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Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Liddle ROM partay - 14 February 2009

This is long overdue, Coz on the 8th August 2009, we just got really really hitched with a wonderful banquet..

But on 14th February earlier this year..

It started with a centre piece....

Beautiful luscious roses from Violet.

And a pair of Rings...

White gold, rounded and a diamond that signifies eternity..

A set up by the pool, in the breeze..
With gold cloths flying by and red rose petals adoring the white spreads..
(Thanks to the creative friends we have!)
The families and close friends were there.
The bride was smiling and the groom looks totally calm (no cold feet whatsoever! =)..)..

And the honourable JP, Mr Koh was on time. ..We were late though!

Then there's this pair of nervous individuals. Eutjin and Marcelly.

About to sell their lives away to each other..

Totally speechless.

Mr Koh asked :" Would you like to read your own vows?"

Me and Gan looked at each other, :" Heh? What Vow?"

Comical, I must say. Mr Koh shook his head and took out a list of standard vows.
"Why don't you pick one from here then". We just picked the shortest one and went for it..

GAN !! NO VOW???


But that's Gan for me. Never really know what to say. Never really have the words. But I know he's ever so true to everything he does. At least I know he're true to me.

It's not what he says anyway, it's what he does. Vows are vows. Our vows are simple and we express it every other time. I can't stop saying how lucky I am to have finally met Gan.

Me and Gan giggled a little and say our "I do"s. It was over before I felt it start. Funny.
I was a bit nervous, to be honest.

It was like.. ok Marcelly, that's it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But seeing how sure Gan is, is really calming. Gan is so sure. Rock solid kind.

Never once, he ever wonders if his bride shall be anyone else but me.
I admit I probably falter more, at least in the mind. But I always run back fast enough.

And so the ROM goes...


Memorable.. with Daddy and Mommy..



With great friends..

More great friends..

And more great friends..

And the handsome boys..

This was table that showed off our pre wed photoes.. having said that,,..
it was taken in a little island called the "Angel island" off the coast of Jakarta.
It was beautiful, I shall show some of them next time..

Personal, simple, we were sorrounded by the closest of friends and families.
and the bright sunny day signified a whole new beginning..

3 Cheers!!!

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