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Sunday, March 09, 2008

HK2008- Me and Ah Gan- Day 2

HONGKONG we're here AGAIN!!
This is our 2nd day story... Today is the day we are out on an adventure.

Adventure to our inner nostalgic childhood cravings...

I dressed up ala Hong Kong La Mei, complete with revealed navel and mini michellin belly. Heh heh.. can't help but gain a bit of weight in HK, you know.. all the cheap beerr.. supper.. wantons.. duckss... pork ... more pork..dessert geez...How do the HK girls stay so slim, they must be reverse bullimic or something..

Before we set out to the far end, we had lunch. At Max's famous Wanton mee.

A bit more expensive than the normal fare, This one has whole prawns inside the wantons, nice springy noodles and for goodness sake I am not a food critic.

Anyway it's at Central and it's quite famous, so probably good idea to tell people you tried it when you were in Hk or something like that lah..To be more IN, you know.

We then boarded the MTR that headed to DISNEYLAND!!!!

Yay, fret not my friend, if you are not a Disney fan.

It is not a pre-requisite to enjoy the wonderland.

Though of course, me, myself, and I am a TOTAL Disney fan.

I grew up watching Donald Duck and singing all the princessy songs. I still do nowadays! Even more so after visiting Disneyland. I just bought the Disney princess collection CD to Gan's dismay and started singing them in our car... he wasn't very happy though, I think.

Check out the MTR.. It's got Mickey's face all over, at the handle, at the window..


Ta ta ta ta....

I know that for some, Disneyland is no biggie, especially HK one. It's way smaller compared to one in SF, Paris or even Tokyo.

For me, it is a big deal OK. I love Disney and I have never been to Disneyland before this HK trip. So pardon my kampungness.

Bear with me ok...

Here's Mickey on top of the whale in Pinocchio's story.
ANd me happy as clam.

Here's Gan and me and Mickey's face again!!

Be prepared to see a lot of these 3 faces.

There's an old charm about the area. Dainty cars make great show offs here.

We boarded the tram that toot-toot-ed around the place. HK Disneyland is rather small, mind you. I have been to much bigger theme parks in Blackpool, England but they didn't have Disney songs played over the PA system. What a boo boo.

The dumbo ride is a classic. It is also a bore if you've been on it like umpteen times.

Jakarta has theme park too you know? Dufan- Dunia Fantasi. So they had dumbo too. I have been on it so many times when I was wee, and and I grew sick of it already.

so, we watched the shows... The shows were amazingly entertaining.

For this Philharmagic, we had to put on 3D glasses. And boy, yes it was very 3D.

I really felt like Donald Duck was spitting on my face, made me siam and realise it was just a 3 D trick and so I looked stupid. By the way they tricked all your 4 senses cause my face got really wet too. They had water sprays at the front seat targetted at your face. Very smart la. That or I am just easily impressed.

Awww so hammsemm laaa

Must remember to check this one out k..

After that, Gan had to stop for food. What else could it be?? The man EATS!! with capital E.

We orderred some dim sum and they were sucky.

I guess Disneyland is good for many things, but not the place to go for food lah, obviously.
Gan still gobbled them down anyway..

I posed in front of more 'castles '. You know I am still that little girl at heart who wishes that she is a princess in a castle, wearing lavish gowns with layers, laces and sparkles... waiting for her prince charming...Sorry, I am a sentimentalist.. Those fairy tales still move me. I think I might tear when I tell bed time stories to my kids next time.

There was also a parade going on. Pretty ladies made up to be princesses. Ah.. this I cannot be conned. They took away the meaning in fairy tales for me.

Somehow, they tried to make it real and seem really fake, make me realise all over again that they were just wishful thinkings.

Eu-Tjin bought ice creamss... And guess what?

More Mickey's head!!! I tell you ah.. this is baddddd.. This is like teaching the kids to eat Mickey's head... argh.. How can they shape it as Mickey's head?TSK TSK

It's like cartooniballism.. I don't agree. I am very whimsical. They should stay fantastical and not in my digestive system.

Ahaa.. Future world.. We went up for some rides..

A car that is led by and more or else stuck to a bleeding guide panel in the middle.
It's so annoying to drive. It's a kid's ride lah. What to do. I shouldn't even be in it. But since I failed my Advanced theory, ..I have to be contented for now...

I am sure Gan agreed... sigh.. even I worry of the day I get my license.

At 8 pm, There is the fire works and illumination show at the main castle.

This was one of the snapshots... It was breathtaking, at least for me. I think Gan was quite happy too. Though I was making the most noise.

This one is nice. =).. Awwww........
We then went to the Disney Souvenier Store like any other conned tourists, but I guess we gave in anyway.. since y'know I am not a tourist every day.

So we walked in and found many souveniers to buy... So so so many...

keychains, soft toys, fridge magnets.. we spent a bomb there..

But we found these head bandss... so cute right??

Look at Mickey and Minnie getting wed.. hahahahaa...

This entry is cute to even my own liking. Mang, hahah..

This is the scene along the Disney street, at night. Hmm..

Thinking back, it's quite nostalgic actually. The whole day there, I was like on lala land.. So happy to be in fairy tale.. But guess it's now time to go the real world.

So we took the traing back to meet Sandy at CauseWay Bay.. for dinner.

We went for the HK cart noodles.

Here's pretty Sandy posing for the cart noodles.
So fun ordering it! You can choose many veggies, meat and spare parts to be put in your noodle.

I choose spare parts like intestine lah.. blood lah.. but Gan is anti-spare parts for some reason..
But his mom is so totally proud that he is so, which means that he has a healthy diet.

After that we went for dessert....

In HK, please keep your left tummy compartment empty after dinner, because you need to go next door to the dessert shop and eat some fattening but irresistible desserts.

So, please... save space... seems like in HK, this is a trend.

SO, of course Gan was more than happy to gobble down the dessert.

There are so many to choose from, from the more angmoh pai one...Mango crepe wrap.. to the more CHeena one.. like pomelo and mango or the tang yuan and muachi..


Upon being well fed.. We staggered home and slept soundly.. It was another fulfilling day in HK..was looking forward to my 3rd day..

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