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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Hong-Diulaseng-Kong- 1st day

So here it is..

Sigh.. managed to finally upload everything.. and there's much more.

Before I start on my hell-o-mighty Hong Kong trip.
I must tell that it was Douglas Birfday on 4th April.
So we all went down to The Wrench, a Harley Davidson bar at Jalan Kelapa.
Douglas co owns it.

Douglas had 2 cakes due to miscomms, one from moi, one from Justin.


Ohkay Ohkay...

Hong KOng huh??

I've wanted to go to Hong Kong for yonks. So, when the babes suggested it, I jumped the plane.

So, on 12th April. Me and Violet were off to HongKong, and Sandy has gone slightly earlier that day with S fyucking Q.

Me and Violet decided to forego SQ to save 70 bux. 70 bux can club 2 times or buy 2 shoes eh!

We touched down late at night, to Hong Kong International Airport, which looked a lot like the Shanghai PuDong Airport.
It was huge, vast, steely, glass curtain-y, airy and a bit barren. We flew by Jet Star Asia and paid 323 bux..

Cant complain, really. The plane did not drop halfway and the food costed me 8 bux on board.

I inhaled Hong KOng air and yes, it's different. I can feel the Hong Kong in it. (watever)

We took the Hong Kong equivalent to MRT, which is the MTR (Is is Mass Transit Rapid? Heuheuhe), from the airport, to North Point where the serviced Apartment is, One Island Place.
And the rooms were mighty small

This liddle toom kinda reminded of my England highschool days leh..lotsa cupboards, tiny bed.

I made a few phonecalls but rested that night. No outing.

I was still having hangover from last night's Labyrinth Karaoke night with Vio, Vic, Zac, Melody and Clement.
I also just had the longest interview that day, 2 hours.

So I had to summon up my energy for a whole lot of outing the next day.

But no, Disneyland is not on the agenda.

The next day sprang nicely, the babes went out to reccee...

These are Violet and Sandy outside the apt..posing happily before we go out shopping =)

This is our serviced apt building....Kinda dirty actually. And not so fantastic.
Hong Kong needs architects leh.

So, we ventured out to take MTR again... We got that unlimited 3 days pass plus airport transfer retun card.. 300 HKD.. fyucking ex... 60 bux leh...

Check out their MTR sign.. they copy our sign hor?
Or Singapore copied their sign..??? hehehehhe
But anyway, the underground there is like a maze, not quite as bad as London Underground coz that one got roaches and rats and fyucking old and fyucking confusing..
But MTR's still quite a spider web...still not as friendly as MRT here.. which is easy like ABC... really..
But the underground stations there.. most of them are dug 7 storeys underground.. i guess we can't do that coz maybe got reclaimed land.. is it? I dunno lah.. but damn mafan. must take escalator so many times to reach the blardy trains...So many turns to reach the platform also.

We were going to... er.. where was it?
... to Central.., which is a bit like Orchard.. or maybe Suntec ah, yeah yeah..
it's like the CBD but more happening..

Coz to me Causeway bay would be Orchard, but more on Causeway bay lata!

We were there to shop a bit and meet Violet's rich tai tai auntie....
After we alighted... I found a blardy cockroach by the wall...

Hong Kong MTR needs Cleaner OIII!!!!!!

So here we are at Central.. the weather is kinda cooling.. about 20 degress... just nice..

This is me posing at Central.
There will be so much more of these...
me posing like damn tourist..We were kinda early..

It was freaking 10 am.. so we went for breakfast..

We picked a small eaterie upslope the central meanders.
We sat liek nice girls and orderred breakfast while waiting for Violet's Auntie... Tang Tai tai..

Outside the little breakfast eaterie.. people were walking..

We were kinda well.. not really on budget.. but we were not millionaires yet.. So we shared one toast ampong three babes.. two are trying to lose weight. one just doesnt eat very much..

Sandy didnt look very happy. I asked her why.

She replied : "So broke mah.."


Anyway, we tried their teh... quite nice leh.. different from the teh here..
More fragrant or something..

I then posed outside Shanghai Tang , le shoppe!...
That scoundrel place.. bloody angmoh sells overpriced Cheena stuffs.. okay lah..the shop was nice.. sells like cheongsams prices by the SIAO!
They sell everything Chinese, all the bo liao stuffs, you want buy your dear ah gong branded mahjong tiles, you come here. Maybe made of some holy elephant's tusk or some Whales' bones or whatever lah.

They even sell those fortune sticks you paipai at the temples and throw out one...
but of course bloody overpriced lah.. maybe these sticks made of some spiritual mahogany tree or something.. I wouldnt know.
They have this turban man guarding the door to the exotic looking shop.. so International huh...

inside also got one angmoh at the couch, snoring away.... bah...
wait for wife until sleep ah?
Can see anot?
Cannot nevermind.. damn bo liao anyway...

