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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Quite Birthday Affair..

Like Malay and Indian Weddings, Like Chinese New Years...

My Birthday celebration lasts a whole few weeks too. It was like 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after my birthday. So that's like one month. Hehehe..

It was filled with sleeping and slogging at work in between of course.
But still, Everrrlllllyyyydaaayyy from 18 April to 16 May....It would still be my birthday. I DONT CARE!!!

Wahhaa.. means it's still my Birthday NOW!


One weekend within the stipulated time, Jac, Sham and me went to Carl's Junior at Marina Square. Marina Square is now so chio.

I want to go there pak tho leh . *paktho = dating.

My very creative darling Clement calls 'em "COW's Junior".

Makes sense lah. The smaller bits of a cow, grilled to perfection, it's the Junior.

Their Chilli burger sucks! Too salty. I just don't like their definition of chilli either. Not spicy, no chilli seeds, no belachan, no lime... but minced beef??
Freaking Latinos Amigos...!! Chilli like that one ah!!!
I want my belachan!!!!!

I comprain!

Anyway, their guacamole burger is lovely!!! I just love avocadoes, eh!
I think the girls better share a meal here too. They give big ass burgers... cannot finish one. Unless you are ta pao-ing for next meal.

Also, Jackie's mom had been in town for the past one week or so, she just flew back last Sunday. So, last last weekend. We went to Paddyfields (Opposite IKEA) for some chi chi Thai food.
Attendees were Jackie, me , Sham and Jackie's mommy.

Paddyfield's.. Jackie and her mami. What a lovely sight.
"Auntie, thank you so much for cooking all those lovely Viet food at home. You were making me fat!! =)"


This is Sham and me at Paddyfields.

Paddyfields have very powerful Tom Yum soup!
After my first bowl (Which was really all I can take), my stomach started making funny sounds liao. It got really warm, hot and weird inside there.
Something was swirling and churning and doing funny stunts with my intestinal organs.
And yep, next 2 days were volcano explosion days.


The rest of their food was just moderately good. Their dessert buffet spread looked lovely, but my stomach was too funny to eat much of anything else after the main courses.

After dinner, we got to talking about how rather eerie the place was. It was romantic and all, with organza curtains hanging from ceiling to floor, and the flickering candles and all that.

But, anyway, we just started talking about those posters of horror films.

Sham was looking at one of my IDs' photoes. He reckoned that my photo was really scary and it was seriously giving him goosebumps.

According to him, I looked like as if there was :"No one there...:"

Like.. you know what I mean lah.. No one there. Gone! Possessed...

So, I tried to re-enact the look.

The "no one there" look.

but I thought I just ended up looking rather spastic heh?

On my birthday eve itself...1st May. It was labour day, so I didn't have to work, but I had a few things to do.
I had breakfast with Clement then I met some big director for coffee, we had a very interesting conversation. It's so good to meet down-to-earth, successful people who are willing to share their experience with you, especially if they're trying to recruit you too. It was definitely enriching. I should catch up with him again sometime. 1 hour after meeting him and we were sharing an ash tray.. way too cool!

At night, I went to Clement's big ass mansion and watched DVD.

Violet messaged me :

" HUH??? All he did for your birthday was watch DVD?"

Ocht well, I think it's okay what. Spend some quiet time. Company is all that mattered I guess. Priority has shifted a little. We watched Hotel Rwanda and it was very enlightening, moving and heartwarming.
It was nice. He also didn't make fun of the movie and make silly jokes. So he was nice too.

Come 2nd May itself, being the hardwarking geek, I went to work, and did some overtime again.
I went home and Jac, Sham and her mom were at home. We ate at home, home cooked Vietnamese dinner!!! and it was lovely.
I was lazing around afterwards when Clement called. He just finished his gig at Acid Bar. He was coming over.

Ah...and apparently, when he called again, he was already outside my door..

I openned and there he was, smiling away... with a cake in his hands.. =P


So, I took out the cake from the box and lit the candle and forced everyone to sing me a 'Happy Birthday" Song... Dont care!!!

Must sing!!!!!!!!!!!!DIE DIE MUST SING!


Watch and make 'em clap and sing!

*haiyah.. they didn't look very excited.. Jackie's eyes still glued onto the telly. bitch!*

Now see Clement.. is he paying attention?

Not bad lah.. looked quite sincere..

He was also forced to sing 'Happy birthday'.
I am probably the most hao lian Birthday girl ever, but I don't care leh!

Now I should take photo with cakey....aramak so ugly.. I mean me.

TA MA DE! Looks so ugly on my birthday. Basket!

Haiyah, my dad forgot about my birthday again. He never wished me.
My mom who remembered, was stuck in a meditation camp in Thailand and was out of touch from civilisation for a whole week.

My fatty brother Wit wished me through sms:

"Happy Birthday sis, hope you become more matured and less skanky"

HOW DARE HE????? Bastard...

My youngest bro WIn also forgot, that or he just didn't wish on time.

But, it's all good.

My besties messaged me, either a few hours early or a few hours later.
Thank you to those who remembered and wished me.

Hmm... now, lets blow the candle.

Ugly birthday girl blew her cake...

