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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Viva La TaiPei - The Touristy bits

You know how I am not a big fan of touristy places. It always feels like being conned, hence the famed tourist traps.

However, better visit those significant places to mark your visit (sort of peeing around the territory), take photo and have proof that you've been there kinda thing.
Silly I know, but don't tell me you don't do it.

Having said all that, the tour was all paid for. Hehehe.. so me and Gan had better tagged along.

So, what is really worth visiting in Taipei as a tourist?

1. 101 Building:

Once upon a time up (maybe til today), this is/was the tallest building in the world. But I think Dubai is building a taller one, and/or Shanghai is building another taller one. And I lost track.... But who cares, tall enough.

This photo so screams: " I've been to Taipei". Bloody tourist me.

No matter what people say, I still feel that Republic Plaza where I work is the tallest in the world. Sheesh. Takes forever to get to my office.

Right in front of 101 that day, was a structure not quite as tall as 101, but 101 more times lovable.

THE TIFFANY & CO Christmas TREE!!!!!!!!!!!

"Santa baby... so hurrryyyy down the chimney tonight!!"

What could be better than this tree? A whole tree of Girl's best friend. Gan was so scared to go near it, he was like :" I just don't like this treeee.., no sane man would" Such a grand arse my husband. =p


Oldest, most famous, most ridiculously priced hotel in Taiwan????

What else? Standard. I borrowed the toilet lor.. And on the way, take lots of pictures. Can't afford a night here, apparently more expensive than Raffles Hotel.

Not sure if it's older but definitely a whole lot more cheena.
Personally, I won't stay in this hotel even if I am willing to pay for it. I keep thinking of jumping Chinese ghosts........

Anyway... still..

Better go and take photo of this one when you go Taipei, later people say you no class..

3. The Sun Moon Lake.

Quite a distance away from Taipei. But it was quite beautiful. Especially if you live in Singapore and no chance to see a big lake like this.

Don't bother paying and going on the boat, just stay one side and take photoes and relaxx.... the view is good enough. The boat is just a boat. And the island in the middle of the lake is optional. Not so special.

Pretty breathtaking right?

4. SOME TOuristy historical building

At first I thought it was a palace. Then I found out it's a memorial building that houses the tomb of falllen soldiers.


That's what I thought at first.

Until I saw the changing guard session at lunch time.

Nothing so good about what they do.
But some of the guards are quite droolworthy. You know what they say about guys in uniform right??


So Thank Heavens for fit Taiwanese blokes. This place is now visit-worthy.
Better take photo with one of the guard too!!!

5. LOVERS Bridge

Located by the Fisherman's wharf. This place is only visit-worthy if you're going with your lover.

Like me and my husband lover Gan.

Else it's just damn lame to go the Lover's bridge. most of the shops were closed, tourists and locals were hard to spot. Not sure if it was because it was a weekday or a cold autumn day.

The place has nothing much, almost like quite and quaint Santa Cruz, Monterey or Manly. Just a seaside set-up with lovers hiding and watching the sunset. But much quiter. Good to go there and zho bo or count birds.


That's it. Nothing else was good enough on my book.

Didn't go to the marble mountain or tribal states.Go hiking in the Forests and stuffs. But seriously, it's ok. I'd skip.

Maybe the nature lovers will love that.

Nature doesn't like me very much.

Gives me mosquito bites, pimples, rashes and a temper.

I think the biggest entertainment I had in Taiwan was how they spell sooo many freaking English word wrongly. That or just using it in the wrong context.

Up next is a compilation of that. No wonder, back in college, all the Taiwanese can't speak good English and Kenny always copied my homework. He even wrote dozens of love letters to me in Traditional Chinese. Trust me, he's not being romantic. He just can't write them in English.
Many Many Taiwanese just has very terrible command of English. ( No offence, but I really find it so)

But what to do??? The traditional Chinese writing have soooooooooooo many strokes that their brain got no memory space to remember another language liao..

Stay tuned for the silliest English spellings/sentences ever...

BTW!!!! Who has tried my mom's bakmie yet???? (
Give feedback leh.. email me or comment k... Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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