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Thursday, December 18, 2008

NORTH KOREA.. yikes.. or what?

Very much overdue....

Here's my story on visiting the border on what supposedly is one of the scariest countries in the world with probably one of the most fyucked up gahmens (if dicKtatorship counts), where the farmers are skinny as hell and food tastes like shyit..

They are either "contented" with what "simple" life they get or they are in the torture camp for not liking what they get...which would you be if you were born in North Korea? PREDICAMENT?


Anyway, this border is called DMZ- De-militarized Zone, which means it's under UN supervision and not under any country's military supervision.
It's just one plus hour coach drive from Seoul

Here's the 3 D Map of the border. Korea is convenienttly divided into 2 parts by a river.. convenient hor??? So after the war breaks out, half is north half is South..

Can see right?

This is the best shot I can get of North Korea shores with my lousy 5 Mega pixels camera and meagre skills. I think what you want to see is the people,, not the land.. I heard they're skinny and sad and so sheltered and totally physcho-ed and they have no idea that the outside world is so capable of any beautiful things..

This is the bridge that connects the two. There's a story behind this bridge too.

The late Hyundai CEO who just passed on (suicide if I am not wrong), was from North Korea.

He escaped the bloody place and became super super rich in the South.

He wanted to pay back his dues to his late parents who were farmers so he sent thousands of cows over to help the farms. For this purpose, they built this bridge and he became the first guy who crossed the border publicly in his Hyundai cars and thousands of cows of course.

So noble right?

But that North Korea gahmen ah! Damnn basket.

South Koreans felt so much pity towards them that they started donating rice to the North.

But alas, the gahmen in the North will take this rice and sell to Japan.. then take the money to build nuclear bombs.

Aimed towards who?

South lor.. How ironic right? Eh.. your people got nothing to eat until so skinny then you got money to build nuclear bomb to take over the world? I think he never do his math right also..and his people no food so weak, den how to fight others also.. where's your wisdom tooth Mr Kims!?

Many love messages were left on this bridge gate. Many familes were separated because of the division of the Korea lands and many have not been able to meet one another.

Recently at this peace bridge, many families managed to meet up but only for a mere 15 mins, after that they were chased back to their poor lands.

Reasons probably being abstaining them for conspiring for an escape or getting information.. or maybe letting them know how beautiful life can be at the South or anywhere else in the world for that matters.

They probably think that the world is only as big as North Korea and a tiny bit of South Korea. They probably don't know that Singapore exist or Britney Spears.. They don't know who the hell is super-dishy-shaggable Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl too.. Sigh...
or even Enrigue Iglesias who is my mom's dream boat!...
The aunties in North Korea SO POOR THING!!!!

They probably think that Kim Jong Il is the most handsome man they've ever seen in their life. SHITES!!

Ok better not say so muich, the bugger may have passed on by now.

Here's some stone emblems at the bridge. This place is a very touristy spot.

Check out the touristy Walton babes...

Many monuments were put up to honour who died while fighting the Korea wars.

Here are some miniature houses laid out at the fore shores of North Korea, just across the river.

Very under developed of course, most of their lands are just farms and poor little government housing blocks.

Many South Koreans ventured into their lands for business though. But very smart. They give the North Koreans very redundant, no value-add, out-going projects... like building a walkman.. or home phones.. or portable big big radios... you know.. things that we bought like decade ago.. which are pretty much obsolete now.. This is to make sure that the North Koreans remain backward and donkey-like.

Else, maybe give them some cheap-labour work for sewing or handicrafts or making that traditional Korean costume, win - win situation mah.. South needs cheap labour, North needs work.

Other than this, hardly any friendliness exist between the two countries.

North Korean GangGhem Mountain openned for South Korean tourists to visit recently. But an old lady got shot there not too long ago so I think people stopped taking their chances up there too.

Tsk.. seriously, can't someone wake their idea up or what...

This story so sombre I don't like!

To end on a better note. Let's see a hiao chio bu posed on the train that supposed to run from South to North Korea.. but the railway got bombed liao.. so it's now just some antic lying around for bored tourists to take advantage of.

An yeong ha seyo!!!!

Next up --- Taiwan!


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