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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Green Olde Me

Just the other day, I stunned myself.
That's quite rare. I don't normally surprise myself. Oh Blimey, maybe I do.


I looked up my archived files and found a file that was titled:

FYP final.

My Final year project essay.

Tee Hee Hee..

I openned the file and


Fyucking 135 pages.

How did I come up with such long bullshit??
Heehuehuehuehue… So fun. I got A for writing crapshyits…

But I read already hor.. .. I was like.. WTH was I talking about manggg,, How did I know so much ah?? And that was just a year ago. My gold fish genes are taking over!!!

I have become sooo stupid, almost reading alien files.. what steam turbine, what isentropic efficiency.. what shyittt you talking about???

I read and read and I became fascinated. It was kinda rolling back to me slowly.
Alot of " Oh yaaaahh.. "... "Oooh...brardy heow." and " Alamak lehhh..."

My whole FYP was about cogeneration. Wait, before I bore you to sleep or worse, comatose. I am not gonna explain to you what’s cogeneration.
But I must tell you it was mostly based on a power plant in Singapore that produces electricty and heat out of RUBBISH! Yes! It runs on wood waste. Cool. Ahh..!!! It’s in Tuas leh. But of course they can't sell their electricity lah, only used for within the grid.

These things bring out my green peace passion and yadah yadah. I’m inborn with it. I’ve always been a very environmentally friendly person. Even in secondary school, I was one of those girls who refused to buy sandwich from Stall 1 in the canteen because they used plastic bags!!!

I bought mee rebus anytime man, can re-use the bowls. See, well honed green green green person.

In the pretty rare occasion where I flick my cig butts on roadside or stair corners, that would be either because I am drunk, I am angry at the world or the next bin is at least 150 m away.

What to do right? Who’s fault leh?
But don’t worry, very very little liao.
But of course in Jakarta different lah, you will get fined if you don’t litter.

But let’s move onto the bigger picture, forget cig butts or chewing gum. Liddle issues.
It’s time that the world worries about the depletion of oil supply and the massive air polution going on.

* sound effect: Deng deng deng.. deng…………*

Wot happenned to the many many potentials of alternative fuels?

Me, Jac and Sham met a jovial British lad at Harry's down Holland Village last Saturday.
We were just complaining about the pathetic, stupid, moronic yellow boxes drawn over smoking-allowed tables in the pubs. We quested and fought for yellow boxes.

Like in army lidat leh.. kanna punish under the sun, must smoke in yellow boxes pleaseee..

It was pathetic.

Okay lah, sorry lah. We smokers are outcasts in this world.

Quitting okay?

We finally sat down then there's this angmoh just as happy to find a yellow box. He was just sitting next to us. And we got talking.

The man is a mine/underground engineer who is building our SMRT circle line eh!!!!

DONT PRRAY PRRAY!!! Important man lehh..

Interesting, he told us a few things too many. About his work, previous, current, and the problems encountered.

Halfway, he complained about how SAFE Singapore is. SAFE (Super Annoving Frivolous Enactments)

One evening after work, the jovial lad was hanging out at Holland Village for drink with his friends. These friends of his used to be his colleagues for numerous previous projects all around the globe, the projects were mostly about underground bunkers, mines and tunnels, it involved tunnel testing, safety investigation, explosion tests, etc etc. So... they haven't met for a long time and were tied up in very exciting conversations regarding their past experiences.

They were talking about what explosives to use to test what... how big and how useful is this explosive and how good, how effective... how to put the explosives ..
and suddenly... someone tapped on the lad's shoulder.

He turned around and saw some strange Chinese face.

"Yes?" The lad started.

"May I know why you're talking about explosives?"

"Do I know you?"

"I am from the Singapore Police Force", he took out his badge and showed to the Brit lad.

"Er, so? Am I comitting any crime?"

"Why are you talking about explosives? You know you shouldnt talk about that! Especially in public!"

"But we are explosive experts, we work in tunnels and all that. We were talking about work"

"You know I can suspect you as terrorist and catch you!"

"Huh? Well, I am not!"

"You know that's why, you shouldn't be talking about explosives!"


You see lah!!! This is Singapore hor! Be careful what you talk about in pubs leh!



