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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

The MArder, The FaRder and the Holey Skireets

Oteher thaan teh facct thaat I ham digerrsing badlly.
Cauzxe I ytpe liek thiis and liKeE ThIZz.

I am fine.

3rd July was my dad's Birthday. Mom was down for the whole day. Sigh.
She plugged in her iPod (which she proudly and distinctively pronounced as EEEEE-POD!), and sashayed, hummed, sang around the house, to cheer herself up I suppose. I have the cutest marder ever. So, since her iPOD is EEE POD, My IPAQ is EEEEE-Pack...(Btw, my eeee-pack rocks.. People cant stop ogling at it.. "Very Nice Phone!",... "Thank you" =)....)

Ah.. Ipod, eepod, Ipaq, eeepack...As long as she's happy lah.

I think she was naturally down because the two people who were once married for 25 years still have some sort of connnexxxion. So, on his birthday, she had to be down.


I was a bit mellow myself, I kinda missed daddy again. I missed him a lot these days. Mom told me go and SMS : "I love you" blah blah. But I still don't dare. But,I messaged him a Happy Birthday message the other day, good girl huh?

But his reply was :" It's on the 3rd, Cely"

Yeah, I sent on the first. His birthday, like mom's is kinda confusing, they have 2 birthdays and we kept getting the right one wrong. Sorrry mah.. but anyway, only 2 days early..

But what's more important? He spelled my name wrong. Cely? Who the fyuck is Cely?

Okay, confession, actually it's not wrong. I don't know if I've told you already, but now, I am officially Marcely Suhali with ONE BLOODY ' L'!!!!!!!!!!!!

The story behind this is that one day, last year, when I was applying for my PR,
The immigration people checked my passport and saw:


So, I was a bit peeved. How come they noticed the wrong spelling, I know it was mispelled the last time.

So, I went back to take my birth certificate to verify.

To regain the status I own, to be Marcelly again with 2 'L's.

I ransacked my room, took out the birth certificate, laminated and slightly dusty.


It said:


I was so sad. As it turned out, I was conned my whole life. I was never a Marcelly.
So, I was amazed how my mom managed to CON the whole world that I am Marcelly with 2 Ls. She's blardy good.

Starting from primary school.. to uni... to even at work...

Marcelly, Marcelly, Marcelly....

But now, my IC, new credit cards and accounts are Marcely with one L.

Marcely, Eeeekkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!

It's so NOT cute anymore.

Barry said that losing one L is almost like losing one of my boobs.
Okay. it's not that bad, really. But still. I would love 2 Ls..

Cely is just not cute, it's not just right.. * wail..*

I have an identity crisis, literally.. Heh.

Last weekend, I went out and party til dawn again. Like my routine has made a full comeback. Single mah... must prowl.

I was at Zouk with Ryan and Joe, where I met my superbabe Chip, Jac and my super clowny DC.

" ME iz broke up with Kweement liaohhzz...", I wailed as I slurped up Vodka Lime.

Chip: " Aiyohh.. you okay babe?"

Me: " Like that looohhhzz.. I am not lovable enough. I am too drama leh!!"

DC: " Maybe you're just too drama for HIM. That's all. TO me.. you're .. er... sometimes a bit loud lah.. but ..... Ehh... come come... I help you look lah.. yan Dao!! Zouk sure got many many.."

So, the bugger browsed around Zouk, the radar was spotting cute guys within our locus....

DC: " The one with goatee..?"

Me: " Lon Wan.."

DC :" Aiyah.. the one with tight jeans..?"

Me: " Lon Wan.. Gay-Lou.."

DC : " Is it? Ah.. got cute one.. yan dao in striped Polo.." (he pointed to the direction... hmm.. tanned, tall, muscly, ..)

Me: " Ah.. steady lah... but also lon wan lah.."

DC: " Heh.. Aiyah.. anyway, His A&F Tshirt looks like from PAsar MAlam in KL thou.."

Me: "Hehe.. coz you also have ah.."

DC: "No lahh... I saw, but didn't buy ok...,These guys, You ALL dont want!! So how?

Me: "Aiyah.. I lon wan any.. I dont need cute, sexy all this.. I just want a nice guy...!!"

DC: "Ahh.. sorry.. wrong place lehh.. This is Zouk... Go Library find Nice Guy..

Me: "Library? Lon Wan.. so boring.. I want NICE but FUNNY guy!!!

DC: " OKay.... Library.. Comic Section...

Me: ...............*pengz*


In the mean time,

I am still in search for SugarBF

I think I should hunt him down soon!!!! He's how intriguing!
So AH BENG!!! Yet, use big words sporadically, which means, he's actually very well educated, he also travels a lot, he seems to have good career going, very nice taste in designs and lifestyle, or so it seems, though he does a lot of ah beng stuff like hang out at cineleisure and madam wong's.
He lives in River Valley, I think he went to Hwa Chong.. I have a feeling he was educated in a uni overseas...

He used this phrase a lot too, like me : " FOR FUCK'S SAKE!"

I was thinking, England.. Hmmm...
He said his gramma grandpa got like 17 siblings and he lived in Kampung last time..
So, maybe he Indon.. or Msian ahhh...
I dont know liao..

I need to break the codes..


Wah wah.... have you read him yet? He's fyucking hilarious right?


