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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hong-PeMeLAnYe-Kong - 4th day

4th day already. It's the beginning of the end liao. I am really kinda homesick by now.
I don't really wanna do anything much anymore.
Today we have a slightly different Itinerary.

We're gonna have foot massage at home, then some confidential stuffs and then we're going to go for a big ass concert. Whose? You'll find out soon.

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It was a Sunday morning and me and Violet hung out at North Point (Pak Kok)

We had lunchie at pak kok tzar chan ting nearby and we bumped into the reflexologist we're supposed to meet like at 2pm....


I also posed outside one of the HKU colleges.

HKU continuing Education College..or somesing..

While walking back.. We spotted a long queue. What could it be?

So, we joint the queue.. and we bought the much anticipated..
Egg waffle..

It's this magnified bubble wrap looking waffle.. pretty cool looking, but taste just like waffle lah. no biggie..

Hmm.. we bought egg waffle for sandy...

After lunch, it was ... feeeting time

Jun Jie poked poked poked my soles until damn shiok...

But when she got to the parts where it signifies my fyucked up organs..

Then it's DAMN pain!!!!! Stupid Violet had to freezeframe the moment!!!

After the foot reflexology session. We lazed around abit, I did some stuffs at home.
Then we dressed up to meet Sandy and go for the much awaited concert.


So, we headed for Tsim sha tsui.. seriously, I think I spelled the place names differently and wrongly each time,but who cares.

This is Tsim Tsha Sui again.

We went to eat....... HUO GUO!!!!!!!!!
Seriously though, the Huo Guo is not as cheap or good as the ones in Shanghai. Boo!
It was like 30 bux each in the end, almost Singapore price, those cheaper buffet kind.
The one in Ang Mo Kio hawker I think only 10 buckz. heuheue..

Here are Pics of more huo guo.... (steam boat)


More Sandy?

This is Sandy and the leng tzai poster


Guess what concert we're watching??????????

WE ARE WATCHING DAVID TAO's 'LOVE CAN' Concert!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We bought light sticks outside the stadium, more for my future Rave parties actually.
Then hor... they also sell this big asssss cylindrical lightstick which shows bright BLUE colour..

I'd say.. blardy hell.. looks like one of those mosquito repellent light..

lite sticks!!!!!!!!! Mine can change colour one lehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Inside the stadium, people were eother holding light sticks or this inflatable cylinderical baloon thingies which when clapped together, will make a thumping sound.
Sponsored by Vodafone.
So, your palms won't be so sore from clapping too much..

Look at the myriad of colours in the dark. Nice ye???

I snapped a few shots of David, but blardy hell so far.
I can't even smell himmmmmmmmm!

David TAO QI QI~!!!!! You are so near yet so far.. =(


Here's the clappy clappy balloons...

Daviddddddddd..............TAO....... QIQI...............


He looks fitter and cuter and cuter... must be all the money.
Money = personal trainer + lipo+ facial+tanning booths..

But, still love him all the same...

This was one very beautiful scene, there was faux snow falling from overhead.
It was like autumn/winter fairytale scene. Beautiful...

Next photo makes me sad..........

Before he sang one love song, he asked a girl to go up to the stage with him.
Many girls were scweeeaaaminggg..
I also WANT LEH!!!

But anyway, this sweet looking girl cut the deal in the end, lucky byatch.. hehee..
I bet she was so happy she wet her pants.


That day after the concert, we went home early. Like 12. Which is a first.

We drank a bit at home and chilled... The TV was not that good either, other than the Figure Skating Olympics features.


So.. that was Sunday. Tomorrow shall be our last day...

So long..


At 8:33 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

That's quite a picture of you getting your feet poked. Now we know what you'll look like during childbirth. Yeesh !!

At 8:30 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

wahh....does it look that exciting?


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