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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Interview: What's the Flyer like

It was a grand afternoon at the Mezzanine @Hyatt, the blonde-wannabe was wearing a Zac Posen's tight, ruffled blouse and a not so matching tight culotes with bell bottoms, probably her cheap Yoga pants. She looked like she almost exploded from her clothes, but she just returned from States, maybe she gained a pound or two over Wendy's, Arby's and Denny's.

And.. So, we chatted over white chocolate Macchiato and to-die-for maccaroons.

Paparazzi: So, Miss Marcelly, you went on the Singapore flyer last week?

Self-made socialite: No. It was 2 to 3 weeks ago. Please don't make things up.

Paparazzi: Arr..Are you sure you really went up there? Not just one of your "high" nights?

Self-made socialite: BASKET you!! I took photo of the bottom of the wheel, will that suffice?? %^&*#$!#&*@@

Paparazzi: Ah well, maybe your friend passed you this photo. You can't be too sure!

Self-made socialite: BASKET you!! Ok fine, here are pictures of me and my colleagues. Inside the capsule.

Paparazzi: With your colleagues?? You're a socialite, how can you have a job?

Self-made socialite: Ppphhh, whuteva. Look!! I am always hanging out, doing cool stuff with my colleagues and not being stuck in the office anyway, it's not a job! It's a lifestyle.

Paparazzi:: Alruighty Missy, you can call a rose a rose. So how was the flyer.. Ocht.. you got some cocktail with the trip.

Self-made socialite: Oh yeah.. it kinda tasted bad.. but it got me a bit high. So it's OK. It was an extra 30 bucks you know?

Paparazzi:: Can't believe you paid almost 60 bucks to get on the flyer..You must like it a lot.

Self-made socialite: Err,,, seriously? If my boss didn't treat us for it. I wouldn't get up there til like, another someone paid for it for me.

Paparazzi:: Oh, you're bloddy cheapskate.

Self-made socialite:: Oh, you shuddup! 60 bucks worth for half hour on a wheel? I can buy 2 shoes! or 2 jugs of beer! Would you go up yourself? You cheapo reporter.

Paparazzi:: *grunt grunt* But how was the view?? Nice right?

Self-made socialite:: I must admit it was, I can see the whole Marina area. But I couldnt take photoes properly, the glass window would bounce off my flash. It was crap!

Anyhow, I was rather tipsy by the time we got 90 degree up. So, the view was quite a blur...

It looked something like this..

Ha ha..

(Seriously, the view was really nice from up there.. if you're a sucker for that kind of thing, the money is worth it and it is only romantic if you bring your other half with you, Gan wasn't there you see... I was a bit bored. My colleagues were talking about work.. sianzz..)

Paparazzi:: Oh man.. it was a blur. SO what was the most reliable thing on the flyer?

Self-made socialite:: Oh I think it was the alighting bit, I was running like hell to find my man Gan, he waited downstairs for me, I was running late for an appointment.


At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Sleepless in Bangkok gently snorted that...

I suggest a drink at Sirocco, 1055Silom Bangkok if you happen to drop by. No time limit for the same atas pricing.

Remember to ask your better half along heh.


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