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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Self delusion.. Self exclusion

Because I am the most wonderful, the most possesive, the most psychotic yet most confllicted other half in the globe.

I would like to help boyfriend whore a bit of his goodies. His band.

Here's an excerpt:
It was a recent interview with The Aging Youth Music Company

Ugly In The Morning's sound can best be described as an eclectic mix of Funk, Blues and Rock with liberal doses of R&B/Soul with emphasis on vocal harmonies and kicking funk rhythms. Started in 1999, the band has undergone several line-up changes before settling into its current formation. In 2005, Ugly In The Morning has performed in the fund-raising charity event Operation Restoration at the YMCA Auditorium and has performed at the Esplanade Outdoor Theatre in February 2005.

Eric Lee - vocals
David Bapista - guitar, vocals
Noel Ong - guitar, vocals
Clement Yang - bass, vocals
Lin Ping - drums

--David, Eric, Noel, Clem, LP--
(Haiyohhhh... why he looks like a boyband member, the rest like from hardcore punk band-Celly)


Q: Ugly In The Morning has been playing several high profile gigs in the past few months. What are your plans for the rest of 2005?

David Bapista :Our plans are to basically continue gigging and selling our CDs. Hopefully, we will record a second album by the end of this year.

Q: How did you guys manage to discover (bassist) Clement's knack for singing?

David :We've always kind of known that Clement can sing because he writes his own songs and has been even a finalist in the ChannelNewsAsia "Get Real" competition.

But at that time, we had Neal doing the additional vocal parts so we never exercised that option.
So after Neal left, we got Rani in to do the additional vocals. She was great but unfortunately, she too had other commitments.

At that point, we felt it was too much trouble trying to find another replacement. Going through the whole rigmarole of teaching the songs to the new candidate gets a little tedious. So we decided we liked the current line-up of the five of us and decided that we'd all do our part when it came to the vocal harmonization.

Q: The bugger is an insane bassist and he won 'Best Guitarist' for 2004's Yamaha Asian Beat band competition. Now, he's singing the high harmonies in the band. What can't he do?

David :Well, lets see, he can play the bass, the guitar, the drums, the keyboards, and he sings... Shit, I guess there is nothing he can't do!

Q: The band has started to amass quite a number of new songs. Is recording a new album in the pipeline?

David :Well, as mentioned earlier, we are definitely writing new songs which we hope to record by the end of this year.

Q: Have you guys ever thrown overnight slumber parties and wake up to check who’s the ugliest in the morning before?

David :Err... No.

(I think they should. Clement might win.. heh heh.. joking kay, he's the cutest of them all- Celly)

I am so proud of himmmm... Why is he so perfect???

Haiyah.. I must tell you. I haven't been in a civilised relationship for yonks. I've forgotten the rules. This is the most civilised one in a couple of years. I should go to 'How to be a girlfriend' college first.

I know that externally, I'm the most understanding, loving, accomodating and easy going partner ever. But inside, I could be a conflicted, conniving psycho-byitch.

So, I think I am doing pretty badly for a rusty old timer. I am so fyucking sticky for even my own liking. I am too emotional and too goddamned sensitive. I am possessive and easily envious. I am vengeful and unstable. I am am annoying crybaby. I get upset over the stupidest things, I demand constant undivided attention , I expect princessy pampering and reliable support and all the time in his life and blood&sweat effort and everything else..EVERY MILLIMETRE OF HIM BELONGS TO ME!!! EVERY MICRO SECOND OF HIS BELONGS TO ME!! HIS BLOOD IS ALL I LIVE FOR!! *shyit.. that's TOO fyucking loony sial...!* Har Har.. (eventhough I hardly express any of this, so he doesn't know, I am of course all sane and normal in his eyes. If he does know what a fyucked up psychotik piece of shyit I am, he'd realise I'm how deranged, troublesome and unworthy of his time.

So, He can't know!

He wouldn't, unless he finally reads my blog.. or someone he knows reads my blog... SHYIT I hate this already.. now I can't even comprain about my lifegoings....ah ah.. you guys don't be so kaypoh ah.. Nature would resolve its own course.) .. KNNCCB$%)(*&!&^!!!!!!!!! Heh Heh.

Okay, must put disclaimer already, just in case:

I am really exaggerating lah. (DUH!) Things are going well, you know. Pretty wonderful. Must tell you that ALL these are mere rubbishy rantings. You know girls, I think maybe it's just PMS talking. You know. I'm really a nice girl who is normal and sane and just wants to grow old with someone I love. Maybe have 4 plump, cherubic kids, 6 Bentley sports cars and a big ass castle in Hertforshire.

I was just being rather.. literaturical. If there's such word.

Heh Heh.

HOwever, I bet by now, the poor bugger is stiffled and gasping for breath already.

And true that, I think having a decent boyfriend for Celly, is not the most fantastic idea. My friends would for once, not worry so much about my wellbeing. But, I would worry about many other redundant things. I should stick to Captain Scarys and weirdos whose live I would die to save. (not salivate over...). So that my only worry in life would be them dying in my arms.

I need to save peopleeeee.. and people need to $ave me...

Put me in their fat bank accounts or something.

Enough already.

Should I continue the Captain Scary and Princess Silly story?

I have a hunch some inspiration might flow back....


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