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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cat's 'ONE TOO OFTEN' Farewell bash

Cat is always away, that bitch! Made me miss her most of the time.
Somehow, when this cat goes the sleep, the mouse doesn't want to come out to play already.
We fyuckin miss her all the time. Me anyway.
She was here the last few weeks and alas, gone too soon. Weeks past too fast. She's gone again. Bitch ! Bitch! Bitch!!!!!!!

She was previously gone to Germany where I complained about the sausages and the boring men with big noses --- read abourit here.

She was then gone to South Africa where she became wilder and came back funny smells.
Oh, with many many cheap, nice bottles of sparkling wine and a very nice dress for me.

She was then off to India.. where uhm uhm..Holy Cow! She came back with coconut smell, more pimples and funky cheapo bikinis and started becoming one of the most expert bad-doers among us naive little snipplets. The bitch has gone around one full moon and I could hardly believe it.
I still remember her stealing puffs from my Sobranie a few weeks ago while she was here.

"Eh.. fuck.. like nothing leh.." She snorted. This comes from someone who TOTALLY OBJECTED AND HATED SMOKING!! Mind you!

Show-off-y bitch.

Anyway, it's time for us to party again. To send her off.. kinda.
Well, to remind her of how fun, loving, funloving, lovely and crazy her goodie friends back in Singapore are. So, that at least.. *hiks hiks..* She might want to come back to us again.
She' s off to Dublin this time, to work for HP for half a year.
Actually, she's going to Dublin to be with her blardy IRISH boyfriend, Kieran Fitzgerald, no relation whatsoever to the talented jazz musicians, a pity.

Kieran was saying the other day how Cat won't be teased at as an SPG anymore, cause in Ireland, people won't know what the fyuck it'd mean. They'd just go.. Ah.. your cute, little Chinese girlfriend... Huheuheuheuheue.. I think Cat won't like that EITHER!
She's one feisty, fierce Chinese girlfriend, mind you!

So, attendees of the farewell bash : JAckie, Cat and yours truly(Celly, I mean). Chip was absent with much apologies, the rest wasn't invited. We like our parties Small sometimes. =)
Being the cheapo-cheapo career women we are. I da-paoed a plastic bottle from home, filled with Martini Rosso and 1/4 Vodka Mango.

We hit Holland Village Hawker Centre and bought some cans of Sprite.

We started kinda early.. about 9 ish..

And naturally, we didn't look happy. They certainly didn't, cause I was bombarding them with so much yucky yadah yadah about a certain something going on in my life.

They're so immuned to it, they have standard answers.



"Argh... (then serve the *fyuck you face*)"

"Whatever lah.."


But nevermind, they still love me. And hate me at the same time, of course.
But you know what they say, love and hate, two sides of the same coin.

Home-stored martini plus Vodka mango were served on the humble (read:ugly) table.
The kopitiam session started.
Actually not really, it was more like hell in kopitiam.
Coz I was moaning and wailing to them again.
You can guess exactly about what or who.
But I am not gonna verify. I need to play safe sometimes.
ARGH. Though never very good at it.

We drank and drank. I talked and talked. They sianed and sianed.

So, we left the unhaspening place. TO Muhammad Sultan.. Quite Standard eh?

This was a Mercedez-B cab that I almost stole when parked by the pavement with noone in it.. eh heh.. But it was locked ... heh.. heh.. Then the uncle came back.

We boarded and we noticed that his meter monitor thingy got net over it..
We thought... wah... so chichi, so I took photo and now, you can't see the bloody net anyway.
Waste my time.

Along Muhammad Sultan, we wandered about, inee-mini-mainee-mou-ing..

I decided to pay Jason & lads a visit at Riverine and Jac and Cat proceeded to Coco Latte, where they are both poser VIP members or some shit like that.
When I joined them at Coco half hour later. The flowers seemed to have wilted.

Why they look so SIAN!!!!!!!!!!! I know it's a farewell club hop, but it's a party all the same.
So, we gobbled down the Hoegarden (yummy!)

We looked slightly more haspening afterwards.

We then went upstairs (where the dance floor is) to check out the scene.

AH! Basket.

No scene.

It was bloodeehh empty.
I think the Coco Latte comunity has migrated to Butter Factory.

But we spotted something else, pretty interesting.

A girl on an invisible i-gallop with fyucking itchy backside.

Wah rrrau this girl couldn't stop grinding the air beneath her butt (not rythmically somemore),
and kept scratching her arse.. Okay dunno rub or scratch but it was too much lah..

In this photo, I think her stomach or her back is itchy too.
Okay lah, I'm being mean, posting her picture all. But at least cannot see the face what!

Back to the babes that matter to me.

Cat and Jack so pweeettyy...
We also made Cat go up the podium and stroke the pole.
Normally, this act is done by me and Jac.

But, that night, we made ShyCat do it for a while, it was her maiden show.

She looked so cute. heheh..

Okay, maybe not so cute.

After Coco. We felt like it was time to change venue. Off we went, strolling about, til We sat by the river outside Liquid Room. I bet it was the Singapore River.

A bit drunk, a bit bored, a bit bo liao, a bit nutz.

We had leg and feet shots.

And below is a picture where Jackie can't close her legs.

As usual. heh heh.