See angmoh?? See turban??
We met her Auntie and we walked up the steeping steps to the eat some lunch. Halfway,
We found this cooooool party gear shop... cannot find in spore street leh..

So we tried on a few stuffs.. heheheheh
So fun, the shopkeeper didn't mind, in fact she helped us take photoes.
But in the end, we bought the stuffs anyway.

ah.. babes & wigs and.. er ears

This shall be my Birthday wiggy..!!

After that, we went to eat,, the best wanton in hk.. or so they say..
The portions are pretty small. The wantons here only got prawn inside one.
But they're nice.
Very solid, a bit Q-Q and very savourish. I think lotsa msg or chicken stock. ehuehueh..

After lunch, which Tang Tai tai paid for (EM KOI!!!), we went to half peak (mid levels), which is like half way to the Famous THE PEAK.
At half peak, we were at Violet auntie's place. So nice one.. Tai tai mah... got so many maids, got chauffeur..

At the huge condo, Violet was getting her foot reflexology thingy.
Then while she screamed away in pain.. I and Sandy waited..

and we ate Roast goose.. Taste very much like Roast duck actually. But the pieces like bigger and the smell is stronger.

This is the view at half peak..
After that we went off to shop.. Ahmmm.. Tsim Tsza Shui where we go... (I really dunno how to fyucking spell those names.. bloody handful to pronounce as well..)

Ahmm.. my butt in HK.

We were heading to the ESPRIT factory outlet store.. I heard very famous or something.. like everyone who go to HK must come here kind..

Ah we shopped and shopped.... so darn tiredddd, I tell you...

So, we stuffed our shopping bags and went to try own the stuffs...
The queue to the fitting room was damn long lah..Violet looked Sian oredi.........

Look at my shopping bag..disgusting..
my dad is so gonna block my card soon..
Oh by the way, that bugger just bought his skanky mistress a CRV!!!!!!!!
I AM JEALOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!! bloody hell.. must swipe card more often,..

Here are tired babes from shopping... let's go home now..

HOME..Sweet .. home... Let my feet and my wallet rest a while..

I paraded around with my new bathrobeeee from esprit, only 20SGD bux leh!

so at night..I dressed up Hong Kong style and hit the streets!

We took a taxi out..and there was a blardy jam, as it was eve of Good Friday and everyone was out.

So, I took a few city skyline photoes.. The famous HongKong skyline.
But the other day, I was observing OUR skyline. NOt bad also what.. Got the Fullerton Hotel and Esplanade.. overlooking the waters.. then the tall tall CBD buildings... nice what?
Just that Hong Kong one got mountains at the back.

This is some rainbow dunowat building, nice from afar, huh? Anyone knows what building this is?
We decided to go to Mongkok and checked out the place. Famous for food and night market, all.

Mongkok so many people one!!! It was like the People's Park in Shanghai actually.

So the babes had dinner at Mongkok.
We ate at this Tzar Tzhan Ting. Or however you write it lah.
One very important reason on why I took this photo of Violet puffing away.
In Hong Kong, you can smoke almost practically anywhere.

You can smoke if coffee shops, restaurants, everywhere.

Freedom to express. Heheh.. in fact, so many Hongkees are smokers.

Think we never fagged so much before leh. Like freed from jail.

But I think it's time to quit soon. It's slowing down my Bottega Venetta funds.
Plus, mom is coming, my throat is dying and Clement doesn't smoke. Urghh. mafan..

Sandy recommended this local drink made up of watercress and honey.
Not bad!!! I was asking her where the watercress was?
Apparently it was soaked in it and removed or something.
Thank goodness they never juice it actually, would be wuite gross.

Me orderred Beef&tomato rice and ogh man,, this reminds me of my England days.
The food here is so similar to the food at London ChinaTown, Leicester Square there.
4 GBP for a plate of beef tomato rice also.
Nostalgia... nostalgia..

Violet orderred this really fatty fried Hor Fun.
So fatty, she couldn't finish, all the meats were like 90% fat and lard.
But it's nice leh.

Sandy kept telling us that the French Toast in HongKong is a MUST Try and the batter kinda bubbled up and cripsy, and it's really soft and thick in the inside.
It's got peanut butter spread in it as well. Though, I seriously couldn't taste it.

Food!Food!! I must say Hong Kong Food is LOVELY!!!
They got lotsa of this roadside hawkers selling 'to-go' snacks.

This is the much talked about Curry fishball on a stick.
Violet kept talking about it, so she finally got to eat it.
I got a bite and it's quite heavenly, eh.

