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Monday, May 01, 2006

Happy Birthday to SillyCelly..

OLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!Hmmm.. it' that time of the year again, where I am a year nearer to hell. Hahaha... Ocht well, it's been so fast. Just last year, I blogged about my birthday. I wrote a rap too!!
Read my Birthday rap here....., which I wrote last year.

It's my Birthday on the 2nd of May.

On the day itsself, it was just a quiet, nice little affair.

However, last Saturday, on the 22nd of April was my birthday party, which was not quiet at all. It was HELL let loose...

I know it was a liddle early, but it almost coincided with Decai's and Tshen's.
so, we might as well do it together as we know almost the same fellas...

The evening started early and sweetly as Clement took me to Trader's Hotel for dinner... buffet dinner.


But of course, I was like a swaku.. I took photoes of everything I ate.. and everything nice I saw... and I asked for a lot alot of things from the chefs...
Like extra meats.. extra services.. hehehe...

Here are the photoes..

Buffet at Trader's Hotel is really pretty fantastic..
They have fresh rosk oysters, cockles (Clement calls it cock-less!)cooked in various ways, they have seafood, curry, prawns!!, noodle station,salad bar, dessert galore, Brazillian curascharia (but the lamb salty) and many more lah.. I couldnt finish.. I have no more lao sai tea left, can't eat too much. HAhahaa

So, I try a bit of their high class lok lok, it's like Chinese style fondue.
But instead of oil, it's boiling soup.

I took mostly beef and those expensive meats coz I'm how cheapskate.. eh.. I mean.,.

I am an EFFICIENT SPENDER and VALUE SEEKER. There you go. I don't feel so bad anymore.

I also took a bit of every sauce available. The plates they use are so well-designed for my way of eating. Can scoop a bit of everythinggg!!

Obviously, I couldn't miss the rock oyster galore. They were quite heavenly, made me feel quite heavenly afterwards too.
Ah.. looked so happy...!

There were Many Many rounds to go....shameless loaders we were.
Clement never poses well, I think he couldnt be bothered also.

Look at happy food! Clement loves having food coma.. means eat until you comatosed.
He'd die happy this way, so he said. Such a blardy glutton for a boyfriend.

Ah, chocolate fondue fountain!
I wanna bathe in it!!

So, I made my own plate of my fondue babies. They were great but I hadn't much space left.

Hmm, I think salad is not happy food. Why you look so sad leh??

Our eating pattern was a bit messed up huh? It was like lok lok, then oyster, then curry, meats, dessert, salad then more meats and soup. Heck cares.

So, obviously, I was embarrasing..
I took photo with all the foodies and I asked for the chefs for a lot of funny funny meats..

So, innocently I asked..


"Uh huh"

"You gonna take me to these expensive hotel buffet again anot????"

"Of course I willl...... "

"Oh is it?? *smiles*"

"Next time, take you to Hotel 81 for free water from the cooler.."


But I'm sure he didn't mean it, he ensured me that he's a big supporter of individualism.

And I'm how individual. AKA weird. So..

Anyway, after the dinner, he had to play guitar and sing song for mullah at the hotel.

The guests were watching footie in the big projector screen behind the stage.
so I wasn't sure they wanted 2 men with guitars blocking their view.

"So, how was your gig?" I asked much later afterwards.

"Ehh.. they were watching football"

"Oh, so you were distracting to them lah"

"Eh.. no, I don't think we managed to distract them at all."


So, while he played his guitar and messed up people's footie session, I adjourned to my party first....


Without much ado....
Here comes the partayyyyyyyyy........
The theme was RED or DIE! as I mentioned.

So, yeah. People tried to wear as red as they can. Thanks for the effort huh, you fellas.

Here are some photoes which were taken that day..

Tim and Sandy picked me up from Trader's and Sandy helped me wear my wig in Tim's car....

*wear wiggy in the car with people staring from outside.!!! EH!! THIS NOT THE ZOO EH!!!!
DIU NASENG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hmmm... my wiggy! Here's a cock-eyed red head.

