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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

HONG-MouLengZai-KONG - 2nd Day

This is account of my 2nd day in Hong Kong

Tread the 1st day story, click here..(blardy long..ttoo many photoes)

2nd day..

"Ahh...." (Yawning and stretching away....)
Check out the weather outside. Cooling, slightly misty..

Gooo Norning Honk GOoong... !!"

Hmm.. the apartment opposite is pretty ugly heh?
I mean, the one next to the glassy, glossy one.
I am talking about the worn out, greyish, stained (never wear pad), ugly building.

Other than that, it was all clear sky, not blue though. Greyish.

Must tell you that most of the buildings in Hong Kong are high-rise. boring looking and they are not well maintained. In other words, old and uglified.
Most parts remind me of Shanghai.
Old, old, stained apartment blocks.

DIRTY!!!!!!!!!!! Posted by Picasa

See... the windows cannot make it oredi...
The clothes hanging outside were also not very decorative..

Very ugly sight. Hong Kong, do something about this leh?
Can't you at least paint the bloody walls? Buy laundry dryer?

Sorry but you don't get the same effect as ageing, stonish Victorian buildings.
Those ones, albeit very old, would still look grand, historic, gorgeous and medieval and all.

These boring blocks of rectangle ones. Not really. They just look shabby eh?

So anyway, on this 2nd day, me and Miss Violet Tang is going to Lai Chi Kok.

Yeah.. Lychee Cock. so she called it. Just so happened we have a friend named Lychee. His Chinese name lah. So, it was kinda gross everytime we say Lai Chi Kok.

Somehow, it's kinda nearer to lau chi kok for me, so maybe the place is filled with lau chi kok (sleazy oldmen)

Lai Chi Kok is the centre for most wholesale goods. Most FarEast Plaza vendors probably get their stuff here, same as those in Heeren and those in Jakarta's Mangga Dua.
Unless they get 'em from ShenZhen, very possible too, probably slightly cheaper there.
Anyway, Lai Chi Kok has the Adidas factory outlet too, where we shopped and shopped... I think blew another big one on the gold card. Dad is going to disown me. But I dont care. I deserve this!!!! I didn't get that blardy CRV!!!!!!! She DID! That Stupid byitch!!

Anyway, I only swiped coz I didn't bring enough cash what...

Uhh.. big big shoppin bags....

Sooooooooooooooo freaking heavyyyyyyyyyyyy... bought many shoes and many presents.

Ahh....check out the goods..too many shoes , eh?

Black Esprit (Russian soldier kind) boots, Suede boots x 2, Adidas sneaker ( I love it!) and another Adidas sneakers (Violet's)

Awww...........later on in the day, it was time to doll up!!!!
We put on our gear and we were going out to meet my old friends...

We were gonna have dinner with Ah-Di!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My cute cute Hongkeeee friend, one of Kenny's good friend back in Oxfordshire where they (and many many others) ganged up to beat up drunken, rude, racist angmohs and help people collect money from debtors, by tearing their houses down and beating them silly...

Gangsta alert!

Oh kay, that was crazy old kiddish days okay. Now they're all nice civilians Or some sort.

Ehehehe.. Forgive the kids.

How's diz??????
I love the boots!! I love the boots!!!

ah my new boots the MTR to Causeway Bay for dinner.

Causeway bay is supposed to be where the 'gu wat tzai' scene and all that, aint it?

But I didn't see noe gu wat tzai gangster around leh...
mostly skinny boys and fat angmohs.

How like that? But Ah di told me that the real gangsters are not cute at all. They are damn beng, skinny and ugly. Is that thrueee??

They have naked people on the screens.. but still no gu wat tzai shitz..
I was quite sad. Don't have some 20 people in a group running around with parangs.

so here's dinner .... This restaurant is supposed to be very famous and popular. We had to wait half hour for our table.
We went to Causeway bay for dinner with Ah Di, the babes were me, Violet and Sandy.
Ah Di got to be the thorn among the roses.

