.
I was arguing about phone bills one time. I argued that I shouldnt have to pay it cause I hadnt been using the phone at all.
THe bugger started arguing back the fact that he also shouldnt be paying for water bills cause he hadnt been showering at all.. arghhh grosss. hor...

I dont know what happenned to him, but I can only wish him the very best of luck...

I also hate water taps in England, they bloody engineer the pipes such that right tap gives VERY COLD freezing water and Left tap gives SCALDING HOT water.
How stupid is this????
I had to keep splashing water from both supply so that it mixes to a right temperature in the middle before washing my hands. Bleahh...

Then we talked about awful toilets..
geezzz.. cant be worse than those in China.
In a Shanghai hospital I went to, the toilet was basically a stretch of drain laid out in front of you. No cover, no door whatsoever.
So, while queueing, you can choose to stand before the person who seems to be about to finish his or her business..
Heh.." I think she got one more shit left... ok this one.."

What about those ulu kampong places where you shit inside a huge hole dug out on the ground.
You squat on this plank of wood placed over the hole and balance!!!
Try not to lose balance and fall into deep shit altogethe!!!

Thank god for nice toilets with flushes heh..

In Indon, old style is still the scoop with pail of water. When you encounter one, you wont know what to do right?? Heh... learn la... left hand is for cleaning shit.. right for eating.
I dont know about the rules for the lefties tho.. just dont mix the hands up.


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