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Sunday, October 05, 2008

My 17th Birthday Party

If you hadn't known better, I throw awesome parties.. well at least I'd like to think so lah..

And so far my friends obliged.

Every year for the last ten years, I celebrated my 17th Birthday once, in May.

This year was no exception.

As I have moved up in my career path and have been earning a comfy 5 figure monthly, I decided to throw a slightly more chi chi party this year.

This year's Birthday was at the gorgeous, legendary Raffles Hotel. Thanks to Gan's Feed@Raffles card, we got a good deal for one of their lovely suites. We had Spizza, salads, Phi Phi's tiramisu ( and we had dozens of bottles of hard liquor.

The party was meant to chi chi and classy.
The room spelled romance, every inch of it.

It was a pity Gan had to get knocked off by 11 pm. Thanks to overflow of alcohol. What a waste of a raunchy poster bed.

Here's the party area aka the living room..
I had to dress chi chi. I had to act chi chi.. I had to smile chi chi.
It was like being constipated for a good cause...
like wearing a stifling girdle to look orderly and nice. chi chi is effortful but pretty. To me.

Chi chi is actually crap. Anyway, the theme is chi chi. Let's play along.

Here's the big bed...I had to lie down chi chi..
(however, that bed ended up as me and Jac's trampoline after a few drinks).

Me- Shil-Suyin
Here are the babes in sephia mode.. how chi chi.
Very classy indeed (this was before alcohol)

Here's the golden couple..before alcohol.. stil chi chi

And here are more babes.. a tad less chi chi.. more us.

The beloved dudes... can't really do chi chi anyway..this is as good as it gets. =)

Here're the brother love.

Here's the man love..and the flushed Birthday girl.. I suppose this was after a few drinks.. look at how happy people can get. Me losing the chi chi modjo.. or I forgot it!

And here are the drunken babes.. (or more like..just the 3 of us drunk.. Cat me and Jac -frontline)... screw chi chi!

And of course, here's the birthday wish..

I realised after sometime, that chi chi just doesnt do it for us.

People were getting rather bored.

We are a crass, zestful bunch and we just had to be messy, letting loose and breaking rules...
So, we started to break a bit of rules... shoes off, hair down.. and we drank like a fish.

Can imagine how the conversations turned. A bit more vulgarities, more expressive hand signs, More dancing, more jumping..more life.

The closest babes... Jac, Cat and Violet, stayed put after 1 pm and we adjourned elsewhere.
We crossed the street to Insomnia, got absolutely shit-faced and acted like crazy hyenas til 5 am..and that was the most memorable bit. I even remember that I had to nurse a severe neck ache for a few days after that day. (we were doing the head-spinning/banging moves at the mini rock concert... juvenile I know.. sue me!)
Alas, Gan had collapsed at 11 pm that night and he missed almost everything else!! I was soooo mad. But the poor bloke was vomitting til the next morning. I really need to ban him from reckless drinking. I think Gan was, by default, the most chi chi that night.
Anyhow, Happy belated Birthday again to me! Here's to many more good years!

The celebration ended with massive hangovers and an expensive suite looking like a bombed Iraqi city. I was quite worried I had to pay damages.... luckily no expensive vase broken or expensive rug burnt.

This was the morning after....I was a zombie! We had a good night though, lots of fun and little sleep.

And lastly, the gift from the butlers... a Raffles hotel mug.
It was a lovely gesture really. But actually we tipped them more than enough to buy us 5 mugs..
Nonetheless, it was definitely a five-star treatment, world class service and a lovely experience..
But screw chi chi-ness. I think I'd stick to pure good fun next time, til we need to get botox jobs.


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