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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Hong - DIuLeILOUMEI- Kong- 3rd day


The days seemed to pass by so darn bloody fast eh??
To read accounts on the first and second day..Read here and here..
It's the 3rd day already and me and Violet were almost broke like phark.
I was definitely broke anyway.

But, we still needed to go out and get a bit more of Hong Kong air..
We were Hong KONg Sick..Hong KOng lovelorn.. So, off we went.


We were off to Causeway Bay again.

This tunnel at Causeway Bay has got greeneries for wallpaper and sounds of running water and chirping birds as you walk through it.

Hmm.. No comment. A bit bo liao.. But it was for some green fund charity drive, so okay lah.. give credits.

Ah.. The MTR got RFID shit which tells us which station we were at and which door was going to open at the next station. Pretty handy lah. MRT here don't have, then always squeeze to the wrong side of the door or squeeze to the door at the wrong station, then kao bei kao bu all the way out.
I know someone in Sing-kapoh comprain before to the newspaper, "How come Spore MRT dont have the RFID shit or somesing lidat"

I think it's in Singaporeans' blood to comprain one.

This is Violet at the MTR and some big ass vacuum cleaner rucksack.

Here I was... @Causeway Bay again..

Causeway Bay (shortened to CB).

Hong Kong got bakwa too.. wonder if nice..

They also have shrivelled, funny-looking, dried sausages.
Lap Chiong??

We were going to the Times Square in the afternoon.
I haven't been to Times Square in New York, but oh well... at least went to Hong Kong one lor..The Times Square is in CB also.

Ah, yes,

I know that German sausages are big and famous..

But, check out Hong Kong sausages!!

It's fyucking RIBBED yo!

Kekekeke...And no, I didn't try. It looked too offensive.

Violet bought some fried squid.. yum!!

It was actually a day before Easter Sunday...
I posed inside the huge Easter egg, blardy tourist, hor me? Not say the egg was very ncie or what..

Hey liddle boy boy!!!... Come to Momma... Come to the egg...

The Grand Times Square , CB.

I saw this board sign. Pretty revolutionary eh?

I think it's way cool. The red star is cool.

We found this quirky shop on the 3rd floor of one of the shop houses at CB.
The shop was full of lingerie, pink boliao stuffs, fish-netty stuffs and kinky stuffs...

The Hustler collection was droolworthy..
If they weren't so expensive, I would have bought most of the stuffs. Really pretty cool stuffs..

I saw this, and I thought of buying for Jackie. A big comb for a big girl..
Hope she liked it. I wonder what she combed with it though.


Hmmmm... we ate at guess what??

tsar chan ting nearby... I tell you.. we don't eat anywhere else!! Only VERY HONGKEE food!!
What's the point of going to HongKong and eat Jap or Western stuffs, right?

"More and more" menu ...

We were always so spoilt for choices everytime we go for meals...

But in the end, Violet orderred curry porkchop rice and I orderred egg-beef rice

curry porkchop and egg beef rice ...


But Violet's one was MUCH MUCH nicer.!!!


Outside the restaurant..
there was a show stopper.

Freaking disgusting one...

Roasted whole suckling pig, very dead, very gross.

They also had on the display table outside, HEAD of the pig chopped into 2, revealing all the insides of the skulls.

Yuck x 3!

This one I didn't snap a shot, I scurried off already. Too gut wrenching.

We then walked around somemore. We reach Lan Fong Road where all the branded shops are parked.


POSE 2 with the butts up a bit more..

POSE 3...

After window shopping here.. We checked out TOD's and Bottega Veneta, we walked down a bit more. This CB place is huge leh.. many many squares and blocks of shops.. much more satisfying that one boring stretch of Orchard Road. Okay lah.. I think Orchard also good. But need to extend a bit more lahh.. not enough eh!!! Walk walk always end up at Taka, Wisma and Heeren AGAIN!

To come shop in these places down Lan Fong Road, we better go with Violet's aunt as she has all the VIP cards to all these shops and she can get us big big discounts.. YAY!

This is still at CB..near Times square

Hmm, see the yellow star? its a secret society barber!! Hur hur.. okay don't take my words for it.

By the way, I dropped by the SASA here and the perfumes are so cheap!!!!!!!
Look out for those on offer, check the price tag, sometimes it's up to 70% off the original price.. They are disgustingly cheap.

I bought a bottle of Gucci Envy 50 ml for liek 30SGD plus. Cheap right???????????

After burning more holes in the pockets, we went home afterwards..
With the MTR of course. I then spotted this poster for Roberto Benigni's new movie.
So cute eh?
Marry your love in your singlets and underwear and suspenders?? Hmm...

Charming! I would like to watch this one! Wonder when it'll be out.

Finally, we reached.. North Point (PAK KOK).......!!

HOME again!

