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Friday, January 07, 2005

Hao LIan..Ah lian

MY AH LIAN DAYSSS Posted by Hello
Blasy from the past.. this was like wad.. 2002?? geez
Not much to say... Very ahlian hair for a very ah lian face..with a very ahlian a very ah lian vocab
but my frens call me English ah lian ok???

-- At Liberte with Jiap on her Birthday...

Anyway, Ah Lian here would like to divulge some deep thoughts about love and relationships:

You can never justifyingly determine who the baddie is in a relationship, at time of failure.
All fiery affairs either end bluntly or settle down into comfort-zone paradigms where obligations and responsibilties rule the days.

You will never know when you might fall out of love, it gives no warning whatsoever.
ANd it will be up to you to decide, whether to be true to your feelings and be a risk taker or a responsible person to the one who 'loves' and expects from you. So same thing applies when this happens to your partner who is falling out of love with you.

Inevitably, one will be somewhate responsible for his/her partner's feelings. You are obviously not supposed to upset his/hers. But I also know that you'd never mean to hurt.
You'd never mean to cheat and then let her find out right? You'd never mean to make her cry and cut wrists right?
You'd never mean to hurt.....

Yes, You can't choose who you fall for or when you fall..
but you can deal with this and control your life by making the appropriate decisions... and this is never easy when you are in oblivion!

Being in love is like being in a bermuda triangle. You will have no control watsoever about almost anything that goes on around you and inside you..

One way or another, 3rd party is always !( however remote) the catalyst or core root to an end of a relationship. Another sad discovery.
This is because humans have this natural tendency to create their own little space they can be coccooned in and always fall back on. Everybody needs security, a home.

So, no matter how jaded you are in a stable relationship. You wont actually dare to change it or break out of it, until there's a better opportunity around the corner... or an overpowering urge to belong somewhere else, simply put: you are in complete oblivion---this entails falling uncontrollably in love with a 3rd person.

Whether or not you will actually be with that 3rd person does not matter anymore. But the moment you have tilted towards falling out, it's all the way out.. falling in love is THAT powerful... Falling in love comes hand in hand with falling out of love.
It's like a transfer of love.. like.. the theory of conservation of energy, from one to the other..*yawn*..

It's quite complex isnt it? Like a tangled web..

Falling in and out of love is an everyday thing, done by billions all over the world.
Everyday, a new heart is broken, a new love is found and the cycle goes on...

Since "Nothing lasts forever", Relationships and lusts are not spared. So behold ya mighty young luvers out there...! All I can say is: Cherish the moments.. you'd never know how long it'd be in your hands..

But there's no use gripping tight, just cherish.. snap shot the moments..

The only true love there is... would be the love a mother could give a child, unconditional, unselfish and pure.

So, Pack your 'I love you's and throw em out the window.
Think again before you say it.. Are you sure it's love , and not lust? Or confusion?

Like is Ok.. Like is so safe.. I also like popiah.. I also like BMW.. heh.. I like Alfred, I like Wei Hao, I like Jackie, I like DC .. Like is fine... I like many many guys.. I like hanging around them..

But Love is deep deep dude...

And if you think :

like + lust = love.. then you are in DEEP SHIT!

Coz...: like + lust = an exciting affair!.. while it lasts of course!

Needless to say, to me: Love at First Sight is Complete BOLLOCKS!

Lust you mean.. lust would be fair enough..

You will truly love someone when it comes with no tag that says " expectations".
Yes.. dont expect anything back... absolutely NOTHING.
Love is sad ya....

Even your bestfriends.. would you still love them if whatever lil you expected of them was not returned to you? Like when they disappointed you big time, time and time again...You may still be their friends, but with the angst and disappointments embedded in you, love? I dont think so.. Maybe out of convenience or habit, you will still hang around each other.. but love... it's a bit far fetched now...
Unless you trrulllyy love the person la.. then even if he kills your favourite pet inhumanly, you will still love him and treat him all the same, remain untainted from hatred and grudges...

So.. love is seriously deep.... hmmm.....
I make life seems loveless and sad.. What should I do now? Slap myself yah? O..K....


At 6:36 PM, Anonymous Snake gently snorted that...

Wah! Your topic so long winded that it takes your readers years to think about it huh? :)

Anyway, my comment on the topic about LOVE. If we read from books or hear about our grandparents' romance, we'll wonder how love was so easy back then. Today, not even a mother's love may be able to explain why she would drown 6 of her children. :(

This days, LOVE is more like an investment against lonelyness in time to come. LOVE is not a fairy tail, it needs work on commitment through time.

At 4:07 PM, Anonymous Vitcim of Love gently snorted that...

Why do ppl cheat? I do not understand....just a couple of days, a fren's fren committed suicide at a tender age of 23....the affair started by the hubby. How long was the marriage...less than 2 yrs...

Love is never least I do not understand it....

At 6:11 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

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