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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cold Trip to ICA

I've been on a hiatus. I ve noticed. Heh.

A fortnight ago, I took a brave trip to ICA and applied for the pink IC. (S'pore citizenship)

I was hoping for a warm welcome, a friendly officer who would ask me to point out the good things about Singapore, on why I would like to call Singapore home..

Maybe the makans.. the shopping.. the safety.. the strong economy blah blah..
Or maybe for me to point out how I envision Singapore, how proud I am of their future plans or some other talk-cocks like that.

I waited with clammy hands and headful of wonderful things to say about Singapore.
An hour later, I walked into the cold interview room.

The lady, probably fifty plus, sat with unreadable face.

"Sit down" She called. So I sat.

"So, give me your passport, your IC, your form, your certs, your docs.."

So I did. I also passed her a referral letter from someone quite prominent in Singapore, I thought would give weight and help me get the citizenship more easily.

"Here's a referral letter too"

She kept mum and took little notice of it.

Then she asked again.

" You have copies for all these?"

So I gave her. One by one.

"Passport also? Tax statements? 2006 one?"

"Ok I will go and get that one"

"Ok, must give also"

After about ten minutes.

"Ok, you go out and make payment. Then we will call after 3 mths and inform you. Also, please come back this afternoon to pass us your 2006 tax statement. We decide from the taxes"

"Oh, ok ma'am, thank you so much!" Much smiles from me, but no response, naturally.

I walked out and smiled at Gan who patiently waited for me throughout the whole ordeal.

I thought to myself. "Welcome to Singapore"

Bloody straight, dry, stiff, text-booked, meritocritous Singapore.
All they see is paper. I should have come with my pyjamas and slippers and my hair rolls, she probably wouldnt have noticed anyway. She hardly looked up.

Oh well,. this is how they keep Singapore, Singapore. So be it.
Though I wished, she'd at least smiled once.

I mean, hey I pay quite a bit of tax last year u know. I make a good citizen, I have good credentials, I don't commit crime, I contribute some laughters and colours, and I definitely contribute into the economy through my crazy shoppings and night crawlings.
And I thought you wanted foreign talents? Not just the Geylang type of foreign talents right?

Is it such a one way traffic?
Ocht well. Sorry. Of course cannot argue with gahmen.
So, we'll see in 3 months time then.

Gan stroke the small of my back :

" Can't believe I am marrying a Singaporean instead"

He smiled encouragingly.

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At 9:42 PM, Anonymous kiwi gently snorted that...

hail the sinkapo-lian... oppss, singaporean

At 12:48 PM, Blogger Marcelly gently snorted that...

*grumble grumble*// heh heh


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