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Tuesday, May 23, 2006



Hi everybody.. I have some news to announce..
And I am so Fyucking Happy abourit...!!!!

I AM STARRING IN AN UPCOMING MUSICAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*HUMONGOUS smile*...

It's a dream come true..

It's an original piece, done by a local team and it's entitled Love Is In The Air.
I will play Evan, someone's fiancee who hmm.. had doubts before her wedding.

I will try to sing my heart out and hopefully won't butcher the very beautifully written songs. The play was written by Si Ying and the music by August Lum, two very very freaking talented young human beings. Si Ying also plays against me, as Nadia and oh my.. she blows people away with her voice too.
What a huge voice for a petite lady. Look out for her.
Shahdon who plays my fiance is just one out-of-this-world singer. You shall melt away. The rest of the cast is just amazing, including amazing composer August and director Hawk too. We have been rehearshing for some time and yeppp.. I think it ain't bad at all.

Who should come to watch the musical ???

Those who appreciate music, arts, musical, a bit of opera singing, those who'd like to check out the sprouting of the local musical talents..., and those who's got mullah and would like to sponsor our future local musicals!!

And if there are some spare tickets left...I'd like to invite those who got extra 20 bucks and don't know what to do on a Saturday night..


If you'd like to watch...

It's on the 10th of June

Venue: Esplanade Recital Studio.

Ticket : S$25

Where to buy : SISTIC!..

The whole series of the musical for the Singapore Arts Festical is called The New Wave, so, if you look in the SISTIC webbie, it's under THE NEW WAVE. It is housed by the Musical Theatre Society.
THE NEW WAVE consists of 6 musicals, 2 are showed per night, all the way from 9 to 11th June.

Here's the poster.

The whole production is congested with very talented writer/artists/musicians.
Some are very reknowned ones of our own local breed.
Some names to drop are Kenneth Lyen, Iskandar Ismail, Stella Kon, Dwayne Lau, etc, etc.

I must talk about them more. I've been so busy with my rehearshals and all, It's time I talk more about my passion in chi chi stuffs, other than clubbing.


So, are you shocked to your pancreas??


Not just party tarty blood.

You just have forgotten that I am actually refined. Unlike crude Oil.

Anyway the musical I am in, 'Love is In the Air' is part of the
THE NEW WAVE musical series,

'Love is In the Air' will show on the 10th June, 7 pm. Only 10th June.

BUT since there are 6 of them on 3 nights,
and they're all amazing.


Heh Heh.

Support the local scene abit lah... I know GREASE!, MAMMA MIA all these very the fantabulous. But, I suppose we have room for more right?
For some belachan among the French fries??
Let's make Singapore the NEXT HOLLYWOOD!!!


I think we have a good potential to be Asia's hub of Musical and theatre scenes. We are a melting pot of so many cultures, all amalgamated pretty nicely together, we speak English, we are how cosmopolitan, talent aplenty and the people are definitely getting more arty and classy.
Now more people appreciate places like Esplanade. Less people favouritise Sparks all that. If you know what I mean lah.

Like.. we're moving from the AH BENG era to the POSER era.

No meh?

Ummm... Come to think of it. I've always wanted to sing in Esplanade. Eventhough I aimed for the theatre.
Recital Studio will do for now, I am so happy already... =)..

Below is the poster of LOve is In the Air.

Check it out! =) CLick on the poster to enlarge!
Can you spot my picture? *hao lian*.. it's the top-most photo in the poster. =p

We should be appearing in Ch 5's documentary on Musical scene in Singapore, where I commented some 'pretty intelligent' things on the local musical scene. Or so I sincerely thought. Maybe they weren't very intelligent. Me coming up with something intelligent? Nevermind. Not important. They shot a bit of our rehearshal session and interviewed us. It will probably be aired way after our musicals though. Maybe in July or something. Hopefully, this will spread the message further. There are people with musical passion and talent in Singapore too.
Do hear us..

I love musical.. now who doesn't? Crrrementtt took me to West Side Story last month and it was beaaooooottttiiifulll, I loved -loved LOVED it.. Eventhough the retarded darling bought tickets for the wrong day so he ended up paying for 4 tickets for 2 people. Tsk tsk... How come Chinese High student like this one??

I kinda miss London where you can catch musical at any corner of the street , any time of the day, any day of the year. Well almost. Why can't we do that here? Hmmm... I need to write an essay on this. Right now, I am halfway through writing my own musical. I am so excited.

Ahh... It shall be called : " Hear the Crystabal Hum "

Anybody wants to help me vet through the script and write scores??
Dr Kenneth Lyen spoke of talking to Iskandar Ismail for me. Wouldn't that be amazing? If it comes true, that is!
I'm so stressed now then... must be a good script. Else Sia Suay =9 ..

Maybe I should just ask Crremenntt is he got spare tyre. I mean tyme.

I better go buy tickets early and reserve some for my dear ones, my mom and brother should be here by then to watch my Esplanade debut. YAY!

Now now, I just have to look after my throat. It still has glue sticking all over its one tiny fish bone or some sort, pokes hard whenever I swallow, a new addition since yesterday. I am tempted to gorge a straw down my throat and scratch the fishbone (or something) out. So painful. Can someone help?


Okay, now I have to go back to my new toy HP iPaq rw6828 and remind meself to buy tickets soon, on the digital calendar.

Just put comments if you have questions okay??

Celly, is the musical like Crazy Horse cabaret?
Got wear clothes??
A lot?
Esplanade is where ah?..

blah blah..

no such thing as stupid question, I suppose.


At 8:50 AM, Anonymous fool gently snorted that...

aih... 10th june.. i won't be there until 14th... oh well, congrats anyway

i can help you with the your scripts (if you trust my mediocore scripting) hehehe

At 8:52 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

hey dy,
ur script will be out of this world, i bet.

btw, when u're here. i hope there's a clients update session.

will ask.


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