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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome to Taiwan!!!!

Actually, Gan is really superb.

Me and Gan had a company incentive trip in Dec 2008 from 12-17th and we were headed for Taiwan. So we and the Walton's AHK division flew again for the umpttenth time this year.. yet for another overseas holiday trip, paid for by my boss, who is the bestest in the world.. Yipeee!!!


Taiwan is where Kenny's from (Kenny's my first boyfriend, we were tog for 6 yrs), and I was supposed to meet Kenny's brothers and mom when we got to Tai Chung.
Really just to catch up, and out of graciousness and I kinda miss them too, anyway, Kenny himself is in Shanghai not Tai Chung.

But Gan was as usual, totally cool about it, in fact we all hung out together and had a great time! Gan is the coolest.

So, anyway.. besides Gan, Taiwan is pretty great too..

I have many stories to tell..

But first.. I need to categorise the stories again, ( for the sake of being organised and systemised, lol)...


First up - Foods of Taiwan

then - Sight seeing in Taiwan

then - Friends in Taiwan

and last but not least - Ncturnal & other happening activities (like shopping) in Taiwan.

I think Taipei/Taichung.., like Jakarta, Bangkok or Hong Kong.... ain't no Paris...The lakes ain't no Danube, the main shopping street aint no Champs de-Elysee, the beach ain't no Malibu and the mountains ain't no Alps..

But they do make up for it in other ways.

The snacks are worth queueing for, the culture is modern, yet laid back and down-to-earth and the people are wonderful!!

They are very very fun, friendly, playful and the guys are damn cute!!!

They all look like Jay Chou and Van! Same hair and style and all...

However, the girls are damn made up, with cantilevered eye lashes that touch the sky and eyes smokey black like panda, but *shrugs*.. guys like..*Zzzzz....ZZzzz

Anyhow, gotta upload the pics then.. till then.

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