So, off we went to ROUGE!!!

As the theme "RED OR DIE" persisted, here are the red babes

Ah bad gurl!!!!! Quit that blardy almost-a-decade long habit!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nowadays, I can't be assed about not showing those fags hanging from my fingers.
Guess there's really nothing left to hide.

***** Win (my bro), if you're reading, do me a favour and don't tell mom lah, ok. Later she cries again. I will quit when she's here lah....****

Uhh.. anyway, it was my Birthday,.. I can fag if i want to.. I can fag if I want to..

DC was checking my red hair roots... yes's the real thang!!!

This is ALex and me.. Such a dear!!!!!! Thank you for coming down ALex!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for the Chivas and Moet too!!! They were lovely!

-Aiyorr.. me is so moose-koolar..

This is Alex, me and Michelle babe.

This is the second take.. Really appreciate Alex for coming down, haven't seen him for quite sometime eversince he went out with my girlfriend Amelia, eh heh heh.

This is Keith, me, Shiling dearest.

This is us again...but more civilised this time. And I looked more skanky..

This is Tim, Sandy and me.

Wah, it's been couple teams then.

(Sorry Whiteshepherd, but Sandy is actually attached =) )

This is Decai darling and moi
Ah, I did tell you that we were celebrating Decai's and Tshen's birthday as well, right? Our birthdays were very close-by.
In fact it should have been Clement's too, but he's too grounded and low profile to ever want a party, I suppose.

This is Sham, Jac and me, another POWER couple!

This is us again.

This is Sze, me, Shiling and Tshen

Sze and Tshen = another couple.
Tell you, everyone in the group is like taken. Except for Violet, DC and me (valid til recently).

This is Ivan (Tay Ping Hui) and me.
I forgot, Ivan is single too, and he looks like Tay Ping Hui, no?

My friend said so.
And he's our friend whose Chinese name is Lychee.

This is DC (pouting), me (thoughtful) and Keith.

DC, me and Keith.. all happy

Sham and Jac.. 2 braldy idoits!

Joshua, who was my classmate years back, he came down, mostly because of DC, but hey! It's my birthday too. So here's me and Josh.

This time, we tried smilin.. looking goodddd..

These are the power babes.

Franka, Cess, me and Cyn.
4 very powerful, gorgeous INDONESIAN babes... HIDUP CW INDO!!
Hahaha.. oh well. I think Franka is gorgeous. Cessa and Cyn too of course.
But, Franka is breath taking.

Indon babes are damn power!!! Don't you think?

I feel pretty.. I feel stunning.. I feel pretty and stunning and fine.....'
Ah, but they are too stunning for me...

This is Bel and me.

Muax muax..

This is Agnes and me.
It was reallly great to meet everyone again. It was like a huge reunion party.

This is Clement darling and me ( I look so blissful)...
Clement came past 1 after his gig. I was a bit of a goner by then.

Ah, courtesy of the non-birthday people,

birthday people must drink out of the braldy waterfall thingy.

Dont like... not very friendly leh. Drink already feel like me in hell.. not in heaven , Contrary to popular beliefs..

Slurp slurp... better not burn my braldy new red hair...!!

Ah yes... pose pose...

Pose by the waterfall..

Then DC also KANNA!
Kanna the waterfall treatment, I mean.

Slurp slurp....

As Violet has planned nicely. The birthday babies get special treatment.
The boys get dirty danced to, and STRIPPED!
But SZe didn't let Tshen go for it, naturally.

So me and DC got the rotten eggs, except of course they couldn't strip me.
They said I might go overboard and strip myself. HAHA! Basket!

So, anyway, the bar dancer started dancing with me on the platform..

me got dirty danced to

ehh.. How how???

Seriously, I didn't look that ecstatic abou rit.


Eh heh heh..ticklish lah dey.....

Oh mang... I seemed hysterical..

excuse me!!! Your hands.. your hands...!

