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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Weddings and Reunions

For the past few months... Gan and I have been hitting the North South highways a lot,
wedding after weddings.. seems like it is TIME. Heh. For our turn I mean.

Anyway, Gan just loves the highway. That's the only chance he can rev his car up. Bah!
Anyway, might as well speed along the N-S highway. Cause even if you don't.. they will still fine you for "speeding". Sorry sir.. you went at "121 km/h".. WHAT??

Might as well go all the way at 200 km/h and pay the same fine.. "Sorry sir, this time you sped at 121 km/h"...

Again ah?? Your camera jammed or what?

Anyhow, going for Teik Wynn & Joce's wedding was reallllly fun.
It was like a uni reunion as well. It's been ages since I met up with some of the Oxford geniuses, it was fun fun fun.

Here are some pictures..

Me Darren and Gan

Me and Tse Wen, hysterically laughing.
I can't remember why though.

Tse Wen is an uber bachelor, talented, cute, nice and super smart. Email me for quotation. =p

Voila. all the smart asses. =p

Congrats to TW and Joce !! (middle)

Me and Jeremy.. checking the ang pao?? HAHa.. no lah..
I don't know what we were looking at so intently.

You know, Gan impressed me again there.

Among all the Oxfordians, he felt totally at ease.
And when they were reciting their college names one by one at the groom's room after the party.

"Exeter college..", "Jesus College", "Balliol..." me: " Pembroke College"..

Gan simply recited with a big smile :" Inti College".

The rest laughed with him. He is totally comfortable with his own skin, and that's damn sexy.

There's no reason whatsoever that he should feel inferior. Because Gan is damn smart anyway, He holds a University of Coventry honours degree. And I believe he is just as smart as the rest. If he were lucky enough to be given a chance to study at Oxford, he'd probably make it there anyway. We all know that. And he is so confident, humble and he is so human. No gimmicks. Gan is the man!!!

And personally, of course I think he is the cutest.

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At 9:55 PM, Anonymous -kiwi- gently snorted that...

ah-tjin rox!!!
inti college rox!!!
u also rox =D (this one to cc)
ahahaha =P


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