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Saturday, February 02, 2008

HK first day- me and ah Gan

Me and Gan flew to HK end of last year to blow off some valves and blow off some savings.

We had the honour of staying at Sandy's cosy lil' abode. The babe works for in HK.
Here we start the adventure...

The corridors in HK apartments are much narrower.

From outside, most of them don't look better or newer than HDBs, but they have more character.
Apparently they don't see the value in hiding the A/C compressors. They were all out on display.
Ugly, blackish, dirty or old.. they do add to the character. But I think wah lau.. put some effort to hide it a little la at least!

And the post boxes are green.

The flats are much smaller for the same price, Sandy's 2 bedroom is located near the MTR on the HK island and it's 600sq ft. Cosy size but in Indo, we call it the 4L home. 4L = Lu lagi lu lagi.

Which translates to You again You again.

We ride the MTRs like good citizens. We noticed that EVERYONE, well almost everyone, is holding a Nintendo DS and totally engrossed in his own world. DS sales must be good in HK.

The weather was a tad chilly and we were happily wearing clothes we couldn't wear in Singapore.

wollen sweaters.

And knee high boots..

And we feel so at home. HK rocks. I would love to move here for a while, but I would still go home to Singapore after a few months or years. Nothing like our little sunny island.
Hi snice in the winter/autumn but during summer, the weather's a byatch I heard. Plus the dust and the pollution, I think summer in Singapore much better.

We had lunch at Central and I noticed that everyone was watching a TV serial in the restaurant!!
Like machiam cinema lidat!

I had shark meat ball, frgrant and a refreshing change.

Gan and his huge portion of noodle.
The bugger gained 3 kg in HK.
My mom kept asking how come he looked so fat when he came back to Singapore.

We then went all the way to the West side of the island, to the ulu-er area. Tung Chung.
The place has favtory outlets with great bargains for shopping. It was a must.

We shopped til we dropped!

Here are the shopping bags.. before we got a few more bags from Giordano. The T shirts were less than 5 bucks Sing, each!

My Kate Spade bag was on 30% off, his Bally wallet 50%... I see why they call HK the shopping haven.

We then took the bus to Discovery Bay/D bay.

Where the angmoh expats live, among other chi chi Hk residents with cars, cause the place is so ulu. You either take ferry or bus.

The houses there STILL do not hide their A/C compressors. But at least they try to camouflage them by painting them the same colour...hmm..

Around the estate, they can choose to commute with buggies.

The D bay itself was beautiful.

It was a central place for eating, entertainment, etc.

It also overlooks the Disneyland.
So at night,, they can peep at the fireworks every 8 pm from the the bay.

The breeze was blowing us away..

It was just so romantic.

Gan and me tried the mediteranean restaurant and orderred kebab dishes.

The portions were huge.

It was good stuff!!

We then took the ferry accross to the central area, to meet Sandy and her colleagues.
Here's my new KS bag.. Loved it.

When we've reached the other side, the scenery changed totally. They were all skycrapers and luminous lights filling up the night view of the cityscape

Nice too.. But it looks like Singapore leh. Singapore cityscape is just as beautiful you know? I was looking over the padang from the 30th floor of the Raffles Swisotel. Very nice!

We then met Sandy and her colleagues. All of them are Singaporeans who were working in HK. They all missed Singapore food so badly that they were willing to pay exorbitant prices at this Singaporean restaurant!

The oyster omelette, the kangkung belachan, all costs about 50-80HKD each (about 10-16 SGD),
the horlicks and teh peng were like 25HKD which is 5 SGDbucks each.. I say: Siao AH!!

The chilli crab was probably was most worth it cause its pretty ex back home too..

Poor stranded Singaporeans... tsk...Me and Gan refused to order or eat a single thing they served there. I don't think we were being cheapo.. We were being smart and efficient. he heh

We then walked around the Central area. It's supposed the CBD of HK. With all the expats hang outs and MNC offices.

But I see that the houses are still the same.

With brasserie and underpantie hanging outside the windows too.

Totally got character la..

We then vistied the road side eaterie. Oh yeah.. now we're talking, good and cheap. 2+ SGD for a miniscule portion of wanton mee. But at least it's nice and rather filling. And we didn't feel so ripped off.

After that little pre-supper,we went drinking at Sahara, a mediterranean hang out @Central. and that's why the photo stopped coming, I couldn't remember to shoot anything other than the alcoholic drinks.

Mang, the beers in HK are dirt cheap though, especially if you go to the 'kopitiam' or the road side stalls or supermarkets. In that chi chi places, it is reasonable. I would say, still 20% cheaper than Singapore's chi chi places' beer prices.

For someone who drinks more than he eats or travels, like ah-gan. I think he should move to HK, the 20-50% discount on 50% of his monthly expenditure (alcohols) is way worth it.

Aite... so that was the first day story.

Stay tuned for 2nd day.

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At 8:52 PM, Anonymous darkelfin gently snorted that...

holy shit, time passed so fast it's dec aledy. Damn!

At 10:19 PM, Blogger Vandalin gently snorted that...

ahhh... hong kong. the land of the perpetual air con drips.

At 10:29 AM, Anonymous Anonymous gently snorted that...

Wonder how Xmas 08 gonna be like in less than a month.


At 1:06 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

perpetual aircon drips? lol


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