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Monday, March 16, 2009

Does Money Disappear?

We all know that the world is undergoing changes and new challenges.
A friend of ours insisted that money has disappeared and people have all become poorer.

I beg to differ.

Money, like energy does not disappear. It just flows elsewhere.

During recession, money changes hands and one man's loss is another man's win.

For example. Mr X lost money in stock market, he bought Cosco stock at $5 and now it's less that $1. $4 is gone kaput into thin air.

Did it really?

The $5 physically has gone to the person who bought it from him, Mr Y, The money didn't go kaput, it flowed.

Values disappearing is different from actually physical dollars disappearing.

Dollars possibly disappear, only if say, you burn them in the incinerator or flush it down the toilet.

If Mr Y took the $5 to the casino and lost it. Oh well, $5 has gone to the casino.
If casino use $5 to pay tax, then it went back to govt.

If govt used it to buy citi share at $5, then $5 has gone to Mr Z who cold it to him, regardless of the fact that the shares have gone down to $1.

If Mr Z used $5 to buy a house and the house has gone down to being worth $3, well..the $5 has to Mr A who sold him the house. Regardless of current valuation.

The $5 is still intact. It's under Mr A's pillow now.

So, anyway.. what I am saying is, that money is still there, in fact more because they are printing new ones as time goes by.

Question is if we can spot where it flows to.

For example, billions of dollars stayed out of stock market since last year, well this bulk has now gone somewhere. maybe kept in cash, maybe to buy a house, maybe to pay for holidays. maybe to invest in alternative assets. .. Who knows?
But definitely not kaput.

For example, stock trading volumes are low these days, but fixed Deposits are fat.

Interestingly, it is also business as usual where I work at Walton International.
Have you seen our Celebratory Notice last Sunday?

Walton may not provide investment options with the fastest, most exciting or highest returns, I personally still trade stocks and get stuck, but the key point is DIVERSIFY. Many people have a dire need to see the need for this. I feel I've spotted opportunity.

But anyway, that's besides the point. I am not writing this to be about where I work.

But about the people I work with.

They are some of the most positive, driven people with the highest energy and awesome attitudes. Amazing.
It's contagious and I really want to share this with as many people as possible.

Success in everything is 70% mindset and 30% skillset. And I think everyone out there, wherever you are working, should apply the same attitude.

Opportunity is abound and abundant! Wake up and smell the coffee!

I feel that those with positive attitudes towards everything will have a much higher chance of making it this year.

2009 is not an easy year. But it's a defining year, It's the year of golden opportunity!
Those who can spot opportunities will win. Those who don't will not. Whatever it is, jobs, businesses or investments.

So, cheer up, if you're not cheered. As long as your mind is positive, positive things will come to you.

I wish everyone a really great year in 2009! I refuse to believe that all are sour.


I dislike the newspaper for always painting the worst of everything.

For example: they only talk about how US has the highest amount of debt in the world.
They forgot to mention that US also has the highest GDP revenue in the world! 3 times the second biggest GDP. And if you calculate the Debt VS GDP ratio, US has the lowest ratio among all the other G7 countries at 35%, Japan has the highest with 170%

Oh, well... but then again, bad news sell the papers..

I met someone recently who claimed to be very religious and avid reader of famous faith books... but the only words coming out of her mouth are complaints about the government, ERP raising. inflation... blah blah.. I told her, that if she's not happy, why not move to Zimbabwe !! GOT NO ERP there wat!!! Alternatively, she can move to Jakarta, no ERP but got consistent MASSIVE JAM! Which one she wants? And please, bloody hell, dont want pay ERP, take the freaking MRT lah. In jakarta, you won't even have that option. It's time she wakes up and appreciates what blessing she has. What's the point of reading so much theory and yet don't know how to apply to real life?

Coming back to the newspaper.. Geezz...I do read it everyday, but lucky I can sit on the fence all the time. Many many more over-sensationalised news which only bring fears and negativities to the public. Fears of retrenchments, fear of losing this, losing that. Luckily these days, they started sporting success stories of successful people too. Stories which are inspiring and motivating. Please do more!

And now more than ever, WE NEED POSITIVE PEOPLE with POSITIVE mindsets and POSITIVE attitudes. it's TEAM WORK people! Or else we are going backwards.

If you are already POSITIVE, this is a calling. Please inspire others to be POSITIVE just like you!

In fact, this is the best year to earn as much as you can because govt is giving more tax rebates!!

And if you can afford it, this is probably the best year to buy a new car and go travelling too..

I see even more opportunities. See??

I hope you guys do too!

ALL THE BEST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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At 3:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Hey babe, thank you for the very inspiring post. I agree with you on many points! Have a great year ahead. Ivy

At 7:40 AM, Anonymous Jacob gently snorted that...

The government is not perfect.And there are times when it feels like the citizens are being taken advantage of.ERP on the weekend when the roads are so empty is an example. The preposterously low speed limit of 70kmh on KPE and lack of publicity of the speed limit resulting in many people being caught for speeding.

When criticism is made, it is with the hope that the condition will be improved. I dont see any harm in hoping for an improvement. Comparison with vastly inferior systems like Zimbabwe or Indonesia doesnt change the fact that there is room for improvement.

It worries me that new citizens coming from countries that have less capable governments will support the policies of their newly adopted country blindly.

Other than that, I must say your post is very well written and I am sure you will be one of those who will grab the opportunities in this recession and benefit greatly.

At 12:31 AM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

ivy: thanks babe! all the best to u ya!

jacob: agreed that criticisms need to be made too. but i think the question is : how it's done.
constructive comments and destructive comments can have the same content but v differen delivery i guess.. if she told it in a more positive tone, i probably would have taken it not as a complaint, but as a suggestion?

u reckon?

anyway, thanks! hope its the same for u too! jia you!


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