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Friday, May 26, 2006


Nowadays, there are some good things and bad things.

But one of the good thing is that I am getting very talkative and blog-active.
Another one is that I got even a newer toy... *sigh..*

Here is my new HP printer. Photosmart 385, propped in front of my Bottega Veneta =)

I adore adore adoreee this printer, I just got it recently. I know nowadays people hardly print their photoes anymore. But, a lot of time, printing them out could be really handy.

Especially for party shots, my Bday party shots!! So many photoes!!
I just need to stick the SD card into the slot, browse through the screen on the top of the printer and print many many!!! This way, I can give them to my friends so that they will frame it up and display in their living room.

Of course must choose the ones where I look best.

Heh Heh

This printer is so cute, small and compact, I thought it reminds me of..

I think we should soon legalise keeping pandas as pets. Aren't they just the most adorable little entities???


This is the box of the printer..

Inside got blue tooth compatible device also. It looks like a thumbdrive, but with flashing blue light.

At first I thought inside got free thumbdrive, heh heh, but I plugged into USB port and it didn't do much. Then, I read that I can send photoes to printer through blue tooth and print straight away. Wah dont need cable best! Dont need to on the pc even better coz my lao pok lap top is half expired.
Stupid Toshiba, lifespan 5 years MAX.

I shall try this too. The blue tooth printing thing, I mean.

I am gonna print some photoes soon. Will show you the results.

I am gonna print out my Birthday photoes... The Wendy mascot in a few of them can scare the rats and rodents in the house. Jackie and Sham would like their stupid faces on a solid piece of paper too. They like to hang things in the walls around the house, can't hang the blardy computer screen.



I have a bad feeling I will be fyuckin broke next month.
First I am moving house, I need to buy new sofa, telly, table, beds, sound system and everything else. There's also mommy to pamper

and the Great Singapore Sale is back.

Aiyayayaya... check out this offer..

Buy an iPod Video or Nano and get the second one at 10% off (discount is only applicable for the lower value iPod)*
15% off third party iPod accessories excluding speakers*
Get double Ram for free when you purchase any portables*
Terms and conditions apply

(EH!!! The other day I saw iPod NANO going at 50% off somewhere in the website. How come cannot find oredi ah??? Why leh??? I know ex-Gary baby bought me iPOD oredi last year, but but but.... iPod Nano 1GB at $138 is a steal! Let me know if anyone knows where can get this bargain!!! I want buy then sell heuheuheuhue....)

AUDIO HOUSELiang Court, SCN Industrial Building @ 118 Geylang Lor 23
The Ultimate World Cup Sale: Enjoy weekly offers on selected LCD TVs, Plasma TVs, CRT TVs and DVD recorders, and get up to 100% refund in the form of Audio House vouchers if your favourite soccer team wins the World Cup (till 15 July)

Wah the World cup is coming... I got chance to earn back the shopping losses!!!!
I think Pahang will win... Heh heh..

AUSSINOParagon, Plaza Singapura, Parkway Parade, Tampines Mall, Great World City, West Mall, Suntec City, Causeway Point, Junction 8, Centrepoint
NOW printed fitted bedsheet sets (all sizes) @ $10 nett each (till 18 June)

Ah... I sure go one!!!All my sheets are from Aussino. MAI THU LIAO!

If you guys go, please save some of the Queen and single sinzed ones for me oh kay!!!!!!!!

*sigh....*.. My money... my money..... I can see them flying away already!!!!!!!!!..


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that panda is really kawaii!

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u keeping a claustrophobic panda in a small plastic cage? that's animal cruelty! :)

At 9:46 AM, Blogger CELLE gently snorted that...

aiyor *hands up*.. NOT ME OHR!

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