The world cup is almost over.

How much have I earnt :


He he.. lost 2 times and never bet again. Couldnt be assed lah.

I think I have no gambling bone. And plus, I am always excited at a game, and I always scream the loudest and the most nan ting everytime a goal is within vicinity...

I pity the people watching around me. Must buy them muffler.. or eeeee-pod!


Sorry lah, me iz easily excited.

But, So sad, England is out. So sad Spain out also.

Stupid Rooney don't know how to control his temper.. fyucking Englishmen are all like that.. they're barbaric stone-aged men. Back in England, they break into fights at a nightly basis...

A Few pints down.. then a few men down....

Barbarians.. Ha.

But still, I would have liked them better than the Portuguese who are BIG cheats in the football scene.

Silly I know, but Becks is cute and I like him. =).. eventhough he speaks like a pussie.

I am also angry that the next few matches are all at 3 am in the morning. You expect me to take so many leave ah???????????

Then how??? HOw to watch? And HOW TO NOT WATCH???

Fyucking hell..

Now I am out of voice by the way. I was watching ENgland - Portugal in CLarke QUay.

First half was in this shi-sha, chi chi , Turkish joint called Marakesh, watching the big screen at Clarke Quay. (Marakesh very nice btw, go take your gf to pa tho there!)

My nice friends were getting bored, cause they were not hot, pinning at the screen like me. They wanted to go MOS.
So, second half, I ran to MOS, I told Ryan that if I missed the Goal on my way to MOS, I'd kill him.

But as I predicted, England defended all the way and maintain 0-0 until penalty kick-outs. I was holding Violet's hand tightly as we sat right in front of the plasma screen in PURE room of MOS. Violet, that byatch was rooting for Portugal. I was for England. I am half English anyway. My ass is.

I was gripping her hand so tight I almost crushed it.
Come the penalties.. I was so nervous.. Same thing happened with Argen-Germany. I was crushed. I wanted Argen to win.

So... when Ricardo of Portugal caught the 3rd and 4th penalty kicks.. I was screaming in agony..
I tell you, the whole fyucking people in PURE was supporting Portugal. I was the only lunatic screaming Boo when they're cheering and vice versa.
how to not lose voice?

KNS. World cup so sad.

I think the Germans would win anyway lah.. unless Zidane perform some miracles during his last few blasts of fireshots before retiring for good. I mean how old is he already? He already lost half his hair leh.. Go and start gardening lah, uncle Zidane.

For next match : Germany Vs Italy

If the Italian Mafioso is on the rolll...( I am sure they are all big time hitman for value added services offered )Hahahahha..So, if they'd just come to the German coach or Captain..

"Senor! Achtung! ACHTUNG!!!!!" Then of course got the revolver plus silencer against his head.. wait.. no no.. his kid's head or his wife's head...
Then... then.. maybe Azzuri got chan all the way lah.

I dont know lah.. see how...

Okay... that's all for today..


At 11:48 AM, Blogger Alex gently snorted that...

wah....u ish evurl... anywayz, told u to look in the construction site liaoz. those consperm not gay.

At 1:16 PM, Blogger No need for it.. just things and are stuff for gently snorted that...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 1:16 PM, Blogger Vandalin gently snorted that...

The germans are the ones the Italians buy their guns from.

Fuck around with the German soccer team, and all their guns will fucking not work for the next 4 years.


At 1:19 PM, Blogger No need for it.. just things and are stuff for gently snorted that...

T_T Sis, I wasn't even born with a Suhali tag in my name > . < seriously!!!

But I was then named to be the residence of Indonesia under the suhali name... but I WASN'T BORN A SUHALI!

My Birth certificate only like Derwin Silamaya!!! .... Now everything goes without the family name on me liao.. mine is way sadder tahn urs laghh, i wasn't even part of the family when i was born T^T...... They need to fix those asshoes who handles them birth certificates... > . >

Anyways, its great u guys are hanging on nicely... hehehehe... anywho, its great u guys are holding up very well... XD

Can't wait singapore liao ... Show me frenz the wilder side of singapore, as well as the fun side of it .. hehehehe they'll be expecting it

Anywho, Do you think you cold find them Chinese textbook that got conversation only lessons??? I'm planin on learnin chinese NOW... only conversation dou......

At 1:38 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

alex: but consperm smerry

vandalin: tell em italian assheads to buy guns from singapore next time. we make also wat.. and we will never be in the world cup. so no worries

win, u got a blogspot blog liao harr... so u not suhali ah.. heuheuheuhue... ocht well.. tell u the indon registries are fyucked up.

conversation ones? got lah.. those self-learn chinese guides.. got DC to listen to also. in case u pronounce wronly then the meaning complete opposite then u jiarat

At 2:39 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

win, i mean CD heuheue.. not DC...
cant wait to see you soon.. muax muax

At 3:50 PM, Blogger Chris gently snorted that...

cely seems so wrong....i guess celle also becomes cele ?

At 4:58 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

chris: ieuww.. hor?

At 8:45 PM, Blogger Birkenstocker gently snorted that...

Sugarbf stay in river valley. If i m correct, he dun look beng at all. hold a very professional job he hates. He probably hang out at Great World city alot (near river valley) where he can get his daily dose of newpaper n do his banking too.

Uni in England? My guess is NUS...


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