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Saturday, November 01, 2008

SEOUL II..Rating the Cultural activities..including Cultural Clubing

so, previously.. I've rated the foodssss and shoppingss in Seoul..

Apparently, there are other things to accomplishh.. as a tourist..So.. here's my BIG effort to try and be a good tourist.. exploring the more cultural side..

Frankly speaking, I don't know what you mean by cultural heritage or sightseeing lah, it's a humongous yawn to me.. Sorry, doesn't mean I am not cultured you know (like yoghurt lidat).

Just not daytime culture lah.. clubbing also a culture what..But, let me give you the definition of culture: (

the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group: the youth culture; the age culture,..

So that includes the junk and underground culture too!!

Speaking of package tour culture, it is sooooooo the auntie uncle type of packaged tours, Goodness me,... non-stop con jobs.. ginseng, cordyceps, lingzhi, ornaments, amethyst.. non-stop friggin hardselling shops who overcharges... I don't want to come out of the bus.. HELP!

This is why I swear I wont go on arranged tours anymore if I can help it. That kind of trip is for the elderlies who dont know where to go lah.. Young people should go free n easy , take the lonely planet and tour the world! Freedom will indeed taste like the first rain after draught..

But this time, Bo pian... we were already in a big tour group, paid for by boss.. so cannot comprain.... Thankfully, my colleagues were bunch of really fun fellas. Made it sooo much easier.

We even had DISCO KARAOKE (full with disco lights, stereo system and LCD screen) BUS session where I rocked the bus in a frenzy with my rendition of ABBA's Dancing Queen.. before the bus jambraked and sent me flying to the bus floor with a broken... spirit..

That was not very cultured I know, but it was the Soh Ju, not me.

For daytime touristing, our bus (there's 3 of them) had to endure places which were BIG YAWNS like.. the cordyceps, amethysts and ginseng houses.. geez.z... all the hardsellers. with ridiculous prices. So sad to think that I am sent all the way to Seoul to spend grand on all these dried roots and shrivelled boner - looking roots. I bought some anyway.

The blue house (presidential house) also cannot make it, but we skipped this option.. We went straight to Dong Dae Mun. Muahahaha!!

Sorry, we don't care where your president lives.. you understand or not? I just want the freaking soh ju and see some cute Korean actors liek Hyun Bin..

Sorry, but I think taking photo with Hyun Bin is worth so much more than taking photo with the bloody blue houses, museums, statues and whatnots.. boring. boring.

But The Palace???

Let me just visit my old home. I was a queen in previous life you know.
If you can't prove that wrong, it'd still stand true....=p

The Palace was huge and beautiful.. but after the novelty wears off. I was dreading for shopping spots already.. and eventhough they have differences from the palaces in China that I've visited, they have much resemblance and I was bored quickly.

What's more cultured and famous in Korea if not for this set of 6 pecs and kissable pair of lips.

Rain is the biggest culture in Korea.. for the females of all ages..!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEXGOD culture!

Muah muah muahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
So I just had to be cultured enough to capture this one.

Boys and Girls, This is good culture. Sexy and bold.
We are taught to be go-getter with fighting spirits, innit?

See all the cultured ladies from Singap0ore?

.. Love the Korean traiditional gown.. but seriously!!


totally can't see my curves.

Perfect for preggers...


This is a model femme fatale.. very cultured and maybe famous soon.. Some say prettier than Da Zhang Jing at the back ground.

('Some' includes her mother and boyfriend)

Still not cultured enough??

I even learnt how to make kimchi!

This bloody thing is more cultured than yogurt!! The fermented stuff has digestive bacteria!

Thsi is the SOOOO-sour-SOOOOo-smelly-you-wanna-slap-somebody appetizer.

I'm sorry but I don't like kimchi. No matter how much the WHO (World Health Organisation) boasts about its advantages to one's health. No thanks. I 'd rather smell my own arm pit. Kimchi stinks and it's only good when fried in a pancake.

But how popular is kimchi in Korea? The Koreans eat it like how we drink water!!!!!!
No wonder the girls there are so slim... Eat already sure rocket out soon enough.

Well, in Korea, a girl is only suitable to be married off if she can make kimchi. Because I think it's almost all they eat. So, I learnt lah... just in case RAIN or HYUN BIN wants to marry me!


If you think Singapore heartlands have ugly skylines, filled with nothing but uniform blocks of uniteresting apartments called H. D .B.. Take a look at Seoul's..

Sama sama.


Also like HDB.s .. I see where we get inspiration from huh? So, dont complain next time k.

Seoul has casinos *yawn*... nothing new..

But I am fascinated by the toilet.. Call me suaku

To start with, the seats are warm.. And it has control station!

Water pressure adjustment, temperature, front and rear cleaning.. DRYER and ahh.. lift the seat for me.. I am lazy to use my hand. I also realised Mulia Hotel in Jakarta uses this for their suites.. Nice.. We should all have this kind of toilet seat at home.

I can then read my novels/Business Times/play sudoko/pierce pimples while sitting on it.

Now for night time culture....


A must check out, lovely band from Canada and the place to be seen at.


Itaewon is where the US soldiers loiter and the expats 'hang out'.

Or so the tourist guide magazine said. I thought it'd be cool since so many people talk about it.

Alas...'expats' included many vagabond - looking people, stranded/ on-mission soldiers and navy seals in full body uniform (which really scare the shit outta me)

and also many many Middle Easterns and Afro-Americans.

I really don't want to and never meant to be a racist. But a group of them, all male with full bling hardwares, loud words, puffing and galavanting around places like this.. also scare the shit outta me..

so, who's not scared here?

The hookers.

Itaewon is littered by them. Business is good. Lonely soldiers, junkies, drug dealers and the gangster/gangster lost tourists..and cikopeks..

After we learnt this, we run fast fast to find a cab.. and go to a simpler place.. where the UNI kids hang out..Young boys yummy and safe.


To Hongde we go!!
(We reach there about 45 mins later) after getting lost in Seoul.. finding the hongde..
There were so many uni in the area and all sounded freaking the same to us..

Hyong de.. Hyunde.. Hyungde.. Hyundaii or something laaa... but thankfully we reached after the long long expensive taxi ride..

Check out this KTV house!!

Full length glass windows... for everyone to see your ACT. Steady bom pipi I like. Should we have one in Singapore??

Anyway,,, we went to a local club after that, we finally sat down, ordered drinks at cheap student price and I was trying to warm up some grooves and moves...

I then looked around ...

Oh my freakingudness... I've never felt SO OLD in a longgggggggggg time..
Everyone there seemed to just come out of their mother's wombs..

Probably 17-19 yr olds.. still rosy and springy.. some pimply and shy
They were friendly overall and well.. I really wished I was 17 all over again.. Damn it!

Some boys were oogling at me. It felt illicit straight away.. I couldn't enjoy myself until my 3rd drink. Maybe by then I somehow shed 10 yrs of my age .. It was heaven while it lasted.. worth every crocodile tear afterwards..

So those were all Korean culture to me!!

I have a special coverage on my visit to the North Korean border...

Stay tuned..



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