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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Leaving Las HongKong

My last day in HongKong could pretty much summarise WHAT are the popular things you can do in HongKong..

First, you should go look up your family. Well, maybe your auntie, or uncle, or cousin or grandaunt or gramma... whoever it is.. better look them up and go for a family lunch.

Come on I am sure if you look up and down your family tress, you'll find someone who live in HK!

You know, flesh and blood comes first..
Of course, it's even cooler if your other half and your best girlie are there with you too.

How picture perfect.. my grand aunt, uncle, auntie, uncle, cute lil cousin or is it niece.. geez.. i am losing the tree. (You should roughly know who is who laa..) then Sandy and Gan..

Lovely afternoon indeed.

And then, the girls should go to the saloon, actually the guys too.

We went to the roadside ones, any cheap ones with those swirling blue red stripes in a tube that actually DOES NOT make me feel like doing something with my hair, so I still dont know why it's there.

Anyhow.... Man, they're good and they're way cheaper than Singapore.

I highlighted and cut, wash..bloww..... about 40 SGD.. damn it.. Singapore salons are frikking rip offs.. I never go to one here..

Sorry if you're a hairdresser.. You guys are pirates here!

*sigh..* -- (the happy type).... i look so chioooo... !! ala those HK lians with blondish rebonded-looking hair.. But you know it doesnt last on me.. I cant maintain sui-ness. In two days the hair is curley wurley wavey with split ends again.. I am such a cow.

After you got your hair done up sui sui.. stroll along the main streets at Causeway bay, Mongkok, Central.. window shop a bit and try to spot stupid shop names, trust me theres many..

You know that the Taiwanese, Hongkese, Chinese are never really superb with their English. well..

So, here's a respectable shop that sells clothes and no bra. What a sham!

After you laugh at their English (spot menus in restaurants too), then take lots of pictures with the cutest guy you can grab there.

I grabbed Gan. ........ Oh I look so pretty in the piccccc!! (not a frequent incident, y'know)

Seriously, HK guys not as cute as you think, not all of them look like Andy Lau, Arron Kwok or Edison Chen (not that he's from Hk, we all know that he is Canadian and now we all know he's pretty endowed.. oh yay.....yummy, but since he is such a hot topic and a hot... eh anyway, my friend hung out with him in LA club a fortnight ago.. basket, me me me...)

In fact, a lot of the HK guys look like Jackie Chan.. so.. yeah..
On the other hand, Gan is always the cutest for me anyway, sorry biased.

After you grabbed the cute guy, get him to one of those traditional, super unglam, road side HK eateries.

No roof no walls even better..

If you have a jolly old friend who can guide you and the cute guy, even better.
Here's Paul.. ah even better if he looks silly enough to eat..

Check it out man,, we were sitting in front of someone's garage.. that's damn cool lah.. Forget the restaurants, roadside food here is good, plenty and unpretentious... oh well. how to not be anyway..

Don't forget the damn cheap beers. That blue girl beer brand (*shrugs) also not bad.... It goes well with foods you cant really find in Singapore.

So, here's GIGANTIC oyster with lotsa green innards (dunno if thats the shit, intestine or brain.. or.. just some moss..). The oyster tastes funky, mushy, slimy...but after 3 fat ones I wanted to jump the Gan.

so I think it's worth the eeek.

After you have filled your tummy, it's time to sing it off.

Go KTV, drink less so you're not so stupified and you can show off...HK people can't really sing but they think they really can, so it's a good chance to show 'em what we have or what we don't have..

Well at least dont pretend that you have if you dont have..

Nevemind me.

Too much oyster.


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