At home, Violet tried her new heated eyelash curler. It works okay, but I think the clip-clip thing is easier to use and you'd get almost the same result.

Let's check out the buys today..

Big ass comb for Jackie, Socks, Perfume, and wristband that says.. hmm FUCK.

Charming! I loveeeeed it! But, Jason and Justin stole it from me already, I very sad.

After resting a bit, we dolled up and ... off we went to was Connie's Birthday. Connie is Paul's girlfriend. Paul is a good old friend form Oxfordshire too.

MTR Ride.. again..=)

Anyway, here we causeway bay again.. SOGO!!
WE are back in town!!

We were kinda early for the party.. So, we had dinner with Sandy and walked around aimlessly.
In Singapore it would be called loitering and we would have been caught.

This is the World Trade Centre at CB. Pretty nice chandelier thingy huh?

This sushi parlour is famous for its long long queue.
If you go there and reserve table, you can happily come back two hours later and with a lot of luck, you may get a table.

Apparently it's pretty cheap and the sashimis are fresh.

But sorry, me don't eat raw stuffs and I don't wait 2 horus for my goddamned dinner.
So, we walked around it and eat at a local eaterie AGAIN!

On the way there..

We saw doggies in a cage.

Husky baby.! So pweety..

So, the babes had dinner at CB tzar chan ting

This was the dinner b4 party.. check out my wrist band!!!!

It says.. *beep*... hehehe..


After Sandy left, we roamed the streets again and found this shop..
We though they sell almoond and mango pudding (from the display outside...)
The shop says: YEe SHun Milk Company..


We gave it a try anyway..

So sorry, mango pudding it wasn't. It was some solidified milk with ginger or egg.

Uh... interesting but would have prefered mango pudding though..We were such morons.. kekeke..

We were posing outside all the big billboards around Sogo after that.

We did some naughty things...

Can see what we 'ere touching? Upside down anot..

We were so bo liao..

COme..squeeze nipple

And here comes the best part..



We were finally at Cama..

This is Maggie and me. Maggie is so pretty I tell you. I was so excited to see her!!!
Havent seen her for like 7 years or so too..

This is crazy, crazy Paul and me. Really missed him already.
He used to be one of the crazier ones who did all the damn bo liao, out of the world things and screw things up and get into deep shit.

More Maggie me

Violet me

The drinks here come with presentation points of 10/10.
So much nice than those ugly brown trays at Zouk to serve dozens of shots.

This is again Ah di and me. I know we looked like crap by then. Sorry.

This is the old gang.. Oxfordshire Raiders or what shit ??


They weren't Oxford Uni students but they hung out with me alot because I hung out with Kenny alot and Kenny hung out with them alot. Geddit? This is only half the bunch.

Missing in picture is Jack (small and big), Ah Dean (supplier of stolen groceries), little Tony (Mr FTO), Nelson (uncle dealer), Small chicken (horse lord), Andrew (HAK GWAI LO), Pang Pang (aka fatty boom boom0, the 3 KNNCB brothers Tony, Steve and Kenny, plus their girlfriends and some ad-hoc come-and-go members.

In fact, all the bunch of 'em were always in Kenny's house last time. Drunk, mostly. If not then just very annoying.

10-15 drunk, noisy, burly Chinese/Cantonese/Taiwanese speaking men in the living room, any day of the week. I lived there for yonks too. HOw did I survive?

And Kenny was (if you don't know by now), my first love which lasted 6 years and ended a month after he proposed.

So there.

Anyhow, after CAMA, Violet and me left for HEI HEI CLub to meet May Lin again..

Hei Hei Club just openned a new branch.. called the.. *drum roll..*

HA HA Club..

I see.. people get so creative nowadays. Anyway, Hei Hei Club, like many other Hip hop joints, were filled with angmohs, expats, ABCs and returning students from the West. There were many skanky looking fellas too. They don't seem to dance as much or as well as the Singaporeans though.

Remember, we are experts at Mambo!

We hit home at 6 that day, yes.. in the nohning..
And this was the end of the road for the day.

It was tiring but it was good. Today noone dieded. Everyone got home sober (pretty much sobered up) and very very knackered out.

Ahh... tomorrow is ANOTHER DAY.


At 11:49 AM, Anonymous SleekShoes gently snorted that...

So when kenny proposed u said ...?

after which , what happened >? why break off ?

At 8:26 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

What an idiot to go and ruin a good thing by proposing. I have to say I'm a little intimidated by the sausages. So...only one picture of Sandy. tsk tsk.

At 11:22 PM, Blogger Alex gently snorted that...

stop talking wif a slur. hue hue hue...

At 8:11 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

sleekshoes: i said ok lehh... but i guess he got cold feet or something.. some people just asked for it heh....

whiteshepherd: i beg ur pardon. i will relish u with more soon ok..

alex: what slur.. it's the 'in' thing what..

At 7:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

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