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Friday, November 16, 2007

Halloween 2007@Zouk

This year, participants for Halloween get a little more creative and daring.
There were more skimpily and scantily dressed little women with sequinned lingerie peeking our and a lot A LOT of thighs. Perhaps Halloween clothing materials are pricey.
But somehow, they had enough materials to make wings to be put on their backs and block everyone's right of ways.

I enjoyed looking at them too. Curves everywhere. But sorry I didn't snapshot those images. They were too mezmerizing I forgot to take out the camera.

So, I have the more "Halloween" kind of pictures. The girls were more fitting for "Playboy or Penthouse" parties.

A cross between a Rouge ninja and a suicide bomber from Iraq.


My lovely brother dressed up as cute Japanese boy.

9/10 (biased one)

Fresh from the Getai festival. Not bad idea also. No need to dress up twice.

Seen before.. so 6/10

Chinese ghosts, complete with the ghost reverend... parked their butts at the pavement. Not very glam.

But maybe it's the theme. Also seen before. So 5/10

2 ThaiKatz, me and my bro.

A pair of Thai ladyboys.. complete with 'boobies', lots of thighs, catty make up and tomyum accented English. Very rara and very sporting. 8/10.

Anyhow, it was a bad experience, we couldn't even enter Zouk. It was packed to an unhealthy limit and those girls' angel/satan/whatever wings were blinding everyone else on the way. Literraly. By slapping all over our eyes.

We need Zouk II. Someone franchise??


So how scary was halloween, really??

I think my Mr sushi smiley man is scarier.

I am going on a yacht tomorrow, courtesy of my lovely bosss!! Thank you bossssssss!!! We love you!!!

The yacht will leave ONe15 Marina, full with Il Lido Italian buffet dinner on board, wine and the sea zephyrs... we are going to ..........

Kusu Island...

Well, can't expect a Phuket or Bali in Singapore, can you?
DOn't complain lah.. free trip. I heard he paid a hefty 300 bucks for each of us, and there are almost 20 of us. I think my boss is damn loaded..=0...

I am also going to HK and Macau end of November. With Gan.

It's good that we are going for long holidays together for first time. See if we can stand each other!!! Haha...

It's out first anniversary next week.. wonder what he has up his sleeves.. *HINT HINT*

Speaking of suicide bomber just now.. Achmed is the coolest suicide bomber ever. Jeff Dunham is a genius.. GO WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!

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