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Monday, September 24, 2007

Club Mad, Bintan

In July, I had another holiday. (Can never get enough! =0).

Me and a bunch of colleagues got a free incentive trip from our lovely boss for our outstanding performance. Yippeee...

So, there we went to Club Med, Bintan, which I fondly call Club Mad.

It's madness there.

Firstly, it's madly beautiful.

The view was breathsnatching...
The sand was white and warm, the sun was nice and generous at certain times of the day...
(Rained a few times though, but I liked it, cool and romantic)

Then the food was overflowing, comes with good view too. Late breakfast with this sort of panaromic view, anyone?

Club Med offers a different kind of resort holiday. It's all paid for. All in-one package.

Free flow of scenery, beach, food, land/watersports activities and beer/wine for the whole of your trip!!

It sounds like what my life would be like in heaven!
Free beer was a bad idea though!!

I was drinking Bintang beer by brunch time!

Hmm.. human-sized chess .. I thought of playing it while I was there.

But somehow, the thousands of other organised activities and the beer always stole me away from the chess set.

Here are the Walton managers going Mad.

The jerami huts by the beach was pretty too. At night, we lay down to watch the stars.

Very clear sky with abundance of stars. I spotted a falling star!

There were catamaran sails up for hire. But alas, the sky cried two of the afternoons, so I didn't get to sit on one.

The only afternoon that was bright, I was nursing a hangover and could not open my eyes after brunch.. .. .. =(

The array of food was amazing. They had so many variety and I was totally spoiled fof choice.

It was a very unhealthy and torturing holiday in a sense. I couldn't posisble gobble down everything they had to offer, and yet the Kiasuism in me told me that I should rake in as much as I can. Since boss paid for everything liao.. Heh Heh Heh..

Haiyah. In the end cannot eat all the food lah, tried a little bit of most of the things nia...

Maybe if I was bullimic, I will enjoy more value for my money.

Then the dessert parade!

This is just the fruity station... there's still the dessert station which makes pancakes, crepes, waffles... ice cream and many different cakes..

However, the caramel pudding was a boo boo.
But nevermind, it's buffet! Just stash one side, get up and get some other ones!

You can choose to have your chi chi style ala carte palate too..

With the calories counted!!
Almond Crusted Fish for entree??

This fish dish was lovely.

After dinner, we went to the events organised by the G.Os of the Club Med.

They stage mini concerts everyday.

My colleague Joey had the honour of joining the cast of that night's show.

He was to be the lion in the song that went :" In the jungle.. the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight..."

So all he had to do was sleep ont the stage. Haha.

Anyhow, me and Jovi took photo with him.

After the free flow of beers and all sorts of lethal drinks at the concert and Club Med disco.
We took the party outside!

So, the more nocturnal few took a free chartered bus ride to Mana Mana Beach where apparently the more happening parties took place. My big boss HK was there as the safety officer, Haha. He was worried we may have too much fun and get stuck in Bintan island.

But we reached Mana Mana and had to stomach a big disappointment.

There were this cheap looking, open air podium, filled with sleazy ahpeks and skimpily dressed hooker-like girls. They may be escorts or "GROs", but most likely they are more than that.
About 3 or 4 of them were dressed with similar outfits too.. So probably hired by the resort or something.

Geez.. ok.. not gonna stay in this resort ever.

I spotted one rather cute bloke with singlets showing off his slithe muscular biceps and torso sillhouettes.
I sat up for a while, thinking I saw something interesting at last.

But then a skinny young man with singlet approached him, kissed him on his cheeks and grabbed his round butts.

I sat back down.

I spotted many more skinny young men with the same top and pants, they were also wearing heels! Well, not very high heels, but they were not flats. Wah.. got uniform one.


I demanded that we move to the next spot. Bintan Resort's SILK Club. Where the CLub Med G.Os also party on Friday and Saturday nights.

At Silk, it was indeed more happening, the GM of Club Med bought me drinks and hit on me!

Bleah.. bloody heow, why angmohs like me when I don't do angmohs at all.
Angmohs.. smell like cheese and they look like aliens to me with their blue/green eyes and yellow hair.

Chinese men for me anyday!

(Sorry angmohs... just my opinion)

And sorry, now Gan is the only one in the approved list. =)

Club MEd G.Os are apparently very "happening" one. They actually ..well (so I heard).. sleep around with fellow G.Os and 'single' happening guests.

