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Thursday, January 27, 2011

False Alarm Last Week

After excitedly gobbling down goodies at Sze Chuan Court - Fairmont hotel 's Dim Sum Buffet...

My tummy seems to harden and it really hurt. I felt like to going to the loo, but after several trip, nothing fruitful at all.

I thought maybe it was gas, hubby thought maybe I was eating too fast or eating too much.

But after an hour, I started tearing, it was unbearably painful, whatever position I take up didnt help.

So off we went to the TMC.

Nurse brought me to the labour ward.. and after an hour of examination (seemed like ages though),

Doc came and told me there was no contraction and no dilation, but it was advisable that I stay in the hospital ward for a night.

Hubby picked a really nice room for me, but really I couldnt rest well, I was so anxious, what if baby comes anytime now.

I was excited yet really scared of what's really coming ahead.

The day gone by, it was Monday and baby was still happilly staying inside my tummy.. heh heh..

Look like it's false alarm.

We paid a bomb, almost 1 K after medisave, brrrr.. and drove home.

A bit disappointed I still dont get to see my baby, but at least the pains in the tummy have subsided a little and I felt better.

That was last Sunday, it was still 2 weeks away...

Now it's27th January.. 7 Feb is not far off... gosh... 10 days away... I am even more nervous.

Everyday I pace around the house, checking for all sorts of labour signs, read the pregnancy forums and internet bulletins, over and over again, making sure I don't miss a thing.

I also kept telling baby don't take too long, cause we are all very excited to meet him..

So.. let's see.. it's a week away from CNY, is he gonna be a CNY baby?

will keep you updated =)


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