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Thursday, May 15, 2008

My birfday partiey plan..(expired)

Well.. so 2nd of May was my birthday.. I did a birthday rap 3 yrs ago,
Re-read for some nostalgia, it was good ok? for an immature amateur!
but now I think I am just too mature for that sort of stuff. *uh umm*

So I sent out invites to a chi chi party, that took place 2 weeks ago.
But I thought the invitation was quite ridiculous, I don't know how my friends friend me.
I also don't know how I friend me.

INVITATION: (totally expired)

Here's the plan for Princess Marcelly's schweet 17th Birthday.

Any constructive suggestion/advice pertaining to the plan, put nicely, is appreciated too.

3rd May 2008 - Saturday

7.30- 9.30pm : Cocktail party at Raffles Hotel - CityView Suite, give my man Gan a call when you reach lobby = xxxxxxx. (pls dont call him for anything else, like a scrub massage/prank calls/indecent solicitation, etc)

We will have food and alcohol but feel free to adorn us with exotic beers and healthy organic eats.

930-1030- to finish up the drinks and co-ordinate everyone (tell you it's gonna take ages)

1030 pm til late - after feeling 'high' and 'happy', walk accross to Chijmes to crash Imsomnia and Le Barogue.

I am refraining myself from booking table in both places. Cause we should do it the US way.
Stand up, drink, mingle and dance. No sitting down allowed. That's why we pre-glowed first in the suite. The boo-boo blokes can stay outside the club watch footie, screw you guys!

DRESS CODE : Smart Casual. No slippers and berms. We make it a chi chi party laaa.. for me.. you know like those New York Upper East Side parties where everyone dress up effortfully and look constipated..But, we should do the former not the latter.

Ok beloved friends,, see you!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait!


PS: No staying over allowed because Eu-tjin insisted (maybe he wants to do a strip dance.. ssshh..), but you are allowed to use the toilets and fantasise sleeping on the luscious bed with Edison Chen (if you're a girl) and Cecilia Cheung (if you're a guy).

Also, noone is allowed to look nicer than me. I know all my friends are hot babes. Do dress up to respect moi, but dont look prettier than me ok? Draw a big mole on the forehead or something. sphanks =)

-end of invite


See, that was the plan..

But what really happenned --

1. was that chi chi party was not me, and I was trodding around like an unglam cow, screaming, jumping on the bed by 10pm.


2. was that Eutjin was intoxicated and puking by 11 pm and I had to forget about the strip dance already, cause he lay dead like a log, smelling like dead fish til 3 pm the next day.

But I still love him. Heh.

Photoes up soon. =)


At 3:07 PM, Blogger toysrevil gently snorted that...

happy belated bdaye! and many more years of bliss and happiness :)))))

At 12:57 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

Thank u!!! sorry for late reply =) heh heh... thank u again


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