Anyway, the Brit lad and me touched on some energy issues:

1. Hydrogen bombs:

What happen to this? So much hoo ha last time. Yah Yeah. its not economical and all that shit. To fuse the hydrogen and oxygen together is just too expensive.
Apparently, yes... we have started using it for some projects, though not in cars and in a public scale as they are still worried about safety issue. But we do not have polluting problem with this one as the by-products are just water, nice! We can save draughts as well.

So, if we have a Hydrogen plant, then it produces energy and water eh! All-in-one Utility supplier! heuheuheue.. Thou that must be some of the most expensive water ever made, mang...

But yeah, for now, only for projects with tight safety supervision. But, wahh.. apparently people got start using oleady!!...
So, it's all about the wait.. Maybe next time got mini Hydrogen plant at the back of your beemer or somesing.. hueheuhe

2. Bio fuels

Ah.. yesh. I have been attending seminar abourit. All these esters, ethanol, diesel mixed or purely made of biomass, e.g plants waste or rubbish or basically plants.
Good shit. Now now.. go buy biodiesel supporting vehicles. Buy Hybrid cars too!

It will be worth in the long run. Save the world mahh..

I think I will invent hybrid3 vehicles, which run on a mix of solar energy, Hydrogen bombs, bio-fuels and self-charging-kinetic-operated batteries.


Oh, eh, I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2 with mommy last week's Monday.
Jack Sparrow is way cool lah. He he.. He is like Captain Scary yah!!! Weird but... alluring bleh. hahah.. Mr Depp is just blardy good. I laughed my guts out in the middle of the show.
Go watchie, plus it's becoming the most revenue raking movie of the year in Hollywood.


At 5:20 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

The Nuclear Equation for the Fusion:

21H + 31H à 42He + 10n + energy

Oops...sorry...waiting to cabut from opit..U really are one environmental friendly, aunty...tante....I've watched Johnny Depp since 21 Jumpstreet...

At 7:08 PM, Blogger Ang Gu Gu gently snorted that...

been reading your blogs for a while edi..nice one..when wanna play mahjong? LOl..i need kaki~!

At 10:06 PM, Anonymous WinterAngelzzZ gently snorted that...

Still preferred the 1st Pirates of the Caribbean..2nd 1-->"Dead Man Chest" kinda disgustin..wat's w the teeth of the witch??She does look pretty if not bcos of the blacken teeth eh??haha =b
Agreed w u bout Jack Sparrow..he's so hilarious eh!Orlando Bloom's cute too aint he???But he looks better in LOTR w blond straight hair eh? =)

At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Snake gently snorted that...

With regards to the incident that your ang mo friend encountered, the cop must be a young punk, serving NS & wanted to test his warrent card power. Sss...:I
Though there are words that should not be spoken, there are guide lines as to when & where these words are not to be mentioned. E.g, airport, checkpoints, government buildings, etc. Sss...:L
In this case, its spoken in public & unless there were grounds of justification, like your friend looked shiffty or the officer over heard the whole conversation involving terrorism activities, he need not have to questioned the group. Sss...:I
Even officers from ISD wouldn't questioned the group in public & under such conditions.Sss...:l
But, however, one must acknowledge the positive fact that the officer takes his job & the safety of SG very seriously & that is commendable. Sss...:)

At 11:28 PM, Blogger Chris gently snorted that...

steam turbine, isentropic efficiency, cogeneration...wat course u studied last time ?

At 3:46 AM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

hey hey hey

celly, rmbr tat blinkymonkey? got hilarious show at rambutan blog on my nick and u can see rambutan chicken voice calling his commenters not to "names calling" tat blinkymonkey female liumang..check it out babes!~

At 8:45 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

blackcat: i also wathed 21 jump street wattt...
heuheu so nostalgic

ang gugu: u asked me coz u know i will lose is it??

winteranglez: Orlando's character in piorates kidna lacklustre. maybe in comparison to Jack.. so didnt kinda like him there.. but bi pian i spsoe.. he spore to be stright boring hero..
he's cute but i'd shag depp over him anytime.


snake: commendable meh??? tink trying to claim credit TOOOOO HARDDDD in the wrong places lah... salah!!!
tats causing disturbance among public.. coz brought unncessary argument!!! We shd be able to enjoy a bloody beer in a pub but he spoilt it whatt!!

chris: at first chem eng & econs, then switch to mech eng.. why lerrrrr..

celia: heuheuheuhuee... I just saw JOel yesterday, he dinna tell me about this!

ok i check it out

At 12:52 PM, Blogger Adrian gently snorted that...