I browsed around the shop display and I saw this... hmm.. dunno what balls on a satay stick but it's got Bi Dan inside leh!
Pretty cool, huh?
pitan in satay

This is what the Mongkok night market is like.
It's very touristy and we hardly bought anything.
I only bought this keychain with a plastic cat, which would flap its hands around if you pull its tail. A bit dumb but cute. One of those useless cute things.
Not a good place to shop if you don't wanna be considered touristly trapped.

More Mongkok..

muaxx-- ok this pic is extra... it just says " ngo oi hong kong!"

Posted by Picasa

We took off to home and then went out again.
We just had to.
Sandy had to get her luggage and move to Tsuen Wan, where Panda Hotel is. Poor babe had to run the show at the Hong Kong Expo the next day.
So, Bejo called and off we (me and Violet) went to Central.
This time to club...
We took the MTR again..

ah yes.. terrorist on MTR...

We were then back to central.. We walked around to find SoHo, the new hangout place at central, where the hip bars, upperty restaurants and chi chi lounges are.

Hmm.. a scene of dodgy night streets in Hong Kong.

bah ! dont tell people..

We went to this Bohemian Club, where it's kinda chi chi so the Hongkees hardly hang out here. They have a jazz band that's really not bad. It was instrumental and they play standards and some off-main stream pieces.
Most of the players were angmohs and most of the customers were angmohs or angmoh-like people.
In the picture is : (L-R)Bejo, me , Ryan, Rebecca and Marco.

We drank all the Sangria (nice), wine, sambuca and coconut rum.
It was a mistake I didn't go slow.
We left the Bohemian joint to go shake some booty. Hip Hop I demanded.
On the way, we posed for my lovely camera, somewhere between SoHo and Lan KWai Fong.

Anyway, I found really difficult to pronounce Lan Kwai Fong fast fast..
So I kept calling Lan Jiao Fong. Violet didn't find it especially amusing but she acknowledged the creativity. I think. Or maybe not.

We hit C club at Lan Jiao Fong.

We were sheh oredi

This is the club FONG @ LKF
After heating it up, shaking the ass, rocking the smallish club floor, oiling the poles on the dance floor, enticing a few hungry eyes, getting envious glares from girls and boys alike =) ,
I gave up dancing.
I then indulged in getting myself sprawled across the sofa where the rest sat and wait til they get their arses elsewhere. I wanted to go home liao.
But Violet is still going strong.So, we went to local club.. too drunk to rememba the name..

Tell you what, this is about the only thing the Hongkees do.
Go to KTV lounges, play dice and play 5-10.
Really. They don't dance, club or appreciate live band much.

They mostly appreciate their own off-tune serenading to Cantopop tunes in the KTV.
It's like that one. Then comfirm come out one Chivas with green tea and many many dice in a plastic cup.

Ryan tried to be funny... but I couldnt giva hoot leh..I just wanted to go homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............

When I saw Violet falling all over the place...She was lying on the KTV floor at one point, laughing away.

I thought it was time to go home...

"tolay finizzh dahling.. tomollow again.. okie??"

This was Viole afterwards..she was not very sober. But, she did look very happy eh!!!

This was me afterwards..I was very hungry..I was gorging down Smelly tofu!!!
Which I REFUSED to eat when I was sober!!!

Me and Curry fish ball..yum!!!!

After the late supper.
WE SLEPT AWFULLY PAINFULLY! I was having a massive headaache and hangover before the drinking even began.
So double the effect, plus super tired...
So that was the first day.. well, technically second day cause we didn't do much on the first.

But before I end the story of this first day.
Something caught my eye at one of the MTR station.
Just tell me how the fyuck do u pronounce this...



At 9:12 AM, Anonymous linbei gently snorted that...

in chinese it would be pronounced as qi jie mei? the cantonese pronounication is below also ya

At 10:32 AM, Blogger Chris gently snorted that...

how did Lan Kwai Fong end up with Lan Jiao Fong?? lol....n i think it's pronounced chat chi mui..n the chat is pronounced in Bahasa Melayu not the English word chat as in borak-borak...

At 12:05 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

chris: Chat Ssszzzzzzzzzz Mui should be more like it.

WTF man.. Cantonese beginning to sound like Thai, French, Russian or something.. those cant pronounce for farks kind.

linbei: wah.. i got linguist shi fu liao... sphanks..

At 12:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

erm is chat ji mui

At 1:24 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

what does it mean?

tsz = ji? wtf? how did that happen again?

At 4:05 PM, Blogger Adrian gently snorted that...

Poor HK. Kena tiu na seng out of the blue, haha.

At 8:24 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

More pictures of Sandy. She's so hot.

At 8:18 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

adrian: hehehe!! how r u??? long time no see lehhhhhhh....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hang out soon!!!!!!!!!!

whiteshepherd: sandy is hot, of course. shes my best babe. dun worry, shell be in many many of my pictures soon.


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