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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Phoenix ..Rise from the Ashes..or Sands more like!

Phoenix has the sun,
the sands
and the cacti.

Lovely weather, I must say. Not a surprise that people move into this area like ants army, especially those from the West Coast, where things are expensive, living costs and taxes high and great jobs not so aplenty.

The Phoenix-Tucson corridor is touted to be the next blooming megapolitan of the USA. With the Rockefeller and many other giant companies also expanding their wings here, great infrastructure, pro-biz government and lovely lovely houses and golf courses..

Oops..Sorry I got carried away describing Phoenix-Tucson's economic potentials, as this is what I do for a living..

In case you don't know, my 29 yr old company provides opportunities for people around the globe, to participate in land banking in the US. (pre-development stages of real estate development - a bit like URA in Singapore, but we invite investors in).

Some of the projects are in Phoenix. Thats why we went to Phoenix!
So, what did we do in Phoenix????

View the lands and sorroundings of course.
What better way to view, than to take the heli!

It was the first time I took a heli ride.. !!! Have you??? The take off is the best part..Almost orgasmic! But the rest of the trip is dizzying! Especially if you keep looking left and right, agitatedly.

This is me and Pisoot, Pisoot is the VP for International Relations in our Phoenix Head Quarter.
Cute hor?? Sorry hor.. married, with a daughter.

Hovering from hundreds of meters above the ground, we managed to capture pictures from aerial view. Very handy indeed.

Here's one of the many commercial areas in Phoenix-Tucson. Does this look like a desert to you?
Hardly. Phoenix is very much developed.

Camelback mountain is one of the many mountains that sorrounds the valley.
Looks like a camel's back. Right?

Ph-Tucson is a valley area. They love the views of the mountains so much that the developments in Phoenix are mostly low-rise, to ensure nothing blocks the mountain view.

The Colorado River runs through Arizona and it provides water supply to the area. It comes with a surplus so Arizona state actually sells the extra water supply to neighbouring states.

Interesting hor?? And you thought this place is a Desert! It has more than enough water for everyone. =)

Check out the highways!

US has the #1 Infrastructure in the world. Most well connected through all the interstates highways and whatnots.

Huge highways eh..5 lanes leh! But wait til you see the ones in Dallas..

The houses are fyucken gorgeous la.

Many houses are built along man-made waterways.
These are rather costly (compared to other places in US) - perhaps up to USD300-400 GRAND a house.

Every house has a pool!!! OH MAN!!!! I am so jealous!!

Here's a better view. Wow right? All the neighbours have a pool. And the houses are huge.

Which is good, that means land is always in demand as they build sideways..
You won't believe the growth happening in this area.
Sub prime or no subprime, developments still going... just perhaps at slightly different rate.
Population growth in Phoenix grew 200% in the past decades or so. Can many other cities say the same thing??Including Singapore?

Actually, the recent sub prime and economic downturn helped us.
It squeezed speculators out of the game and it enabled the acquisition team to secure prime land banks from distressed owners.

More houses... *sigh...*I Want!

Guess how many golf courses in this area???.......

248 Golf courses!!!


Too bad I didn't spot Tiger Woods doing his swings.

The courses looked damn delectable from above. So much so that I feel like taking up golf myself.

After the heli ride, which was a first for me. we went shopping.. heh heh.
But we didn't go to the Factory Outlet here so.... I didn't shop much.

So I sat on the bench and adored the simpler pleasures in life....
After the shopping, we were all bus-ed to the office.

Welcome to Walton Phoenix!!

Here're some of us!
The office is airy, bright and it's 35,000 sqft (with new addition). Pretty spacious I must say.

Opposite the office is one of the most famous condominium in Phoenix, designed by some famous architect. Sorry forgot his name. Haha.
Anyway, nice?


Wahlau.. is that an ashtray on the table???
Tsk.. by the way. I've quit!
Well anyway, whenever sober.

Here's Pisoot's handsome side profile while taking us on a guided office tour.

Here's the new extension to the current office.
Yes, we're expanding everywhere!

There was one portion of the office we were not allowed in or take picture of.

The Research & Acquisition team. Apparently very top secret one. Understandable lah.
They wouldn't want the world to know where their next target area is.


We were served Arizona style lunch - or so I thought.

Lots of beans and guacamole involved. But it was a welcome change.
During lunch, we had to do some work..

What to do..???.... working trip right???

So I had to listen to the engineers and head of departments sharing their knowledge.
Including the Acquisition team. Very interesting though.

Here's the gentleman heading the planning team. This team is just as important, they are the experts who plans and rezones for our land banks and convert them into industrial, commercial or residential lands, so that profits aplenty and we can reap >15% p.a like we always have for the past 29 yrs.


After all the information sessions. It was time for us to walk back to the hotel.

Not forgetting a pose in front of the office building. Again.. low-rise. All buildings in Phoenix are meant to be low rise. The tallest if I am not wrong is only about 40 storey high and only one or two of them.

My room mate Yanying and me...with Phoenix cactus.. They're everywhere and they're huge!

What a rear view heh heh..

I must say, the hotel was lovely, we stayed at DoubleTree( family of Hilton) in Scottsdale.
The pillows were huge, soft and basically - faint-friendly! I concussed very easily!

After a power nap, I woke up LATE for dinner!! So paiseh, the whole bus waited for me...
Blame it on the bed and pillows..

Anyhow, we went to eat the best steak in the whole of Phoenix!

City Hall Steakhouse, here we come!

Our long table...

Our appetizer...!! Lobster tower!

My company is seriously so generous! Abundant of expensive food kept on coming!

And the steak was probably big enough to feed the whole of Africa.
It was juicy and tender!!
But it was too much for an Asian tummy like mine..

And the selection of desert was just too tempting.. I think I gained 2 kg in Phoenix alone!!!!

Phew.. OK that was Phoenix... Next.. we flew to Dallas-Fort Worth - TEXAS!!
Oh.. the shopping I did in Texas was just sinful!

PS: In case you're interested to know further about land banking opportunities in US.

Email me k!

I'd be happy to help.


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u r getting real fat! haha enjoy.

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i beg to differ..=)
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