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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

il Lido baby

Taking a break in Singapore used to revolve among:




more makan..


more makan..

Now we can sail away for a few hours with uber posh yachts, which nibbling on tantalizing canapes, sipping on champagne.. watching the sun sets and the Sentosa's fire works..

and then more makan on the yacht.. Singaporean just cant live without ample makan-ing.

My nice and loaded boss treated the division to a day at the Il Lido..
We sailed off from one15 the Sentosa Marina yacht club..

Hmm... the yacht club is well glassed and well built... althought the scenery around it is not fantastic.. at least for the time being..

It's filled with condos.. under construction.


I suppose it would look way better when they're all completely developed.

But the yachts were gorgeous......

And the water was clear and turqouise...

No sewage or funny smells too..

ANd here we are.. ready to savour all of 'em.....

I was looking around the docks, the yachts seem really exorbitantly pricey..
Maybe I can start off by buying a little plastic sampan like the one below..


We boarded the lovely Il Lido and posed.. hey we don't get to do that every day you know?
The yacht is little floating and roaming house.. it has balconies, sun decks, rooms, dining room, kitchen, storage room.. man.. we can sail for months..

Here's the master bedroom..

The master bedroom has 2 toilets and a 40 inch LCD TV..

We were playing tabooo there..

Then here's the second bedroom..

It's a trapezoidal shaped room/bed... it's tiny but it's cosy enough.

Here's the captain's deck... it's not called the cockpit is it? cocks don't swim, they fly..
so maybe it's the duckpit.

Here's pretty Jo, the sky and the sea breeze...

We packed ourselves on the top deck and played drinking games..

We had freeflow of beer and champagne all day long.. lovely eh?

After we got a bit high.. Some started swimming..

The yacht stopped at a neighbouring island.. Lazarof island or something.. it was pretty, with clean white sands.. hey... bet you didn't know Singapore has nice, untouched beaches eh?

SO.. here's my thigh. the sunset and the Lazarof island off Singapore..
Imagine! There were people there.. some company was having a team building session there..

Not that untouched after all, I suppose.

But it was amazing to find a spot like this in Singapore. I really wouldn't have dreamt it.

We also thanked our boss by pushing him down to the sea and get him soaked up...

Hahhaa.. Here's him drying up..

We then drank some more, watched fire works, had dinner, played more stupid games.. played taboo..and before we knew it.. it was time to go back to land and back to reality....

We left Sentosa one 15 at 6 pm and we returned at midnight...

It was a trip of sea breeze, sea water, sun set, fire works, champagne, luscious dinner served by Il Lido (a chi chi Italian restaurant in Sentosa), great company and that marvellous, chi chi indulgence ....


Buena Sera, Il Lido...! Grazie mille.......=)

We'll be back!


At 5:06 AM, Blogger Kon Yew gently snorted that...

very nice! i got to try this some time too. Hope that all is well with you and Mr Gan!

At 5:26 PM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Baby, you got to take care of your face, and figure as well.

Have you heard of the aspirin face mask? It's a DIY method for an instantly smooth skin & reduces redness too.

New Year bingeing over.. time to hit the gym or jogging park!

PS Wah you travel 6 months into the future to write this post ah? Champion!

At 7:46 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

konyew: yes yes!! try it! maybe next time ure in town. let me know.. i take you to the club.. then you can pick your boat

anonymous:: awwww.. thanks heh heh... yeah.. I was like bloated and ugly then.. but i have evolved again!


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