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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

SpIN City Macau Winter 2007

I don't like Macau.

Maybe that's an understatement, I fugging hate Macau.

Maybe I am just suah ku. But it was the first time I spent thousands of dollars without getting any shopping bag to carry home.

Guess at least I know how to play the Caribbean stud now. ('know how' means : will still lose money on it but at least can do it in style)

So other than donating your money to the billionaires who own the bloody casinos, try to spend time in your fantastical hotel suite. COZ you friggin PAID too much for it at the tables downstairs!!!

We stayed at the Venetian...

The suite was so blissfully luxurious.. TO-DIE-FOR!

I was just like a Princess...

...and Gan was just like the Princess' gardener that the Princess is having affair with.

Kek Kek...

The bathroom was good enough to hold a small party at.

The Venetian shopping area itself felt like Venice, except we know it's not, there were bloody shops and shoppers everywhere.. and the green green spread.... of gambling tables..


Ah and the fake Canal.. not bad for effort. I suppose.

I didn't go on the gondolas of course, bloody tourist trap =)

And I tell you, you gotta drink in Macau, either to drown your sorrow or to celebrate your newfound wealth.... remember to grab Margaritas.

Well, you know that Macau was a portuguese colony, so it's got a fusion culture and that's beautiful..

GO OUT of the Casino already!! Breathe some fresh air!! ..
Walk around the communities and streets (RUAs) and eat some Portuguese food.. It was my remedy to the mourning over the short death of my bank account. (Ok, I was exaggerating, it really wasn't much, but I could have bought some LV bags with it..damn it!)

And if your photographer is sporting enough, pose like you're in Portugal itself :

As for food, if you do eat pork, the suckling pig is succulent and Gan was savouring it like a vulture.

after he posed for the sweet picture of course.

Buon Appetito!!

And there were more things with cheese and tomato.. sounds familar???

I got fat in HK and Macau, Gan gained 3 kg, but overall, it was swell.

I am not going back to Macau, not 'til i have a million to spare at the VVIP tables.

I am definitely going back to HK.
Maybe next time in winter with more money, more friends and less oysters.

But Austin?? I am going to retire in Austin!!

Stories from uncle Sam's land very soon.


At 12:46 AM, Blogger MyOrangeSweater gently snorted that...

You like Austin, Texas? I heard there is no dim sum there. Hope you can survive that! I am right up here in Minnesota, thank goodness we DO have dim sum here! ;)


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