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Sunday, December 07, 2008

$150 will solve my identity crisis

I may have mentioned this story before.

My name is Marcelly Suhali. It really is. with two L.
I have been born with it and have grown up and into an adult with it.

2 yrs ago, I got my blue Singapore IC.

They wrote : Marcely Suhali.

I comprain!!!
I was upset of losing an L. It's like Raymond becoming Ramon, like Barry becoming Bary.

It was life- threateningly upsetting... trust me.. if you lose an alphabet in your first name, will you be very happy?? So, I went on an adventure to find my lost L.

Apparently, silly, cock-eyed, government clarks in Indonesia couldn't type people's names very well. So, they missed out an L and my passport said Marcely. I realised it's not possible to convince ICA to change my name unless I change the one in the passport first. And the only way to change the spelling in the passport is to prove it with my birth certificate...
I'll show em'!!

So, I took my lawful birth certificate and checked...

It said:

Marcely Suhali.


Sigh... I've been statutorily conned all my life.

So that was 2 yrs ago.. I still managed to limbo between Marcelly and Marcely on my different credit cards, emails and name card. Basically, a serious identity crisis.

Recently, I renounced my Indonesian citizenship, gained my Singapore citizenship, and went to the lawyers to get the documents done.

The clark asked : " You wanna change your name??? We can do a Deed Poll for you, $150 only.."

Me: " Change my name ah??? To what?"

She: " Anything you want lah.. You want put middle name, Chinese name, maiden name.. anything..all same $150.."

Me: "Ermm" I thought of my lost 'L' I had an idea.." How about just add an L"

She: " Huh?? Just add an 'L'.. Aiyoh.. are you sure just add an L? you can put any extra name one, Christian name, middle name...??"

Me: "Waitt ahh... I call mom.."

Me: "Mommiiii! I gonna do deed poll.. Add one L for $150. What do you think ah?"

Mom: " Do lah.. you always complained you lost one L"

Me: " Hmm.... $150 for just one L lor.."

Mom: " Why? You think bo hoa is it??? Then add 3 Ls lor!! Cheaper for each L"

Me: "Heh Heh.... Dont want.. ok mommiii.. thank you.."

(ps: bo hoa - not worth the $) So I got mine done... Now I am legally Marcelly Suhali!!! YAY!

I think the $150 is worth every penny. I got my identity back.

The only other sad thing nowadays, is whenever authorities look at my deed poll,
as I told them I've change my name, ...

More often than not, while looking at the deed poll intently, this is what they say, with a sincerely confused face:

"What's the diff ah?.."


Say hi to Marcelly!!


At 9:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

congrats for ur name and being a singaporean :) Have u collected ur ic:) with 2ls?

At 11:41 PM, Anonymous teikwynn gently snorted that...

that must be the most expensive L in the world.

At 12:37 AM, Blogger Kon Yew gently snorted that...

Dear MarceLLy,
congrats on resolving your identity crisis! have you thought about how you would settle the next one? Mrs Gan or Mdm Suhali? i think they both come free-of-charge.

At 5:31 AM, Anonymous Evelyn gently snorted that...

oi which law firm u went to? Only need $50-$100

At 3:08 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

alamakk... i got cheated then! i went to the china town one! @#$%^*!!

At 3:41 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

my Ic is gonna take 5 months!!!
=(( now i hv a piece of paper only..

teikwynn: lolx... howdy??

dr kiloyankee!- ya!! we thought a bout it.. it's gonna be mrs suhali-gan!

hehehe f.o.c too i believe,.


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