Heh, that cop in the pub was fucking funny.

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At 1:06 PM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

celly babes, u waste ur time liao going out with him, juz dont waste ur money on him...not worth it

celly babes, u know, he purposely let donut bashing xiaxue's fans on his blog and remove my comments in defense of u, xiaxue & sandra so beware~!~

At 1:18 PM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

adrian aka donut, wuaaa u harrass xiaxue's fren everywhere even ms celly's blog...

i think since u bashing xiaxue's fans so much in ur own blog as well rambutan blog, why dun u cremate urself same grave with the monkey? that will be better way to show ur loyalty towards ur blinkymonkeyism religion, if u cant do this, then go fuck urself..

At 1:26 PM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

celly babes, a few words of praises here and there by rambutan ie xiaxue is awesome etc, dun be sucked in by it, its juz courtesy, hope u understand, dun be naive, hope u warned this to xiaxue & sandra as well...thx for ur air time again, not gonna patronize rambutan blog coz hes gonna remove any comments in defense of xiaxue but letting donut smear shit abt xiaxue fans all over his blog and we can only see but can do nothing to defend anythings....u know wat i mean?

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At 2:21 PM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

Naaaaa, another comment for ur blog update...

i might or might not post more lerr...try stalked me 24 hours here la ok..wuahahahahaha

At 2:49 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

adrian: he funny or he trying to be funny ? heh heh

celia: Oh mangg.. I am lost.. I really dunno whats going on here!!!!!!!!!!

i really dun!!!

They are all my friends lah.. I met JOel just becoz we were invited to the same movie press screening lah.

I am not on anyone's side and I really dunno whats going on!

Haha.. I dunno who flame who.. who bash who.. i really dun have any idea babeee

At 3:12 PM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

celly babes..hehehehe ur soo sweet...nvm i also dunno wats going on ler

all i know is tat tis thing called donut/donaq/adrian keep bashing xiaxue's fan on his blog, stalking me on ur blog here and posting it up on his blog, i dunno wat he is trying to achieve also..perhaps he thinks rambutan gonna fund his legal fees, coz bashing/stalking and tok so much powderfull english on his blog is no use ler, i still live good, eat good and every day is a new day for me...unless he can give me lawyer's letter which is impossible coz donut is fucking baggar, his blogs are plastered with that "donate to me" thingy..hahahahahahahahaahahaha

donut, lei tin ngo jung mei tin ler, sei pok kai chau ngo, juz becoz ur fucking baggar and so called programmer, think urself so good in computer so can start abused being pests on ppl's blog (xiaxue's, rambutan & celly), go fuck urself la so hai

At 3:43 PM, Blogger Alex gently snorted that...

wah raoz, char bor, tis celia on ur brog sibeh bo liaoz. hahahaa...

At 3:45 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

Dearest aunty, you watched 21 Jumpstreet when you were between 6 and 9 yrs old??? I thought you were busy watching "godaan siluman perempuan" back then??? Anyway, I totally agree that Pirates of the Caribbean 2 is a must watch movie.


At 9:29 PM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

alex, wat u toking abt i am boh liaoz? i have been vocal-fucked by donut & rambutan juz becoz they wanna cover blinkymonkey evil deed as if she is the innocent sweet old spinster in the school uniforms and u called me boh liaoz? u go fuck urself or get a life la

At 10:02 PM, Blogger Adrian gently snorted that...

celle: The cop is funny, babe, because if he makes a big deal out of it, guess who will win? On the one hand, there's the engineering specialist flown in to help build our precious infrastructure, and on the other hand, there's the punkass cop who's ignorantly accusing an engineer of being a terrorist. :p

At 10:05 PM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

donut, use ur fucking brain la, ofcos xiaxue, celly or sandra wont dare to said anything...dun u know wat kinda psycho daliumang tat blinkeymonkey is?sg small small oni, these good girls fear for their lives, u know or not?

u keep calling ppl idiot but simple things like this u cannot figure out, go fuck urself la

scarly the monkey go crasy, xiaxue, celly or sandra might get chopped up and nobody even know wat happend also...once bitten twice shy u got it?if u claimed to be celly's frens, u shud understand and neednt ask more..

