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Monday, July 10, 2006

Kyoto Protocol and Freedom of Speech (Or the non-existence of)

I was brought on this subject the other day at work.
On the selling of Carbon credits and Kyoto Protocol.

Let me summarise you a glimpse of Kyoto Protocol:
The Kyoto Protocol is an agreement made under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). Countries that ratify this protocol commit to reduce their emissions of carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases, or engage in emissions trading if they maintain or increase emissions of these gases.

The Kyoto Protocol now covers more than 163 countries globally and over 65% of global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

The objective is the "stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere at a level that would prevent dangerous anthropogenic interference with the climate system" UNFCCC-2.

*YAWNNNN*.. but you got the gist??? Basically, it's a good will agreement to control GLOBAL greenhouse gas emission, especially CO2.

So, each country is given a certain quota/credit for Carbon emission.
They can only give out so much Carbon, else kanna penalised. Some countries actually do not use up their quota so much, like Singapore, because we're so environmentally friendly and technologically advanced, well regulated by NEA, so we have extra Carbon quota.

Countries who have excess quota are allowed to sell it to other countries who need it more.

This is so that the total GLOBAL emission stays the same at the end of the day.

But to me, this is RIDICULOUS LAH!!

It's like selling Grant for other country to go and pollute some more.. Like a bit WTF right?

Anyway, if any cleaner country wants to sell their excess quota, Please dont sell to Indonesia -especially Jakarta there, my dad gonna kanna dust chokage already, on top of his Sampoerna loaded lungs. (Lucky he got the detox powder, no wonder still so healthy)
Please... somemore we got bird flu.. please save us!!
Anyway, Indons, we have no money, they can maybe buy 1 more gram of Carbon credit, light up one ciggarette, then no more credit liao..

But seriously, I don't think they are abiding at all, I'm talking about Indonesia. *sigh*..., why my country like that one. I think they sure keylong and go for extra quota and noone ever count the Carbon emission quantity lah!! See the air is black colour liao, no need to wait for forest to burn, there's permanent haze. Fyucking Polluted lah. Nevermind Green house gases, even normal hygiene and cleanliness is way below acceptable limit. Where got time! Save the people from corruption and birdflu and stupid gahmen and volcanoes : is very very time consuming liao!

Anyway, the authorities never do work one what, cause they claim they're underpaid, but too lazy and too scared to go on strike, so wait for keylong money. So if got one MTF big company want to set up some plant with no proper scrubber in Indonesia, I guess, as long as he got the MULAH he can even plant an unauthorised nuclear plant at his compound and noone will say a thing.

Pockets fat can already.

But who stupid enough to do that lah hor? Do anything so high-scale in that haunted, God forsaken place is damn sia-suay one. People so cunning, place so dirty, gahmen so corrupt, bomohs so powderfull, president or no president no difference. You nuclear plant will blow in no time. Either because of stupidity or not enough keylong money or something. So many MNCs pull out from Indo *sigh..*.. I am not going back there. I thought we were improving liao.. but.. snail pace and now got pandemic flu threats and terrorisms... *sigh....*....

Actually, we should really feel grateful being in a country like Singapore where these stupid, more terror-posing threats do not realy exist. Horr.. but Compraining is a bit in our blood haha..
I dunno, coming from a country that was like a shambles, Singapore is a welcome change for me, so safe, so advanced, so civilised, quite happening too.. it's one of the best place to start your career or business too, no corruption (or very very minimal anyway) and pro-biz environment. Oh well..

Back to the Kyoto Protocol and Carbon Quota.

I can imagine the gahmens of one very polluted country (like Indo, Thailand) and one not-so polluted country under the carbon limit like Singapore, NZ, etc, talking in some secret meeting liao:

"So, You want pollute or you want me pollute? I can pollute somemore cause my country so clean.. But, I sell you some credits lah.. then you can go and build more plants with no scrubber then chok-chok more people to death..? How?? A few millions oni ..."

" Uuhh.. I think cannot afford. Why not we take credit payment on the carbon credit?"

"Then how? Pay as you go ah? You think phonecard ah? You use one more kilo, you pay me a few grands ah? You think what?? "

"But, I gotta build this mine and mill lah, if not will kanna fyucked jialat jialat by the Bush familee.. I got no more quota liao.. *whisper*.. in fact, actuarry burst the limit liao..."

