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Friday, September 12, 2008

Bull or Bear, Boom or Crash, Question: Are the fundamentals still growing?

Good Day Everyone!

If you are one who ventures into the various speculative markets,
the following write-up that my team did may be food for thought.
Contrary to many people's understanding,
despite Market conditions for the past decades,
be it Bull Market or Bear Market,
be it housing boom or housing crash,
US GDP and US population actually still continue to grow!

This is not the first 'recessionary' period we face. There has been so many in the past decades, let's look at the statistics on fundamental growths throughout these periods.

US GDP goes up during Bull market run!

US GDP still goes up during Bear market!!
Any relation then? Naught

US population has been increasing steadily the past decades.
And US is forecasted to continue so. unlike Europe and Japan.
This shows something consistent about the "real" fundamental growth in US.
Evidently, market performance is not an accurate reflection of the economy but more a game of market sentiments.
In this gloomy situation, perhaps we should take some time reviewing our investment strategy. After all, isn't the top priority to continuously add value to our portfolios, regardless of market situation?

If the bear market is likely going to give you zero to negative returns in the next 3-4 years to hold out, it may be a good idea to look at other options as a diversification and to hedge against inflation.
You may want to consider an option that has all the following characteristics:

1) Hedge against Inflation - unleveraged hard assets.

2) Capital Preservation

3) Low to zero correlation to speculative market

4) Manageable timeline 4-6 yrs

5) Returns based on methodical processes and Fundamentals
- Value Add process , e.g- expertise, experience and track record in urban planning, etc
- Fundamental growth trends , e.g -sustainable, long term GDP and Population growth

Land is one asset class that fits these criterias.

"With sustainable GDP and Population Growth trend, various developments (residential/commercial) will continue to occur.
Developable prime lands being limited in supply, will always be in demand.

Land banking with the experienced experts may be one of viable options which delivers, even during uncertain times like now"

Walton International Group is the ONLY known land banking company with a solid track record of 29 yrs. Walton also works closely with various financial institutions in Europe, North America, Japan and Asia to educate more people on this unique opportunity.

*Our most recently updated audited track record of 29 yrs stands at an average of 23.55% p.a

If you'd like more information about the risk, returns, securities and opportunities of land banking with Walton, please email me at

##Please take note that the graphs and writings above are private property. I would appreciate if you don't copy and misuse it elsewhere.

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