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Monday, May 22, 2006

Stop it Already Lah..


Oh blimey, so they've accused me for not planting my fingers on the blardy keyboard and blog, for sometime.

They've found 2 main causes. And they're apparently my toys.
Thanks to my very observant, creative readers.. You guys are merciless.


Here they are:

Toy numero uno:

My new new new handsome ipaq..


TOY Numero DUO

My new new new handsome boy boy



Sue me!

I really was going to write some more shits okay? I really was, but I got sick halfway in the week. Not sure if blogging about that would be fun.

Basically, I was down with cold, I sounded like Eric Cartman with voice already broken and I made phlegm-filled wontons and I shat watery wastes. Interesting?

In the weekend, I sang at Copthorne Hotel's The Piano Bar again. I think I will be singing there every now and then from now on. So... =)

It's just really great to sing with huge stars like Beverly Morata, Jenny and Eka Mairina who won Asia Bagus many many times. And the mullah is not bad. Eh heh.. Now got money to buy mom some toys. Dunno what she wants yet.

Man, speaking of singing...the Singapore Idol fever is on again!!
Sham and Jac were watching some audition clips on Channel 5 yesterday, roaring with laughter.

On the side, I met this braldy,muthafyuckin,bollocksly annoying SINGAPORE IDOL finalist, well top 28 who is so annoying I wanted to poke stuffed straws up her arse.

I don't want to say the name lah. I shall think of the consequences first. But, anyway, she's been frequenting this Bar (as a customer) and insisting on singing on stage.

This is how she introduced herself to EVERYBODY:

"Hello!!!! I am the Singapore Idol Finalist..Nice to meet you! I'm in top 28.. and oh... the 7 day of hell was just over.. and you'll see me on TV soon...ohh... blah blah blah..."

BLEUGHHHHHHHHHHH>>>>>>>>>>> FOR FUCKS SAKE! "Er, I got ask meh?"

Do I have to go to her saying..

"Hello!!! I am the owner of two smelly feet and they're gonna bonk your nostrils!!! SHUT THE FYUCK UP EH!"

And when the guitarist asked her if she'd like her key changed for the song:

" No need. Be Impressed, I can sing low.."

KANINA Cheebye.. of course can sing low lah... guy's song what.. I got a frog stuck in my throat also can sing that song low what... CCB.. Fyucking annoying leh.

I hope she doesn't get through the first round. She irritates the hell out of everybody. She always sings the same song at that Bar *big yawn*.. Matchbox Twenty's one, easy song also..

Then when I got up and sang Nat King Cole's LOVE, not like I insisted okay, I was told to.

She stood right in front of stage, sang along and screamed...

"AH!! I ALSO KNOW THIS SONG.. (err.. SOOO?????) I WANTED TO SING THIS SONG TOOO!!" or something like that lah. I don't know.

Bah, whatever lah ey..
Phark lah, Clem thinks she's like 15 or 14 or 12.. So childish and annoying.
When she sang, I made faces with the drummer and did some spanking gestures, I think her friend saw it and told her. Heuheuheue.. aiyah.. sorry hor... Natural reactions!

So, if anyone of you know which one she is. Heh. Sorry lah. She really very the irritating leh... Nevermind, once the Idol is out and rolling on TV every week, I will bitch somemore and update you on what's happening behind the scene.

One of the other finalist of Singapore Idol is a friend of mine too, this one is a hunk and he was spotted by Dick Lee... =).. Ah, I was Dancing next to Dick Lee at Butter Factory last month..
He was in white linen suit, very handsome... and also very er.. happening sial!

Aiyah. Nairmind. Later I get banned from the next Idol.

Okay, some pictures are coming right up..
I have a British friend who lives is Canada.
His name is Ryan and he is back roaming the Singapore streets for a while.
Growing up in the elite society in Indo and the ulu-est kampong in Canada,
his head is probably 90% made of cow dung by now. Not joking.

Ryan is one loony case but he's very the nice and very the entertaining. He'd buy me many many drinks whenever he tries to get totalled.

He is here for 4 months and he is lonely. So, if there's any girl out there, who like cute, skinny angmoh who can speak Indon and is 90% of the time NOT sober one way or another. Gimme a buzz. I'll give you Ryan Bexandale.

me & Ry @ESKI

We went to ESKI Bar at Holland Village to get frozen nipples and some beer. We weren't there very long. Ryan wasn't impressed.