"You settle your own stuff lah, dont bring my carbon into this"

"Dont liek that lah.. I pay more"

"How much?" *chuckles over the phone*

A bit stupid right? Selling rights for people to do more bad things?
I wonder can sell my bad karma anot ah...

"Eh.. I pay you 50 bucks then you take away this bad karma I will get in few days. Can? It's not much, just fall down from the stairs only"

Hur Hur..

Anyway, these cleaner countries hor, if got excess of carbon quota then maybe they should keep it for themselves lah.. or maybe get some kind of bonus prizes from the UN, maybe keychains or free trip to Somalia.

They should NOT be allowed to sell, right? Correct anot??

Okay lah... this is not political blogging ah. This is just an opinion on one of the global environmental issues ah!

Sigh, stupid lah. Now even Mr Brown got suspended from writing TODAY column. I miss his columns already, I used to read it every Friday. I am so sad leh. I always giggled at his honest opinionated accounts, very funny, very light hearted what. Now Mr Miyagi also quit. Aiyah. I think now I don't bother queuing up for the TODAY paper at the MRT every morning liao.


So much for freedom of speech I suppose.

I don't know..

But I heard this joke before:

Malaysia and Singapore went for a fishing competition across the strait, across the causeway.

So, Malaysia fished on their JB side, Singapore fished on the Woodlands side.
After 4 hours, Malaysians caught many many fish, but Singaporeans caught none.
This doesn't make sense, some water what? How come no fish on this side near Singapore leh?

So, the premiers discussed their findings.

Singapore: It's not fair, how come our side have no fish.

Malaysia: Gott..alot alot of fish..

Singapore: Then how come cannot catch any?

Malaysia: Coz your fishes that side cannot open the mouth to catch the bait.

hur Hru.. Uhrr..

Can't remember who told me liao..





Ahh... I want to fly to Shanghaiiii.........

Or not...

Michelle mentioned the other day:" Why you keep going back to your dumps ah? Rubbish already go get new one lah.."...

Wise words from the super chio bu!

Ah Ah..I found more wise words today :

Yesterday is history
Tomorrow is mystery

Today is a GIFT. That's why it's called present, marh...

So, savourrrrrrrrrr it whenn you can.. Like when eat laksa, savourrr everrrryyy drop, taste allll the flavours slowly... And when you're kissing someone.. savourrrrr every sensation... see.. this is actually a form of meditation you know? Being aware of your sensations.

Okay lahh..

Back to sensing my keyboard for other things...


PS: I am learning how to sign up with youtube so can upload some videos leh.. but dont be too happy, no porn! Ha. I am gonna try taking vid clips with me IPAQ and stuffs. Thanks to I.Z, I will ask more of his guidance soon sial.


At 4:52 PM, Anonymous Jay "Brown" Walk gently snorted that...

You know, if everybody in Singapore were to hold their breath hor, we would have more credits to sell!

Speaking of Brown. Here's a brown ribbon for you.

At 5:22 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

eh.. yah.. but if we die the body decompose also release carbon.. so its ok lah. just breathe.. hur hur..pls we got eat up the carbons from those food mah.. need to release again. no?

weee.. brown riben

At 5:07 AM, Anonymous GR gently snorted that...

you're into multilateral crap also ah? Gov Arnold the terminator also pushing for less greenhouse gases. Freaking LA is most polluted in US. Maybe too many immigrants fart at the same time..wakakaka

Indo is hopeless lah..gahmen getting worse. No leader. Everyone thinks short term, as long as pocket fat like u said. Living condition is horrible, a lot cannot eat. Speaking of ppl cannot eat if u or anybody wanna donate to less fortunate ppl in indo visit My friends & I started this back in 1999. They surely deliver your donation. Dont worry, if not I'll personally kick their butts for you..hehehhe

At 7:52 AM, Blogger sdRay gently snorted that...

My name is Ray and I just started a new blog about prayer of confession. Its a place where you can chat about prayer of confession confidentially. I hope you will come and check out Thanks for letting me post on your site.

At 8:44 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

gr: wah the immigrant like to eat beans is it?

u got ur own donation channel? so cool ah!!! so who do u deliver the donation to exactly? to the governors? to the PAK LURAH or straight to households? or wat..

At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Ha.. Like the joke about the fishes.. It's really a sad reality in Singapore. The govt always shout to the world tat we're a modern democracy and so on.. But it seems like we can't even express opinions about out daily lives, "without providing solutions" (gosh.. if we hv all the solutions, why we need these super highly paid civil jokers.. sori.. servants?)