At 11:01 PM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

donaq, u know, u hv dedicated 3 posts specially for bashing me on ur blog, but i can tell u im not scare off u...u are not rambutan u know

y u so obsessed wif me, are u in love wif me? if u are, u sitting there bashing me is no use, take plane here so u can get field report of me tat is if u can afford the plane tickets...which i doubt coz ur juz fucking baggar asking for donations in ur blog!!!so, i suggest NI RAO LE WO BA and juz drop the whole issue

At 11:06 PM, Anonymous celia gently snorted that...

donaq, if u purposely highlight so tat blinkeymonkey can notis me and put her/it and put into her/it no.1 hit list, u are in success also....i also fear for my life now la, u haapy now?

these girls silence is making me getting scare also...maybe tmr i got abused till i dunno how to go home, will u b haapy then, donaq dear?

At 9:21 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

donaq = xialanxue

the way he disect the comments is exactly xialanxue style

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At 2:22 AM, Anonymous Snake gently snorted that...

S'pore may not be China but that don't mean we're the 57th state of America. Freedom of speech in Singapore is not 100% free. So, when sensitive words is spoken out, the police has got the right to act on it. If you think it's easy for that cop to claim credit for such a case, know this, if he did take action against the ang mo, the cop has got paper works to do & questions he has to answer to. Reason being that if he was justified to act on what he heard, the AG will want enough evidence to bring the ang mo to court or hand over to ISD for coffee time. Sss...:I
And that would really kill your beer. Sss...:L

At 10:12 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

alex: aiyah.. *hands up*

donaq: yep yep... poor bugger, hope he completes the circle line without getting arrested.

celia: babe, i was never a fan of blinkymummy, because i never find her quite as nice to the girls.
but i think shes very nice to the guys.
i dont exactly like her. but i dun hate her thats for sure.

she's not nice to me, but i guess if thats the way she is, then let it be.

just because she's nasty to me, doesnt mean that nobody else should be friends with her.

i suppose i cant stop anyone anyway.

afterall, maybe theres more than to meet the eye.

im not quite sure REALLY of whats the feud and the flamings all about.

in case you havent noticed, i hardly ever blog to flame ppl. if i were to make any negative remarks on other blogger (pretty sure its only the one time to blinky), it was because i really really feel mistreated. and it was personal..very personal. it wasnt a third party flaming, making judgement on others. etc.

i dun flame others n i dun even participate in all these,

so, babe, im not taking sides. i dunno and dun wanna know whos wrong whos right.

naturally, wendy and sandra are my friends, they're lovely to me and that's all that matters.

but on the other hand, adrian and joel are my friends too.
they have never done me wrong and they are very lovely to me too.

so these are all my friends.

blinky is naturally not because she's a devil to me.

if they happen to secretly hate each othger or have complex feud involving my non-friend blinky. then so be it. if there's somekind of drama scene i dunno of, on the net or not. then so be it. i dun wanna be involved lah.

im not bothered. all i know is that they're all friends, im not taking sides and i am not judging anyone on anything.

about donaq being xialanxue.. i think u better not anyhow arrow, babe. im not saying he definitely is. i know adrian for quite sometime now and from my personal judgement, he cant be cos hes nice.

if i missed out something than im sorry, but he's my friend too. so i spose. better make sure youve got evidence before accusing babe.

well, i understand you being a loyal friend fighting for your friend right and all that.

but i really cant take sides babe. they are all my friends..

i suppose ive been so damn lost in the blogosphere for too long.. i really blog in my own world *sigh*..oblivious to the blog wars..

At 10:15 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

celia: im sorry i said that i accused donaq of xialanxue.. it was a typo.. i really meant anonymous...

the comment was so long i was confused already,

whoever you are, anonymous.. i suppose hmm.. dont anyhow accuse people on my blog yah.. my blog is really the friendly kind. i dont fish to create somekine of long arguments here and there, even if it gives me more comments, hits or notorierity (or however u spell that)..