Wat u doin brudder???? omg..

walever lah

hmm.. Bad Mickey?

Throughout the stunt..

I kept reassuring Clement :" Dont wolly laling,,, he's not very the straight.."

Apparently Clement knows the dancer, he knows he not very the straight , they went to same BMT or somesing.. So, okay lah...

Here's more dancing.. or me squirming..

I didn't seem to happy leh!!! More like mortified!


Looks like I started retaliating.. Fight.. round 1!!


"No no.. go over there!.. enough lah..ticklish.. pai seh.. no lah.. scared boyflend jearous... heh heh... "

So, my show should end lah... I SHY!

And then, here comes the main show!


*drum roll...*


Let's get a little closer...

Off with it baby... HAOOTTT HAUUTTT!!!


He was screaming NOOOOOOOOO...But in the end..
it was all good.. it was all out.. wahahaha..

ALL OUT baby!

kay... Shhh... enough already, don't want to get weird parties too interested.

Okay, now it's time for...

Cakeys and Pressies

Cakey hor, looks a bit like got a pile of poopoo on top..

But it's actually chocolatey marzipan...
we ended up throwing them at people (Jackie throw at Clement, Clement throw at Jackie, I threw at Jackie,I threw at Viole and then got scolded, Violet so fierce one!)...


Ah cakey iz now lit up.. so pweeteyyy,,

More Birthday cake... it's damn cute okay? It's a train!

Birthday babies : DC me Tshen, again..... I'm sick of typing the names of the people of the pictures leh. I feel like I should put them up in an album heh?


Couple take : Tshen and Sze.. ah so loving.. cheers to many many more eons for the two of you..

Birthday babies pose: Dc me Tshen... AGAIN!!! Well's it was OUR NIGHT after all!

Hmm.. cake fight??

hmm.. Where's the candle?



Clement got bullied by me... He's a bit camera shy, excuse, need to pull him onboard..
Come 'ere darling.. =)

Mmm.......Dont be shyyy.....

Hmm.. the cake looks big enough to eat..
Big enough to throw at people's face too.. heh heh..

After cake session........Then it was pressie time.... yay!


I want my pressie... Hmmm....

Wah lau.. all my velly good friends.. tsk tsk..

They only understand one kind of humanly needs..

Sexual needs..

They think I don't need to eat, shit all these, but, get laid can oledi.. SIAO !

But thank you Violet darling... yes... thank you for the "Happy Birthday" imprinted vibrating erm.. tube..

and thank you for the black rubber whip with the err.. nicely shaped handle...

Umm... my special Birthday pressie....... BirthdAY kiss..

Why looked like I forced him one ah???

I got a whippy,,, whoopaa!!!...
It's damn cute, it's not painful when I lashed it though, but it's stretchy, I guess I can use it for many other things, then. =)..
I mean , like rubber band for my hair lah.. what you thinking?

And DC must be flying in the moon with his pressies:

1. Vibrating sheath. ... wohooo
2. Lotsa condoms... (in case he doesnt need the sheath and get real lucky)
3. Play boy magazines...(in case he didn't get so lucky...)
4. Mary the inflatable doll with holes in the mouth and the fanny...( in case he gets desperate)


Oh mang... look at dc's stupid happy face.. whats in his hands?? many many Durex heh..
Dunno if the pilot will have time to use up anot...

Here's the dollie..

Getting blown...
Go DC go DC go darling!!!

OOOOOh mang, it was crude, brute but it was funny as hell..
Good thing they don't let kids into the clubs cause we were absolutely disgusting..

Dunno why but Pei Ling looks soooooooo in love with Mary... And yes, I was just testing the texture of the ballon material.. I not pervert.

Hmm...after all the commotion..

All the camaraderie...

All the tiring partying..

It was then quality time..with Clement..

A bit of intro, hor.

Clement sells drugs.. but sadly legal ones. hahaha.. ocht well.
Clement is highly musically inclined. He's one of those cheem people who listened to off-mainstream CDs, audiophiles and what nots. The kinds who would smile and laugh at an amusing note or guitar trick in the middle of a song..

