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This blog was started once upon a time when a young girl at school didnt know better but thought otherwise. So the way earlier entries can be crass and words inappropriate so please don't judge. As now the person has evolved into someone older and wiser (hopefully) ..:.... But some of the entries were classic and hilarious so I don't have the heart to delete them :@ Well we were all young (read:wild) once, right?

Sunday, December 28, 2008

They were after something!

I forgot to mention one little thing..

Right after I took my oath at the ICA and declared myself being super faithful to the Republic of Singapore blah blah...

The Commissioner said to me :" Welcome to Singapore"

Before I managed to smile, she passed me a book.

"Do read this book when you have time".

In the car back to office, I opened it up.

the book said : " HOTA "


Barely a day of becoming Singaporean and they want my organs already!


hey.. no no.. don't get me wrong. I am all for it man! Back in my student days, I've already signed up with a UK institution who can be contacted to take my healthy organs upon my death.

I just thought ... isn't it a bit too abrupt to be giving me that book on the first day I become singaporean?? Especially if it's the only book to read..???






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