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Sunday, April 06, 2008


I am backkkkkkkkkk form a longgggggggg trip.

Geez.z. I realised I am so behind.. before even start on my Us trip. I havent even finished on my Hk and Macau trip. I write loust diaries.. I think my diary woudl fire me.

So here's a quick run through of 3rd day in HK..

I was running late (as usual) to meet my babe, a dear client, old friend and old Oxfordian classmate, May.

The babe is high flyer ok.. one of the smartest babes I know.

Typical HK dim sum place, overlooking the great waters, cityline and adorned with the dim sum push carts.

After that, we went to Stanley market.. near where the expats and the tycoon and Jackie Chan.,. etc. live

Gosh the houses there ridiculously expensive. Just like Sentosa Cove.

I saw Pizza Express and I quickly took photo of it, the Oxford branch of Pizza Express was where I spent about 8 months working as a waitress.. where I charmed people, got big tips and also poured wines over people's head, broke some glasses.. and told some rude Korean girl to take a hike and shove it up hers..

Ah the nostalgia..

This bay area has very scenic spots to take photo.. but you know I am not a sucker for this kinda stuff. I am one for clubing spots and shopping..

But we took photoes nonetheless, coz I was doing the bloody touristy thing.

Gan and me.

May and me.

A poor dying fish. Someone was fishing at the bay. I was tempted to throw the poor little fella back into the sea. But the fishing man may start to curse at me with Cantonese vulgarities.

Please dont fish or hunt. Whats the point of obtaining joy over a dying other living being?


After Stanley's, I went to see my Grand Aunt. yes she lives in Hk. Godoness, I have a global extended family that I hardly meet in my lifetime. Sad huh? Hurry someone invent a teleport.

Me and Grand Aunt..


Hk is good for night life... so we definitely didnt miss it out at all...

Lan Kwai we come!!

The party area has nice buildings.. well. done up pubs etc.., but a stone's throw away would be another torn down blackening apartment with undies hanging outside the windows...

But we were looking pretty gooddd..

SHEESH!!! DAmn crowded can????

It's like putting a full Kallang Stadium audience in the stretch of Muhammad Sultan in Singapore.

and clubbing in Hk is a lil different. If you wanna go to hip clubs.. you GOT TO BE on the guest list.

Well, naturally, so full of connection as I am (heh heh), May got us in fine =)

The club was called Prive (private in Frnech me thinks).., just like my friend Michel Lu's new restaurant in Keppel Island.

It was so private that the sign was only on the floor.. and nowhere else.

We had to ask people.

Tsk... so Prive for wadd...

Here da people queuing...

We definitely had fun... da people drinking.. da people dancing.. da people flirting and talking...


And here da people DRUNKing afterwards.......

Arggh.. I never look pretty in after clubbing pictures..



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