At 11:06 AM, Anonymous gr gently snorted that...

celle, of course straight to the needy people lah no bureucracy involved. No lurah, governor, etc. They all hav inuf oredi what. You see the pics on the web, they all physically visit the sites & deliver the goods.

u know they actually do eat beans a lot, mexicans makes up 47% of LA population. so you're rite. No wonder farts so smelly..daymn..gotta move somewhere else soon...

At 11:14 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

anonymous...democracy is non existent is spore...u can keep dreaming but the gov will never ever let u have the say. They've trained the brightest in spore to run the govs. So you're country is basically run by conservative geniuses (I met a few they're friggin' smartt!). They think they know what's best to do already. so why bother listening? plus spore is so small, it's easy to manage if u all go riot:)

At 4:45 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

gambit: uhh.. u the real gambit?
ocht well.. welcome to new-age democrazy

gr: Wah.. a lot of work hor. going to donate straight to the ppl.. but kudos to u man! where u stay? LA ah

anonymous: ah , yeah.. no lah we wont riot so bad:

1. too scared
2. too lazy
3. know itll be futile

At 7:00 PM, Blogger skunk gently snorted that...

CO2 trading isnt really allowed, but then again its not really prohibited by any body or regulatory authority.

so like the capitalists we are we trade it as a commodity :P

At 6:51 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

iZ? haizat is a pice of shit who only knws hw to cheat women of their lve and money. many women can testify to tht. best nt to knw him.


At 8:19 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

skunk: noawadays EVERYTHING also Can SELLL AH!!!! Anybody wan buy my hair?

anonymous: IZ? Wah.. such strong ocmments on him ah? you sure anot?
he seems like nice lad leh

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

the real gambit retired long time ago.. anyway, i'm pretty sure i'm more real than him. :)

celly.. been reading your blog for quite some time.. find u an attractive and charming lady. Really can't figure out why u hv to go thru so many heartache and breakups.. Any guy who gets to be with you should be thanking God for his grace.. hmm.. very strange..


At 10:59 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

gambit: im sure u are more real! , aiyoh.. your comment is really too flattering.. i dun think guys should be thanking God if they get to go out with me lah.

heart breaks a bit inevitable actually..

i dunno.. i spose havent found the one.. so this cycle will go on and on.. unless i put my own full sotp to it and become a nun of cours.e


gambit, where u based?

At 4:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

hey celly,
i'm a singaporean guy coping with life in our little island.. hehe.. more like struggling..

Well, i suppose u r right about the right person thingy. All these heartaches perhaps are bits and pieces which make life worth living.. make u appreciate the "right person" when he/she comes along.. eventually.. Hope, my dear.. is the essence of Happiness.. :)

Whatever it is, stay chirpy, fun-loving and yes..babelicious k? Dun even think about changing a single thing about yourself cos you're really adorable just the way you are..


At 2:50 AM, Anonymous Snake gently snorted that...

Do you really think that the PTB gives a shit that the air is getting bad? I mean they are already plainning to start housing on the moon so from their point of view is, if the air on earth is bad for you, buy a piece of land on the moon. If you can't afford it then just choke like the rest. Sss...:I
With regards to the Mr B issue, the editor of the TODAY paper probably felt that if he keeps Mr B around, he/she(editor) might be invited for bad coffee or tea at the MHA. So, just to be safe, Mr B had to go. In a way, you can't blame the editor. The TODAY paper can't afford the backlash, if any, since it's a free newspaper. Sss...:]

At 8:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

trust me on it. there are at least 2 others who gone through a lot of hell thanks to him.


At 11:29 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

gambit: now now, if only i can make everyone i want to think that way, think that way.

hehee.. well.. la dolce vita!!

But, hope --- is the start of all disappointments!! = EVIL!

snake: moon air may be cleaner, not sure quite breathable, hueheuheue

leia : heh? who u talking about?IZ?? How come he looks nothing like heartbreaker leh.. as in he looks like a decent, regular lad. if u know what i mean.. not super suave, no bad boy look, not exactly brad pitt what..hmm so hes a heartbreaker??

hmm.. were u one of them?
Oh man, ok, i no comment liao. i dunno IZ that well actually.

met him like once huehuehuehuee


At 10:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

player, liar, heartbreaker - same difference

- leia -

At 5:57 AM, Blogger sdRay gently snorted that...

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