At 10:16 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

celia: oh blimey,, typo again.. i meant.. am sorry i mentioned u of accusing donaq to be xialanxue. it was a typooo..

*got head ache oredi*

At 11:12 AM, Blogger DarrenSoon gently snorted that...

Hey great idea and you're mad enough to pull it off, can I have marketing rights? I want to call your power cells... CellyCELLS!!! Ta DAA!!! Then the next upgrade will be CellyCELLS HillyBilly Version - with no extra Frills. Extra frills extra 88Cents: HillyBillyFrillyCellyCELLS.

Pirates funny but bad ending.

At 9:17 PM, Blogger Horny Hero gently snorted that...

I've been reading your blog for some time. I find it an interesting read, really. Your style of writing, spicing things up 1000% and all... Not to mention, you are a pretty lady too =P

One thing i find absolutely unfyuckingbelievable is...that you are actually well read into COGENERATION??????? WTH????

From the looks of your blog, ya know, pinky + lotsa photos + pretty girl, it looks pseudo-bimbotic. (Dont take, offense, please, like i said, it's a fantastic blog, honestly!)

And all of a sudden u reveal that you are some sort of "engineer-species" that actually understands GOGENERATION????? sheesh...

I'm from an engineering background, with many female engineering friends. Man... can I say you've totally busted my stereotype.


At 10:21 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

horny hero: heuhuehue,,, well, i did mention about kyoto protocol too a while back. but anyhow, im happy to break that stereotyping syndrome in u and hopefully a lot of guys.. i know a whole big bunch of girls who are pretty and very brainy... mostly my friends lah.. even back in england, many very very smart ladies.. and now in spore even more so..

so dun judge a book by its cover i suppose.

thank you so much for your compliments , really! im not offended if u think my blog is pseudo-bimbotic. i exude that sometmes.. i can be quite a bimbo lah. act cute all, sometimes my friend has to go up to someone i just knew to convince him :" Celly may seem very bimbo. but shes actually a smart girl"


so i dun blame u at alll!!

i found cogen utterly interesting, personally, and it's sad that the world does not allow me to live my ideal dreams. i once hoped of making the world a better place and all that shyit u know,no pollution, green fuels.. ya dah y dah... young girl goin to uni. full of dreams.,, and wishful thinkings.. hahahah,,, its really not that easy to do it alone. now ive grown up..

maybe one day i could summon all i have and do it..

so, ure a practising engineer???

why is you a horny hero?

At 10:23 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

darren: shall we put our oxford heads together and do this CELLY CELLS??? We will need MAx's chemical big brain and Maylin's banking prowess to fund the research... who else u getting?
maybe yvonne for her flawless maths and calculation..


aite dude.. dun tok cock oredi...
keep it real

At 12:54 AM, Blogger Adrian gently snorted that...

Aww, shucks. Decent of you to stick up for me, girl. Mucho gracias. Very mature post there. *claps*

At 1:07 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

adrian: seriously, i still dunno what the fuss is all abt,,, maybe if we meet up someday and i got free memory space u can enlighten.
as long as it doesnt involve me i dun really care actually haha..

anyway.. no worries! Prego!!

At 10:47 AM, Blogger Horny Hero gently snorted that...

Yeah I read about your Kyoto protocol thing too. Commenting on some policy like that...just doesnt cut it the same as cogeneration. My impression of the Kyoto Protocol and other similar policies is that many governments just link hands, smile, and agree to some politically correct sounding mission/vision. 10 years down, nothing's really changed.

Mang blogs by female engineers go something like
" i met my bf. We had dinner at ___. Then we went home."
*yawnz* I've read one too many of such blogs, which I have politely bookmarked cos they belonged to a friend.

I read mechanical engineering, so I also had a brush with cogeneration and all that yucky thermo-related stuff! I never liked that topic. I'm not a practising engineer, I'm currently doing R&D in biorobotics.

Why horny hero? hmmmm.... becoz I'm a hero and I'm horny???

At 7:15 PM, Anonymous Snake gently snorted that...

Hahaha! If I were 1 of 'em coppers, would you want to play with my handcuffs? Sss...;P

Btw, I hope your fav cartoons doesn't include captain planet? Sss....:I

At 10:14 PM, Anonymous golden oldies gently snorted that...

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