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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

The Sales Girl who's scared of Sales Girl.

What's in a name?

Call them Relationship Managers, call them Account Managers, call me Land banking Consultant, call me Investment advisor.

Admit it. We are sales people.

Even if they sell shoes, jewellery, spa packages, IT solutions, investment products, insurance, houses. whatever. in sales means in sales.

Is it weird for sales people to be scared of sales people?
Maybe cause I cannot do hardsell, I don't and not allowed to by company anyway.

But I am super scared of hardsellers.

I am scared of two things:

1. I become a sucker and sign up anyway... like my spa package! goodness, I was so scared to go for my last session cause I know the spa girl sure call me "sayang", give me those puppy eyes and persuade me into signing up again.

2. I am scared that I turn up my wall and become super rude. Like how I got so annoyed and tell them off in the face. And then felt so awful afterwards cause I know they're just doing their job.

So this is what happened to my Stanchart RM. I forgot my password to my account and I had to change some of my status like my name spelling and my citizenship.

There I went to the Thomson branch. and GOSH! Aren't they overstaffed? totally no customer on a Monday lunch time! So many RMs walking about eating free money cause bo seng li mah.

I then sat down with one of them VV, VV was nice and friendly, attended to my enquiries.

And the she walked off for quite sometime to sort out the stuff. And I think she purposely took her time cause noone else in the bank anyway, must look like got do work ok?

This is when the problem starts. There were so many brochures laid our at the table. All right in front of you with pretty pictures.... must be a trick.. grrr..

So I started browsing one of them, which says 14%p.a... basket...
she just timed it perfectly, that's when she returned, I think she been spying on me from the back, wait til I picked up one of the brochures and came back.

"Hi, can I explain to you more about that savings program? It's pretty high you know? 14% pa.. come let me explain to you"

"Er... "

I really wanted to say: "Please lor.. dont bluff me!!! I know it's tied to an endowment plan, which is really for people who do not know how to save money regularly and invest them. The actual returns are only about 2-4% p.a I think and pls lor.. it's 25 yrs maturity. "

Instead I said: " Actually my husband is waiting for me outside.. I really have no time now.."
which is also true.

She then went on," Really it shouldnt take long.."

My hands got clammy, cause I am scared my horns started growing.

" ER.. no thanks, I know it's a Prudential thing.. maybe I just bring home the brochure first, by the way can you send me the password and everything?"

"Oh cannot.. it's not safe.. you have to collect it back here..then maybe I can explain then?"

"Oh really? " (BASKET! Since when is it not safe to send bank letters to your home! I know it was a trick for me to see her again...)

I really wanted to say:".. Actually, don't waste your time, I know that the 14% p.a is not that true, coz u can only put in for one month, so effectively it's 1 plus% for the whole yr...seriously.. I am getting 15% p.a on my investment, without fail.. so... thanks...but no thanks.. .."
.. I also wanted to add" Er.. sorry but I have really smart ex school mates and friend who design all these structured products and funds too.. and they will never buy them.. lolx. cause they know inside out they're crap.. but some do invest with me instead..."... which are all entirely true.

But instead.. silly scaredycat me said "Err.. I really cant think of all these right now, I just want my new account etc first.. please just give me it. Maybe next time."

"Ok then, how about you meet me here again next week..? When you get your details next week?"

Aiks... I was like.. dang lah... I either have to come up with some excuse again or get irritated..
or.. as Gan suggests, just be very honest with her.. and tell her all these products are not for me.. how I will never buy any investment that a bank sells. Bank's purely for loans and daily moneys. How they should be.

I wonder if she's gonna shoot me with a machine gun next week.

My hands are clammy again now.. Dang. I am gonna call the hotline to see if they can send the bloody new details to my home. So silly



At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Kristen gently snorted that...

Wa lau, girl, don't be scared! If you don't wanna be too nasty, just use this technique I learnt from an ex colleague of mine...ready?
First, be very still and quiet. Use your eyes to convey your resentment. Stare at the Salesgirl like she irritates the crap out of you. Which she really is doing, of course. Then, in measured tones, say "I have to go now if you refuse to give me what I need" Then waltz out with your head held high. She'll be too flabbergasted to give you anymore BS before you reach the door. I do this sort of thing at beauty salons that try their darnest to make you sign up for more packages!

At 5:01 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

lol. thanks kristen. good idea. not sure i can carry it off. seems very mean leh.. lolx. maybe whenim drunk i can do it! haha. thanks babe anyway!

At 12:42 AM, Anonymous Kristen gently snorted that...

No, babe, screaming and getting visibly angry would be mean. In this scenario you're just detangling yourself from possibly getting stuck with another spa package or money sucking 'deal', and the salesgirl gets to keep her dignity. Nip it in the butt, I say. I've been suckered into buying useless thing by this kind of hardsell too many times. By walking away quickly I feel I'm saving time for both parties.
On a happier note, congrats on ur wedding, you were a radiant bride! :)

At 2:51 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

hmm.. ure right.. actually i can just look at the in the eye and tell her it's not for me. tell her sorry and thank u and walk off. ok sounds good. thanks! lolx.

At 3:32 PM, Anonymous Kristen gently snorted that...

That's my girl! LOL


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