"What the fuck are we doing here , Marcelly? I just came back from Canada! My balls haven't thawed yet.."

We then went to Rouge with Violet where some Indian fella tried to pick him up.
You should have seen Ryan going :" I am not gay.. fuck off.."
And half an hour later, they were arm-in-arm, drinking beer, being merry and hugging and all that shits. Ryan is hardcore lah. Respect!

Enough on my screwed up, lovely friends.

I took photo of my baby toy the other day.

*wait with flash not very the clear..*

I just realised I can do power point slides with it. Pretty cool huh.
Now don't need to bring lap tops for presentation, let me learn this one.

One thing I'm very very glad... is that now I get to be more organised. I remind myself of almost all the stupid things I always forget.. like..

Monday 7 pm - Buy Yoga MAt... Eh heh... heh...
I need this little helps I suppose.
And I'm gonna take up YOGA!!!!!!!!!!! YEYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!
Soon, I can David Copperfield.

Here's more piccie ..

*ahh.. better... so pretty!! That's me picture in the background*

The other day I lost the stylus as I blurly took out my ez link card from my wallet, typed sms and boarded a bus, all at the same time. So, I dunno where the little piece of metal stick went to.

So glad I found that any computer shops also sell stylus. But coz this model was just out last week or so, the stylus is still hard to find.
However, the stylus from O2 Atom fits in just nicely, I tried my friend's one. So I got Atom's stylus til I can find the iPaq one.
I was so upset that they only have one colour for the stylus.

Why can't they have pink, transparent or colourful stylus with LED?? Or one with furry tip.. or with svarovski crystal tip???

Anybody want to start this business with me??

Mind you, this idea is copyrighted!!! Anyone caught making and selling stylus like that must inform meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee * WAILLLLLLLLLL*

Oh, But apparently my friend's Atom got many many bugs and lices, I think better not download funny funny programs, just yet. But my ipaq baby so far NO plobrem leh.
I love its radio function.

Honestly I haven't been listening to the radio much before this. Only in taxis sial... and in shops.. So Sad, huh? No time lah. No car also!

But now I listen to radio more often, plus I get to record the sound and save it as my ringing tone. It's now Kelly Clarkson's "Because of You... =)

DA Radio ...

Ah, one more thingy,

THE DA VINCI CODE , THE MOVIEE..IS OUT BALLZ!!!! Tickets are sold out like hotbuns.

I'm gonna watch soon. Watch out! I bet more people are booking flights to Paris soon.
Lourve is gonna go on strike again, like the last time I was there. Hahahaha..

OkAY LAhh...

Will write soon..

Muax muax.. gonna play with my toys lor..


At 6:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Wah cool thanks for the pics!! :) have u tried wifi on the HP yet?? its due to be released here (WA) end of this month!! What u can do is if free nutting to do go around to SG's hotspots see can use IE or Skype!

At 8:40 PM, Blogger WhiteShepherd gently snorted that...

Bout time you took a hand off the boy and a hand off the toy to do some blogging. I know what you mean about idol. American Idol is wrapping up here. For the third time, an Alabamian is in the finals! True, us rednecks may not wear shoes and marry our cousins, but damnit, we can sing! Your poor friend Ryan. What an aweful pic! It makes him look like Mic Jagger after a two-day coke binge.

At 8:34 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

anonymous : Yeah I have tried the wifi of course!
I was surfing the net in ESKI bar in HOlland V apparently Indochine next door has wireless muahahahahahhaa.... I lent the iPaq to Violet who was checking on her Alonso online...

aiyah forgot to say, Violet wants to buy one also. Wonder where got good deal or can gimme discount heuheuheue..

Whiteshepherd: Ah, you are too right about Ryan, but he looks like that all the time though. Huheuhe..

And I've been watching the American Idol also!!!

I am so sad PAris is out!!!!!hiks hiks... And Chris.. hiks hiks.. and Elliot.. hiks hiks...

At 10:58 AM, Blogger Alex gently snorted that...

see lah, party too much at jook la. tats why sick. =p

At 1:33 PM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

aiyorr... jook ah..

heuheuehuheue... fancy seeing u at jook again... see i still party manimal horr..

somethings dun have to changeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


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