Here's Ah Di, AKA Keith..The only leng tzaiii I have found in Hong Kong leh!
Damn cute right???
By the way, I haven't seen him in like.. 7 years? before that day, so I was quite excited.

At the restaurant , Violet and Sandy had to fight over a bottle of water.
Thank goodness not over a bloke or something.

Let's have dinner the civilised way...
The food was gooodd..

we had like 5 dishes, including mussels and prawns and Ah Di paid... Ah... So sweet!!

After dinner, we went to eat desert next door... an eaterie called xiao tian tian... cheesy huh?
Well, I didn't take photo because 100% of the time I was on the phone with my mom.
She called to complain about my fat brother. That lazy bugger was upsetting her again. He refused to send her home or something and then she refused to talk to him.
Mothers! Brothers! Problems! Hor?

Anyway, I tried my best explaning to her that Wit really actually LOVED her, he is just one very fyucking lazy bastard. That's all.

Ah.. her call made me homesick and made me miss my dessert too.

After the dessert eaterie. We walked a few stone throws down the road and ended up at CAMA.

It's Nelson's new pub, it's like a month's old.

This is me and Uncle Nelson at CAMA.

His pub is really pretty swanky. Nelson looks the same as ever. Still look guai on the outside and freaking rotten on the inside.. But Nelson is sweeet.. =), This was the first time I saw him in 5 years.

We will be coming back here tomorrow to have Connie's Birthday party.

We didn't stay long at Cama as we moved on a few metres down to SIREN.
This is Maylin and Me.

Maylin was my classmate at Oxford Uni. We were engineering students then.
Now she's some big shot banker at UBS.. She works til the wee hours but I bet she earns a LOT!
Anyway, I miss her already. We used to be pretty close back in Oxford. I was so happy to see her again. The last I saw her was a few years ago when she came down to Singapore.

This is me and Violet Tang, my best babe. @ Siren..

This is again the place to play dice and 5-10. Brasket. Freaking sick of the games already. I taught them some other games but they couldnt play it. Too complicated, compared to brainless 5-10 I supposed haha..

Violet and May's friends..

Happy times @Siren..

margaritas ...


This place, like many other local pubs have a ala carte buffet drinks package.

I paid 220 HKD (about 40 plus), and we get to drink WHATEVER WE WANT!! HOWEVER MUCH WE WANT!!!

So, that's bad news for me. Coz I am not that good a drinker.
Just a frequent one. But not a cool one.
We orderred fancy margaritas, Chivas, tequila shots, wine, beer, you name it.
It was like alcoholic rojak inside the stomach..

This is Ah Di and yours truly, after many many many many glasses of dunnowhat.
So, please MIND the rashes!

Did I tell you that I am allergic to alcohol? No shit right?

And I tell you what. All the pubs (local pubs) here are mostly in the high floors of a building.
Like 15th storey kind. Cama and Siren were both on pretty high floors.
So.. guess where would the people puke if the toilet queue is freakin long?
Ah... yes.. the fire exit staircase. They pee there too. It's gross I tell you!

Anyway, Ah Di taught me this new game, I was surprised they have more games other than dice and 5 -10. It was the kimochi game. When I have time, I will explain to you.
It's quite cute.

So, anyhow.
That was my 2nd day...
It ended as me and Violet took off before the party ended.
Mostly because I have dieded. It was my turn to die. Or so it seemed.
I dieded peacefully.

I missed Clement then. Brasket.

Okay, 3 more days to go...


At 2:25 PM, Blogger Alex gently snorted that...

wah wonder sandy looking hi and low for the horns, bought frm hk ah. frm pix, last seen on decai's head. hahahaaa....

eh, where's my hk present?! blardie hellz... =p

At 5:35 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u getting demanding lah alex... i not enuf money to shop all i want liao leh.. hehehehe.... club again soon!

At 5:35 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa u getting demanding lah alex... i not enuf money to shop all i want liao leh.. hehehehe.... club again soon!

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