Well, just so you know, G.Os in Club Med come from so many different countries.

Korea, Japan, US, Indo, Malaysia, Singapore, France...

There was a few cute Australian and Kiwi ones too.. (male ones of course..)
If I were single, there was this Kiwi G.O with six pecs.. mmm... yummy..

The day after the party, I went on the trapeze.. Wheeeeeeee......
Club Meds are famous for their happening G.Os, free flow of food, beer and also... trapeze!!!I think Sentosa has one and I have yet to try out..
The trapeze is great for those who would like to conquer fear as well as looking like a fit monkey.

Me, being a former gymnast and a curious cat, did not let the chance go by...

It was quiteeee... terrifying at first, very very high latitude. But there was net underneath and I was on safety harness so it wasn't so bad.

I am sure they have engineered this piece of structure with much thought and care..

First, all I had to do was learn to swipe my legs across the bar at the right time and hook it there..

I then let go of my hands, bent backwards and come up to grab the bar again.

After going many times with good timing and posture.

They let me try on the 'catch'.

In this case, there was another swing set up.

A cute Japanese G.O who was trapeze expert was ready to catch me, just like in the circus.

I also learnt to land with a backflip. Aye, so fun..

Beware though, I came back with calluses on my palms and bleeding line-wounds on my legs.

See the little girls dancing below! So cute!

The kids were made to go for Kids Club, to make friends, play games and put up shows. They perform some cute little number at night.
Very smart! That way the mommy and daddy can patho all day long while the kids grow some talents in performing arts!

So, we went on to the pool casino session. (Use coupons, win coupons one.. cheyy..)

We had black jack here. My favourite was roullete though. I won so many many many times.

But I am sure the real deal at the casinos aint gonna be this easy...

It was a make shift casino by the pool, accompanied by live band.
I won a lot a lot of coupons, which was exchange-able for prizes.
If some cheeky kids did not cheat on their coupons by putting extra zeroes at the back, I would have won some of the prizes!


The after dinner shows were ample too. We were in time for their jungle circus show.

Look complicated or not? They are sporting tight spandex and hang upthere like monkeys.

Must clap for them at least!

The guy on the right swing is the cute Kiwi.. sssshh.. don't tell Gan.

Club Med G.O Circus!

Yay! Well done.

All the shows, the beer and the food!!

We are going back to Club Med.

Wait until I shed off the extra weight I put on there though.

Gan is banned from Club Med, he may come back 100 kg heavy.


Here are some of my civilised photoes there.
Me, Kelly and Damian.
And we had nice civilised dinner by the beach!

After we were finished with this al fresco restaurant, we proceeded to the other in door one and ATE SOMEMORE!

Singaporeans are kiasu lah. What to do . Heh heh.

I should definitely convert citizenship. Gan says I just need to tell the ICA people how I shop, bargain and hunt for credit card benefits, and they will give me the pink IC.

And it was time to go after 3 days there!

Sadly, I packed my bags, but I shopped at the factory outlet there first and used the free internet at the business centre to email Gan. Remind him to pick me up from the Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal!!!!

Heh heh..

I took one last picture of the resort..



At 2:09 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

You are certainly leading a happy and healthy life. I said healthy because you look so much cuter and chubbier than ever before..hahahaha!

At 11:42 AM, Anonymous Sleepless in Bangkok gently snorted that...

Looks like fun.

At 4:28 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

ddin: thankssss.. how are u?

SIB: yeah.. not too bad..=) go?

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous blackcat gently snorted that...

I'm doing good, thank you. I know I have said it before, my bad but I'll try to get the ayam penyit thing going after the fasting month. Either nearer to your place at Jurong East or Marine Parade.:)

Anothet thing, I'll try to get one IT engineer from India to go for your seminar but no promises. He told me that he was involved in landbanking back in India.

At 9:16 PM, Anonymous Sleepless in Bangkok gently snorted that...

Been travelling too frequently recently. Right now, a day at home sleeping sounds like fun.

At 5:30 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

blackcat: okie dude.. update me and catch up soon then.. happy fasting. cheers

SIB: sleeping at home always sounds good to meeeeeeeeeeee=)

At 10:33 PM, Anonymous Cher gently snorted that...

Good words.

At 2:41 PM, Anonymous the kiwi in the article gently snorted that...

nice article....


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