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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Durians and Lions and silly ol friends

A few weeks back. Jackie and I went on a date.
She took me to esplanade to enjoy some high class entertainment.

The Afro-Cuban Party- Music festival. Must buy expensive tickets to hear music kind.

Esplanade is really quite breathtaking you know, I like it so much better than Sydney's boring looking opera house. Serious.

Esplanade's getting really hip and happening too. I think Singapore, you go girl!

It was holding it's mozaid music festival that week.

our durian...
Be proud!

After the paid concert, which was good, Really, coz We stood up and danced away half the concert, we then hit the outdoor concerts which were free.

We were dancing and shaking our arses like the free birds we are.

On this outdoor stage, those were the Cuban friends who were playing at the paid concert.
But here, they are playing for free at the free outdoor concert. Brasket.
Might as well catch the free one. Hor?

Me and Jackie posed again.. kekeke..

Now, let's talk about Jason.


Jason DA K king

Jason is the most lovable piece of shit, as I've mentioned.

He sings not bad, actually and he's one hell of a company.

I was with him On the ride home from Riverine on Thursday - 20/4

Me : Dude, my cheek pain!

Jason: So? Why leh?

Me: I got wisdom tooth..

Jason: Huh? You got wisdom meh??

Me: No. Only the tooth.

Jason: Ah, yeah.


When I told him to loosen up a bit, he unbuttoned the first two buttons and showed me his few 'shrands' of hair.

Jason got articulating problem. Damn cute... he cant say preliminary...
he went... Eh... Marcelly! You didn't even pass the (he slowed down)..

Heheh.. aiyah..

Now Clement.


Clement is my boyfriend. At least for now. I am not sure how it'd take for me to irritate the hell out of him and drive him up the wall and away. Not so soon, I hope.

Maybe one day soon, I'll post his picture up. When I'm brave enough. When I'm ready.. or when he doesn't mind.. actually I don't really care if he does.. Hah.


Anyway, I know Clement for eons already. 4 years? So, I don't know how then we found sparks flying now. How now not single suddenly? But I'd say my clubbing veins still exist...Not gonna be fattening couch potatoes anytime soon. =)

Anyway, we were watching Tristan & Isolde last Wednesday.

The bugger was cracking stupid jokes (as usual), laughing at the warriors' headbands all throughout the movie. Irritating!!!

The movie came to the part where Tristan was telling Isolde how they were not meant to be as he has to give her to his king. I was close to tears. It was a sad scene. But, the bubbly bugger was still muttering some stupid shits.

So.. I sshhh-ed him.

"Clement!!! Shut up... "


"Don't make fun lah!! It's a touching moment!'

"Ah, does that mean I can touch you?"


I don't know why I always end up with the adorable retards.

But cute yah?


This last picture is kinda out of the way. But I need to put it up coz my comp has no more memory. huehuehuee..

Here are the SAR21 series. Our country's pride. Displayed at the AA2006.

I complained to one of the AVPs that these guns are so heavy I can't even cock it.
I know all the men can do it so easily, or at least by the looks of it.
But me iz a woman. And me (eventhough got tough, fit, quite toned biceps) iz actually still a woman and iz not velly strong.

So, for me, it's hard to cock and hard to lift, leave alone shoot an enemy. I think I will die first.

So, I demand for a woman's version. Made of titanium, with auto-cockage, press button kind.


Or us women can use our heels, throw at 'em devils.


I have uploaded my Hong Kong pictures... ummmm......

So, I will definitely blog it like SOON!
i have so much to show...
After that got the birthday party pictures some more.. which is like happening later tonite.. hmmm

so... watch the space....


At 9:17 PM, Anonymous Snake gently snorted that...


At 8:34 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

thank you!!! =)

At 8:24 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

Silly Asian girl! Don't you know that since you're some kind of celebrity, you're not supposed to mention having a boyfriend. You're supposed to give the illusion that you're single, to keep silly boys like me thousands of miles away content. Look what happened to Brittney Spears after she hooked up. Nobody fantasizes about her anymore.

At 3:56 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

Then howrrrrrrrrrrr

Ok lah.. single lah.. single...

Anyway, even if double, wont last long one. normally anyway. sadly.

against my will of course.

At 8:31 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

Nope, it definately won't last long if you smoke and he doesn't. I remember what it was like before I started smoking to kiss a girl who did. Like licking a ripe asshole (not that I'm in to that sort of thing). In fact, that's why I started smoking, to deaden the taste (well that, and simply the fact it's so damn cool).


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