And these were the 3 babes.
Me with my so-nice Adidas sneakers and the ghetto get-up, Jackie in her skanky, hardly-approved-by-boyfriend dress and my so nice Substance shoes (bought on SALE 20 Bux) and Cat, her Diesel sneakers and super bo chup (jeans and Tshirt) style, as usual (coz boyfriend not around mah...)....

We also had some spitting game. The game Titanic made famous.
It's probably the most famous thing that came out from the movie, other than the 3 hours seasick it gave me.

The ' who can spit further' game.

This is Jackie instructing Cat how to do it.

Jackie won gold, I think she's just damn good when it comes to spitting all sorts of things, including thorny words.

I got bronze. Bah.

After the game, we roamed about again and found a HUGGGEEEEEE green table in the middle of the square at Robertson Quay.

It was HUGE and it was pretty high and it was empty. And it was kinda pointless to have it there at all. Really don't know what it was for.

Maybe for 3 drunken girls to climb atop and fool around?

We gave it a go anyway..

Jack went up the hill...

And, yes, she made it. This is the triumph pose. Not the glam type I know.

Two babes were then sprawled accross the table.

ZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.........Jac and me, in this order.

Uhh.. Ohh...

Cat started to feel left out... But she couldnt jump up.
I dont get it. She's supposed to be sporty leh! How come cannot jump one??

I jumped and got on thetable like a breeze, I called it the ZERO POINT jump. Easy peasy!

Heh heh.

EH! I was a school high jumper in primary school and long jumper in secondary school, OK!!!!



Okay, try again.

This time with a bit more momentum.
Run from a distance and jump.
Shitty thing is, the moment she got near the table. She came to a complete stop.
What a moron.

Then she tried again..

And finally made it.

We tried rolling like a sandwhich on the table and bruise ourselves badly.
We lay there for some time. Til, we found another destination...

Actually we walked past Simply bread.. They sell bread. DUH! and it was closed, except for a few bakers and LOTS AND LOTS of loafs of bread.

So, I openned the door slightly and peeked my head in.

Me: "Excuse me, can we have some bread?"

One of the bakers walked over and replied :" No, sorry, we're closed"

ME: " I know that, but can we have some?"

Baker: " Sorry, no"

Me: " Then, can we steal some?"

Baker: " Sorry. no".. He was smiling if I'm not wrong.

Me: " But, you have so many... can I just have one? The long long one?"

I was referring to fragrant smelling baguettes on the rack... I was drooling sial.

Baker just smiled back.

Me: "You know that we can just run in and KOP one!!!"

Baker: " Sorry, you can't"

Me: " Heh?? "

We gave up in the end, looks like he was about to call the police or something.

So, the three babes walked on by...

We went to DayBed Bar next. So nice.
Have you been there? It's along Muhd Sultan Road itself.

The place has nothing but day beds. In WHITE.

So Chill-out..!

I don't know if it was the bed or the drinks or was it just Cat..

But she looks super sleepy..

Haiyah.. maybe she's sad about leaving us so soon.

Or trying to act it so that we won't be so pissed off. Heh.

Me and Jac were just lazing around.. it was damn relaxing.. Kinda wrong place to go if you don't wanna fall asleep after drinking.

The decor was just darn nice... I think I should go dating here.
Can sleep together on the daybed on first date anot?

Jac was having her 40 winks too..

Daybed bar was a Martini Boutique bar. So, we orderred chi-chi Martinis.

Mine was Honey Nut Espresso Martini.. tasted like coffee plus lots of water and a bit of some bitter alcohol.

Jac's was Dark Chocolate Martini. ... tasted like milo, super diluted, plus some bitter alcohol..

Cat had Bacardi Breezer... Urgh.. no class... but got taste apparently.. Tasted way better than our Martinis.. Haha.

We also orderred food...

CARAMALI... eh heh.. Calamari...

The serving style was SO STYLO heh!

We were awed...

Jackie then took the ketchup bottle and gave the plate some menses.

So ugly now..

the caramari was a bit tough and QQ but the sauce was good. The presentation definitely scored.

Martinis were creative but taste-wise must be improved.

Decor was flawless.. but waiters need to be friendlier.

Music was tasteful progressive trance, not too bad.

Patrons... umm... need way cuter guys... We saw sleeping geezers or loved up couples only.


Anyway, the night ended for them. The two old women needed to go home.
Jac, especially, has been working her engineering brains and hands on the bloody drills and whatnots, coming home everyday with engineering jumpsuits and whole body and face full of grease.

Poor babe.

Celly on the other hand, did not want to go home yet.

It was only 2 o'clock for fyucks sake. So, I resurrected and adjourned.

While Central Java gets earthquake (pls donate some, I still want to go Borobudur), while Singapore starts its 'bruff people' Great SALE (pls info me of good bargains), while Merapi erupted (pls stay away), while people despise and kill one another over Da Vinci Code (pls relaccc brudder..) .......

Celly has gone hard-core clubbing again....!

It's about time, isn't it?

Kinda sick of my lovey dovey tame stories. I haven't put up stories of my clubbing adventures recently, so I've noticed.

I'm back.

It was 2 o'clock and the party re-started. Phone calls came streaming in..

I saw Cat and Jac going off in the cab I got out of halfway, disappearing into the darkness of the night. Cat has gone home to sleep.... I shall miss her dearly, everyday, every minute.
I wish her all the very best always... May Dublin be kind to her. May she come back soonest...

But my party has to go on...

Where did I go then?


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