She forgot to make a wish, so she screamed, took the lighter and lit the candles again.

"Huh?? Can lidat one ah?" Clement asked.

"I don't care..." I happily lit the candles again.

Jackie who was taking the photo was hurrying me up. She wanted me to blow 'em again. I bet she just couldn't wait to get back to the telly again.. bitch!

Jackie: " Hurry!! ONEEEE... TWOOO...."


I was so stressed up!!!


Ahh.. so wished already, now cut cake.

I felt a bit stupid actually, everyone was a bit bo chup.
They were all watching The telly, obviously more interesting than me blowing a birthday cake. I had to holla at them a few times before they turned my way and paid some attention. I wanted switch the bloody telly off.
Jackie's mom was a bit sleepy looking and Clement was tired. But shameless me... I made them sing a stupid birthday song and take photo of me and humour me a bit.

I felt bad. Haha.. forced people to celebrate for me. But, apparently Sham bought a small small cake for me too.

And I got Cheesecake from Don's the other day, so we got 3 cakes to cut now.

*cut cakey*

Ah so that's that.
That was the end of my birthday. It didn't end with a bang. But I was with some of the people I love, so it's okay. I wished mom was there too, though.

I really miss my mommy. You know?

Days had past and I had a gig at the batman cave in Bugis last Friday.
Park View Square has the most VEAUTIFUL art deco designed building and interior in the whole of Singapore. It could be more beautiful in Asia Pacific...(closely beating Jakarta's Da Vinci's building).

It looks like batman mansion leh.. The Wayne Manor.. So, we call it the batman cave lah..

I sang at a gig there. They had a corporate "all angmoh " event. It was such an honour to get to sing with Beverly Moratta (of Spore Idol) and big big big big big musicians like Indra Ismail. Gosh...!

We had this brass balcony for the stage. The decor was beautiful, the dining chairs were covered in black. Red roses were piled at the centre of the table.

They have a wine rack that stretches all the way to the high altitude of the ceiling.
They have winged angels who fly up and down to get those wine bottles.

It was sublime!

It would be even more sublime, if you get to see the angels flying up and down with their skirt fluffing about, showing some thigh flesh. Ain't it guys?

Anyway, I heard office space there is exorbitant. But it's so braldy gorgeous!!!
Ah, anyway, I sang there again last Monday, and this time, guess who I got to sing with...

DOUGLAS O!!!!!!!!
It was such an honour. And, on the drums was the famous Jimmy Lee.


I feel like small fry sial... *kow tow*..

Ah yes, the bunch of us went to Timbre last Friday, after my gig at the Gotham mansion.

I joint the fellas at Timbre, coz Violet wanted to finish her Absolut Mandarin...

This is Keith and Violet at Timbre..

Cheeers to more Happy times ahead!!!!!



At 6:12 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Good to see you Marcelly :) really took awhile for me to register. U look different that night. Stay funky!

At 8:56 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

hey kelvin. how are you??

i look different? how so? dolled up?
hahaha.. cheersss!!!

At 7:44 AM, Anonymous fool gently snorted that...

celbrating for a whole month? happy birthmonth then :)

At 5:40 PM, Anonymous your "phat" bro gently snorted that...

THAT!! compared to da vin ci!!... ahh come oonnnnn...
that is better laaaaaaa.... da vin ci issss... errrrmmm.. small compared to that.. and over priced.. heheheh...
ehhh..!!! u sick ahh?? same here.. hehehehe.. masuk angin, pusing, sariawan tiga tempat, ngomong ampe cadewl..
buswet.. EH.. dad is talking about cars.. may be he only wanna make me happy.. but i think hes not buying one for meee... HIKSS.. T.T
eh you sure you can quit meeeeeeee???.... hmm... i'll just see..
wasehhh.. she's going this 31st may leeehhh.. sa fast..i got something impertant to do..
got this 11 mill project!!.. hahahahha... modalnya segitu.. huehuehue... :P
WISH ME GOOD LUCK!!! heheh....
eh your b'day is for a month!!! even national holiday never got that long!! siau!! go and make your own country or something.. MARCELIPORIA
well im not that good at making a country name so what!! so sue me..

At 10:44 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

Where are you Celly? No new posts? I'm missing my fix. Your blog gives me something to do at work other than nap and download porn.

At 11:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

whitesheperd :Shes busy with her new toy ,the one with the specs .when shes back more often than not ...we know what happened :D

At 1:51 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

fool: ThaNK YOUUUU DY!!

WIT: darling........ wat project?:> come consult me first u fool!!! ur sis is how biz savvy! eh btw.. u better come with ma.. and abt dad.. how come he asks money from u leh... hmm..

if to buy car nvm lah.. but if he not buying, dun wolly.. soon u can buy ur own.. if u good boy.. in 3 yrs i buy u one too ok?

muax muax.. see u soon...

ur bday coming eh? wat u want?

whiteshepherd: oh dear... u d/l porn at work? dont they block the sites? not very good u know.. muight get virus... etc etc..



so mean... he not a toy ok. heuehuheue...

i busy singing leh...
i also busy with musical rehearshals..
also busy getting sick!!

At 5:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

vai tomar no seu cu sua vaca


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