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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Is China going mad or just madder?

We people of the earth should have been very used by now... about news that goes around and make the newspaper best selling of the day again...

Ranging to the many things in the last decade... from SARS.. plagues.. then this thinsg about Mad Cow.. Then there was the disastrous flu that the chickens and the birds may cause you.

Thanks to the selifish businessmen and institutions in China who don't have even what little is left of human integrity... made their watered down milk seem more proteinous with the help of that substance called melamine..

It is normally is what I eat my lunch on!!

For goodness sake, my plates and cups are made of melamine.. I just can't imagine that thing in my colon ! I am staying away from anything food made in China, thank you very much. I may go for made in China bargains for other stuff, like maybe shoes, clothes and other dispensables..but not food! No kidding.. I don't like to have plates and cups for breakfast. And come to think of it.. I used to eat so much of their rabbit sweets... !!

But what's worst is that they put melamine in babies' milk? Are they super fyucked up or what? Fyucking INHUMAN can???!!! At least get the adults some kidney problem is not as bad as giving babies some serious health problem.. all that babies can drink is milk!! How can they??

I still can't believe this. It's damn disgusting.. gross...evil..
Food is no kidding ..cannot play play one ok...and they are for sure damn creative lah!

I can't imagine what else will they or can they put in any of the other foods..

How about rubber in their la mian?.. make it more chewy.. then turn your tummy into tyres..

Rat meat in their wantans? Ieuww.. but I heard it's true you know! Back in China, no more rats on the streets...

Formalin in their frozen foods? Ieuwww.. that's for dead bodies..

Saw dusts in spices?

They can even manufacture fake eggs.. what can they not do?

Ok.. I just spoilt your appetite.. but no kidding..
If they can put plates into milk.. can't imagine what else the Chinese can put in their foods.. freaking crazy, irresponsible people..

I may be wrong.. but a country..(deemed booming or not), if it's run by heartless people with no integrity.. it's not gonna go anywhere else but down the drain.

Boo double Boo!



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