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Sunday, November 22, 2009

3 Sure Fire Ways to Rid off the Credit Card/ Insurance Girls

Give them a break, wil ya? They're just doing their job..=)

but oh well, when they call at the wrong time, I know they may get on your nerves.

Instead of being rude and slamming down the phone like many other, why not make their day more interesting?

(Was talking to Jac and the girls about this topic and hohoho... She has ideas)

1. "Good Morning Miss Lee, my name is Maria, I am calling from RBS, we are hcalling to check if you have credit card from us yet?

----"Oh don't worry, I have so many already. I am using one as a door stopper, one as a book mark. You think I need one more to scrap my armpit?

Thank you!

2. "Hello Miss Lee, my name is Julia. I am calling from UOB Credit line.."

-----" HA? HA? Hosiwalakewalramehgarajattii..oohhhrammrrmama..geeeyootibubusheshe.haha hahah..hoho..hihi."

Thank you!


4. "Good Afternoon Miss Lee, my name is Jenny, calling on behalf of NTUC Income.."

" Oh.. hi Jenny...=))"........-sound happy!

"Hi Miss Lee.."

"Jenny,,.. what are you wearing??....(softly and cheekily)

"Sorry?...(must be startled)

"I said..What are you wearing now Jenny??"

"Hi Ma'am.. I think i call you back later.."...panic liao..

" Oh no.. Jenny. I am free to talk now.. just tell me, what are you wearing?"...



Maybe they'll put you in a voluntary DO NOT CALL list.


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