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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Poor Poor Kids in the Mad Mad World.

These days.. when do the kids get to be kids????

I had a few recent conversation with Singaporean parents and parents-to-be and ohh.. the stress.!! The stress!!!

Not too long ago, a boy from ACS jumped off this window to his doom, just to make a point. Did you read about it in the paper???
What's the point? His parents and teachers do not let him pursue his noble dreams of exploring his arty side. The athlete wanted to switch his ECA to drama and was frowned upon. So he diecided to show th world how to make a point. a totally Wrong one, but a point nonetheless.

What's wrong with people nowadays?

My friend's barely 2 yr old son was pressured into a class that teaches him how to read.

WTF? he is 2 yr old for God's sake. Let him be a baby for once.

But what to do, it's crazy society isn't it?

"Is you kid going to this fantastic school for kids? My son is reading ABC already and he's only one and a half!"

"My daughter is 2 yr old and she can count to ten and back! What can yours do?

Fyuck fyuck fyuck...!

These parents are crazy. Really, me and Gan vowed to let our kids have a simple life being kids..
When else do you get to be one anyway?

The moment the poor kid sits on the primary school seat, that's it. The rat race has begun.

Which I think, is horribly ultra damaging. Look at what people have become nowadays.
Loonies I tell you.
Edgy, stressed up young individuals , who are so scared of letting down their parents, scared to be the "not so academic or not so achiever kid" talked about during their parent's bloody parties where they exchange "opinions" and "peer pressures".

Pressure on winning the award of best parenting is it? Ohh.. certainly.. so it's about the parents. isn't it??? It's never about the kids anyway!

Oh, of course it has be measured by the number of medals and certificates and awards and club memberships and scholarships and blah blah..

What happened to simple old FUNDAMENTAL qualities?

Like Integrity.



Whatever happened to Wisdom.

I am sorry to say, but I think the quality that most Singaporeans is wisdom.
I am a Singaporean now so I am not being critical for the sake of being critical.

I just really feel so.

The parents are putting their kids as a bloody trophy.
Fyucking stressful to be a trophy. I tell you.

I am not saying those medals and awards are not important, No no!! .. I had my fair share too, It's good to chase after a dream too.. it was good and constructive! But not once, my parents went :" How come yours only silver?? My neighbour kids got 2 golds!!"


Whatever I achieved. They were happy, appreciative and forever encouraging.

So back to me and Gan.

If anyone asked us next time :" Have your 2 yr old gone to special pre-pre-school yet? My super smarty pants baby boy can do sommersaults while reading the newspaper!!! Can yours?"

We'll go :" Sod off, will ya? My baby is happily drawing sunset with tomate ketchup and chilli sauce, while he sits on his toilet bowl.. Thank you! We are contented and happy!!"

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