Sorry, I also don't really understand.

He's a bassist, guitarist, arranger, songwriter and singer. And I don't know why I am promoting that bugger.

He appeared in Channel News Asia last time, for his Great Singapore song or something, the lyrics were about why Singaporeans like to comprain so much.

He's with the band Ugly In The Morning too..funk rock band, pretty ecclectic stuffs..

Heard of it? Perfect ten 98.7 fm aired one of their songs before you know. "Stupid 'A' Song"

go to to check the band out...

If you buy any CD tell them you know them from me ok!! I wanna claim credits eh!
Heh Heh..

Ah.. here's more porn shots.. hhahaha

Clement DC and me..

Clem is Wendy's mascot. (You know Wendy's??)

I show you ah..

Uh, Just How did he pick up the chicks??

Ermm.. my drag queen boyfriend.

He's wonderful!

Will post more on the Birthday itself.. on 2nd of May I mean.

Like how quiet but nice it was, compared to this one.


At 12:23 PM, Anonymous SleekShoes gently snorted that...

Absolutely NUTS !!!
but it looks fun . Happy Birthday and try to go slow on clement ,dont rip him apart !

At 12:31 PM, Blogger Gabrielle gently snorted that...

HAPPPIII Birthday!!!

At 1:24 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

gab: THANK YOU DARLING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Long time no seeeeeee!!!
How are you?

sleekshoes: go slow on clement?

huehuehuehe.. lolx.. ok dude, will keep that in mind.. u got ask him if he want it slow anot?

At 1:58 PM, Anonymous Your Youngen Brudder gently snorted that...

O.o a decade????

You've been pretending to hate ciggies and smoking for a decade???



I remember the time when we shooed dad off the living room to go hide in the kitchen coz he's smokes annoying... I thought we've grown into hating ciggies..... O.o...

England must have been wild for you eigh....

Got nothing to say... Its also amazing how the ciggie marks aren't really visible around you... not your dirty nails, not your yellowing teeth..... O.o

Ahh well.... such a shocker... its hidden for a decade... blasted open in open air decades later.... AIHYO...

Mind the shock.. you would to if you were in my shoes (which never will)..... hahahahaha
> . >

At 2:03 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

win: aiyah never pretend lah ok....

but just never show lah ok...
as in.. u know i quit here and there..

i started when i was 17. i think.. hehehehhe.. so.. tats hmmm... 8 years liao..

well, whenever i go back indo, i will just quit lah...
im ok with quitting..
but i cant not smoke if im in a club leh..
its like eating indomie without egg.
its like eating bakmie without sambal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

u know.. kekeke..

ah shitz... now u know too much.. die already lah..

u be good boy ok.. smoking is bad!


anyway, life here is very stressed leh dear (finding excuse).. so yeah....

muax... see u soon lah..

At 7:49 PM, Anonymous s gently snorted that...

Hi, can i ask whr u got the cake from? looks nice! plan to get one cutie one for my frd's bd oso.

At 8:39 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

Aaaarrgghh!!! Sandy is taken?!? And I had matching monogrammed towels made and everything! I guess I can just mark through her name and write in the name of the next girl I woo with my manly charms. I guess I'll just settle for Franka, Cess, and Cyn. Nice wig by the way. Very Fifth-Elementish.

At 8:40 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

s: wah,,,, u gotta ask my flen leh.. okj ok i ask my flen and get back to u yurrr...

whiteshepherd: franka, cee, cyn : attached, attached, attached.

ok cess (my baby cuz) is actually not, but she might as well is. She's busy as hell.

hehehhee.... why not donate the towels to salvation army? they'll be grateful dude!

At 10:11 AM, Anonymous SHAHDON gently snorted that...

Happy belated birthday Marcelly~


At 1:30 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

Thank youuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!

At 7:13 PM, Anonymous s gently snorted that...

please let me know the place to get it. very pretty cake! Thanks!


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